Frequently Asked Questions

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Rollover Premium Pet Food has been in business in High River, Alberta since 1988. Rollover was the first company to produce semi-soft dog food rolls in North America and we are proud of our ongoing commitment to provide your pet with healthy, all-natural food and treats.

We make all of our dog foods and stuffed treats in our own facility in High River, AB. We do have a small number of items that are imported but we do our very best to buy as much as we can locally. Per CFIA requirements, all of our imported products come with veterinary certificates from the country of origin and, once received into our facility, undergo off-site lab tests at an independent lab to ensure their safety. Rollover also performs testing on all batches to ensure our products are safe for your pet.
Our semi-moist rolls are all nutritionally balanced dog foods. Many people think these foods are treats because their dogs love them SO much; this is because real meat is the first ingredient in each recipe and our unique cooking process ensures the ingredients are cooked in the meat’s natural juices. This retains the delicious taste and smell of real meat that dogs love!
Although humans should eat liver less often due to the cholesterol content, dogs do not have the same dietary requirements / restrictions as people. In the wild, any carnivore will eat the organ meats first, instinctively knowing that these meats contain the highest level of nutrients. Of these organ meats, liver is the most nutrient-dense. The cholesterol level in food is not an issue for healthy dogs.
Salt is a critical requirement for all living beings and, as its components are not synthesized by dogs naturally, is required as a supplement in their food. Rollover adds only sufficient salt to ensure your dog has the required amounts of sodium and chloride for optimal health.
A small amount of sugar is required in order to ensure the shelf stability of semi-soft rolls. Sugar is a natural humectant (prevents mold and bacteria growth) that dogs easily digest and we use as little as possible to ensure there are no unnecessary calories in your dog’s food.

Yes, all of our products have a best before date. If you have any difficulty reading the best before date, please contact our Customer Service at 1-800-616-9267.

Every dog is different so you need to determine what’s best for your dog. You may want to consider feeding Rollover twice a day as it can get dry if left out. 

Rollover dog foods have a feeding guideline on the back of the roll. Please keep in mind that this is a FULL DAY’S amount of food. If you are feeding twice a day, remember to cut this amount in half. As these are guidelines only, you may need to adjust according to your dogs age, activity level and environment.

As with any new food, transition over 3 – 5 days so you dog has a chance to get used to the new food. Start out with a small amount added to their current food and slowly add more Rollover while reducing the current food until they are at the desired amount.

These food rolls are fine in a cupboard but once they are opened, they need to be refrigerated. They will stay fresh for 7-10 days; if you aren’t going to use the whole roll in that time, they freeze beautifully. Just slice into the sizes you want, pop the pieces into zipper bags and freeze. Then just thaw overnight in the fridge before feeding.

Using the guideline on the back of the roll, determine how much you want to feed your dog. Slice off the amount you want and chop it into bite-sized pieces. 

If you want to use Rollover as a supplement to your dog’s current food, remember to reduce the amount of the current food so your dog isn’t over-fed.

Rollover is a great topper as well. Just grate a bit over your dog’s current food to entice them to eat.

Grains are definitely not bad for a healthy dog. Dogs have evolved to be very efficient at digesting grains and utilizing the nutrients. 

Some dogs may have allergies or sensitivities to grains. That’s why we developed our Dog Gone Gourmet Grain Free Dog Foods (made with ground chickpeas and added taurine for your dog’s health).

Shipping is included for all orders over $75.00 (before tax and after any coupon use). Canada Post remote areas do not quality for free shipping.

All of our orders are shipping by Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Once your order leaves our facility, you will receive an email with the tracking number so you can check on the status of your order.

At this time, Rollover is only available within Canada. 

Once an order has been placed, changes are not possible in the site however you can contact Rollover at and Cathy, in customer service, will be pleased to assist you.

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