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Our Story

Our story began more than 30 years ago, in 1988, when one of our owners, Judy, emigrated from New Zealand to High River, Alberta. She brought with her the recipe for the original Beef dog food roll. Semi-moist dog food rolls have been used for years in New Zealand for working dogs and Judy witnessed first-hand the amazing energy levels, vitality and overall health of these dogs. She believed that dogs and their owners in Canada were ready to discover this new, exciting alternative to kibble dog food. And so the Rollover story began.

Word spread quickly about this unique new dog food on the market. Our beef food was so successful, that in just a few, short years we expanded our line to include Lamb & Rice, Chicken and Turkey recipes. We currently produce a wide variety of semi-moist foods and all-natural treats, including our newest line – GRAIN FREE Dog Gone Gourmet. We are always listening to you – our customer – and continue to develop new and unique products your dog is sure to love!

Our core philosophy is to produce all-natural products of superior quality; a responsibility our 29 team members take very seriously. Our dedicated team lives this philosophy every day so that your dog can enjoy premium food and treats.  Nutrition is, after all, the foundation needed for dogs to live long, healthy, happy lives.

Quality Ingredients

Rollover was all-natural before natural was ‘cool’. We have always purchased only natural, premium, human-grade raw materials. Our ingredients are never rendered and we never use bone meal, meat meal, soy, fillers or risk materials.

We take the responsibility of feeding your dog very seriously as your dog deserves the very best.

ingredientsWe work to ensure our products are wholesome and we always do our best to buy locally. Some products do need to be imported, however we only purchase from Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved facilities.

We believe that dog food and treats should be healthy, all-natural and delicious. Your dog will ‘roll over’ when our food and treats are on the menu.

Best Practices

We are proud to follow strict principles in food and employee safety, while also being environmentally friendly.

We have a dedicated health and safety program that protects our team members and on-site visitors. Our company adheres to the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocol for food and employee safety, and we have HACCP trained personnel on-site at all times.

3d golden trophy and laurelAt Rollover, we value the health of our planet and we continually find ways to help lessen our environmental impact. We have a centrifuge that separates grease from water so that clean water only is deposited into High River’s sewage system.  We have minimized our packaging needs and the casings for our dog food rolls are fully recyclable.

Our production facility is SQF certified. This audit ensures that our plant produces safe quality food (SQF) in accordance with HACCP principles and guidelines. Click here to view SQF certificate.