Whole-Food, Minimally Processed Dog Food & Treats
Using fresh ingredients and simple, short ingredient lists, we have made delicious natural foods and treats for more than 33 years in High River, AB.
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Treat Your Dog to Natural Food & Treats
Our premium dog food and treats are made from fresh, whole-food ingredients.
Always minimally processed in small batches in High River, AB.
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Rollover Premium Dog Food

Follow Goose throughout her day and discover the many ways to use our dog food
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Quality Matters

Every product is made in small batches, by hand, to ensure top quality and safety. Our dedicated facility adheres to HACCP safety protocols and is SQF certified.
Rollover Premium Pet Food - Quality Matters

When it comes to our dogs, they’re not just our pets – they’re a member of our family. Just as we only want the best for our loved ones, we only want to feed our dogs the best. It’s why our family here at Rollover Premium Pet food has spent the last 35 years creating healthy, nutritious and delicious dog food and dog treats!

Using only the highest quality, raw ingredients from human-grade, CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) approved facilities, we handcraft our unique lines of Rollover and Dog Gone Gourmet products right here at our family-run location in High River, Alberta. Unlike most dog foods and treats on the market today, we do not mass produce our products. We focus on quality and producing in small batches with real ingredients that we know your dog will love!

Natural, high-quality and deliciously healthy ingredients are what you’ll find in our premium dog food and treats. We formulate all of our products with the health (and happiness) of your dog in mind.

Discover the difference our lovingly made, quality products can make for your dog. Every step of the way, we meticulously ensure the quality of every product – whether you shop online or buy from one of our valued retailers, you’ll get only the best from every one of our Rollover and Dog Gone Gourmet products. Now that’s something to bark about!

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Nutrient Dense Foods

Meet the Team

Meet the dedicated pet lovers behind Rollover.

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From The Blog

Check out our blog where we share more about us and the company history, bring you facts and information about nutrition, and share how dogs across Canada are enjoying Rollover products!
Decoding Pet Food Labels - A Comprehensive Guide for Pet Owners
Rollover Pet Food

Decoding Pet Food Labels: A Comprehensive Guide for Pet Owners

Decoding Pet Food Labels: A Guide for Pet Owners helps you navigate pet food labels with confidence. Learn about mandatory label components, decipher ingredient lists, and prioritize nutritional balance and transparent sourcing. Discover trusted brands like Rollover for high-quality pet food. Ensure your pet’s well-being by making informed choices based on label insights and quality ingredients.

The Essential Guide to Canine Nutrition - Embracing Healthy Habits
Rollover Pet Food

The Essential Guide to Canine Nutrition: Embracing Healthy Habits

The Essential Guide to Canine Nutrition: Embracing Healthy Habits provides an overview of the nutritional needs of dogs, emphasizing the importance of a balanced diet. It addresses common misconceptions, such as the belief that grain-free diets are inherently healthier, and stresses the benefits of whole foods and minimally processed ingredients. The guide also offers practical tips for dog owners, including the importance of consulting with a veterinarian to create a balanced diet tailored to their dog’s specific needs.

Rollover Pet Focus - Gunner the Velcro Vizsla
Rollover Pet Food

Rollover Pet Focus: Gunner the Velcro Vizsla

Meet Gunner, a 4-year-old Vizsla, our pet focus this month! Vizslas, originally Hungarian hunting companions, are known for their sleek rust-colored coat, floppy ears, and playful nature. Gunner, a “velcro dog,” enjoys active adventures like hiking, fetch, and even listening for the cheese drawer! Born with scoliosis, he embraces life with Rollover’s Premium Dog Food, particularly loving the chicken formula.

Learn more about Rollover's history...

Read about our passion for pets and learn how we brought a new, semi-moist dog food format to Canada.


Learn how Rollover is getting tails wagging across Canada!
We just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s dog loves your products! She is a rescue dog and adores the edible chews, bones, hooves and the food! She loves the biscuits as well! We also deeply appreciate the free goodies and samples - these gestures have been so thoughtful of you! Sooooo, we just wanted to send you much gratitude and appreciation for all you are and do!
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I’m writing to you to say THANK YOU! I currently have 2 dogs. Chihuahuas. My dogs are extremely fussy and I have tried every dog food on the market. They will only eat rollover chicken flavoured premium dog food (the tube). They love this stuff!! (The chicken flavour only) My dogs are currently 5 years old and 14 years old. Both were and are raised on your dog food and I proudly support your company and offer my advice on dog food if I know of someone that has a dog with a fussy palate. So….THANK YOU! Without your company, I’m not sure where my girls would be. By the way, my oldest dog, Moose who is 14 has been on your food since she was a puppy. She has no health issues or concerns at her age! Thank god, and thank you!
Rollover Pet Food - Icon - Dogs Know Best - Black
I have a 4 month old purebred German Shepherd that I have been struggling to feed since I received her at 8 weeks. Today it was my mission to find her food. I picked up a roll of your premium rollover and she is actually doing somersaults eating this! She goes back to check her Bowl to make sure she didn't miss any. Thank you so much for this product! Thank you for being Albertan!
Rollover Pet Food - Icon - Dogs Know Best - Black
Just wanted to say I am so happy I discovered your imperfect biscuits on your website. The price is wonderful, but it is the ability of being able to break these biscuits into smaller pieces easily that has me completely sold! My much loved, but very senior puppy is able to chew these smaller bits even missing 3 teeth. I used to use a hammer to break the whole biscuits into biteable pieces for her. Now I can usually break each smaller piece into chunks for her with my hands.
Rollover Pet Food - Icon - Dogs Know Best - Black

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Rollover products are available at pet stores and retailers across Canada. You can also shop from our website and have your order shipped directly to you!

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