Beef Dog Food

This is the food that started it all!  Our Beef Dog Food is the original all-natural, fully cooked, completely balanced, semi-soft dog food. 50% Alberta beef organ meats (liver, lung and spleen) sourced from human-grade facilities, blended with Canadian-grown grains produce a delicious, high protein, lower fat food. Rollover’s unique cooking process seals in the natural juices and flavours of the meats, making this food irresistible to dogs.

Rollover is proud to have always made our dog foods in our own High River, Alberta plant. We never out-source the production of our dog food or unique treats.

Rollover Beef Dog Food contains approximately 2.2 calories / gram.


2kg Beef Dog Food

Product Code: 10-800-6
UPC: 0 60766 88009 4

1" slice = approx. 182g / 400 calories


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800g Beef Dog Food

Product Code: 10-808-8
UPC: 0 60766 88130 5

1" slice = approx. 109g / 240 calories


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400g Beef Dog Food

Product Code: 10-400-10
UPC: 0 60766 88128 2

1" slice = approx. 69g / 152 calories


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Beef (liver, lung, spleen), whole wheat flour, sugar, oat flakes, trace minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese), salt, choline, vitamin supplements (A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C), folic acid, biotin


Organ meats are considered ‘super foods’ due to their high protein content and nutrient density, specifically:

Beef Liver is an excellent source of iron, Vitamin A (plays a major role in digestion as well as function of the retina; helps to keep coat and skin healthy) and folic acid. It is very high in protein and while it does have a higher level of fat than other organ meats, these healthy fats are essential for normal body function and are also beneficial for the health of a dog’s skin and coat.

Beef Lung is a high protein, low fat organ meat that is a very good source of both Vitamins C (improves immune function, helps to increase blood levels of antibodies) and B12 (essential for growth and cell reproduction) as well as niacin, iron, phosphorous and selenium.

Beef Spleen helps to boost the immune system.


Whole Wheat Flour is high in fibre and higher in protein than white flour. It is a healthier alternative when flour is required for a recipe.

Sugar is present in our dog food as a humectant only (prevents mould and bacteria growth). Rollover ensures that the absolute minimum possible is used (safe upper limit is 35%**; Rollover uses 13%) and sugar is easily digested by dogs.

Oat Flakes help to improve and regulate digestion, reduce blood sugar, and help to keep your dog feeling fuller, longer. Oat flakes are high in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Salt is a critical requirement for all living beings and, as its components are not synthesized by dogs naturally, is required as a supplement in their food. Rollover adds only sufficient salt to ensure your dog has the required amounts of sodium and chloride for optimal health.

Folic Acid helps to digest and utilize proteins, aids in tissue growth and cell function and is necessary for the production of red blood cells and the synthesis of DNA.

Biotin is needed for cell growth and the metabolism of fats and amino acids.

Choline is an essential nutrient that is required for the formation of cell membranes and is also helpful in preventing the formation of a fatty liver.

** National Research Council, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats, 3rd printing September 2011, pg 73, table 4-9

Crude Protein13% min
Crude Fat4% min
Crude Fibre3% max
Moisture43% max

Rollover Dog Food can be used as a topper, supplement or full feed. Just grate, slice, dice or chop the food into your dog's bowl. Once opened, it does need to be refrigerated and will remain fresh for 7-10 days. Freeze for prolonged storage.

Please note that the below values are estimates only. Each dog is unique and their nutritional needs will vary depending on age, health, environment, activity level etc.

Dog SizeFull Feed400g Roll
(1" = 69g)
800g Roll
(1" = 109g)
2kg Roll
(1" = 182g)
Toy (3 - 12lbs)139 - 393 calories1 - 2.25"0.5 - 1.75"0.25 - 1"
Small (13 - 20lbs)417 - 576 calories2.25 - 3.75"1.75 - 2.5"1 - 1.5"
Medium (21 - 50lbs)597 - 1145 calories3.75 - 7.5"2.5 - 4.75"1.5 - 2.75"
Large (51 - 100lbs)1162 - 1926 calories7.5 - 12.5"4.75 - 8"2.75 - 4.75"

8 reviews for Beef Dog Food

  1. trish mckeen

    Have used the beef for years! Many dogs have thrived on it, puppies, elderly, sensitive stomachs, diabetics,you name it, they have all done so very well. Even University of Davis Veterinary Teaching School was impressed with it. And it is all Canadian product. I began using it when the melamine pet food contamination happened. Never looked back.

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thank you Trish. We’re so glad that you found our natural food and that your dogs have done so well on it.

  2. Marilyn

    I love your products and glad to find something in canada that is so good for my dog. Our dog just loves it and there is so many products to change around to try so not the same thing over and over. Our dog loves all treats and chews and all the other fun things you have.
    Looking forward to being your customer for a long time!

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thank you so much Marilyn! We’re so glad to hear how much your dog loves our products.

  3. Joan D

    I have the pickiest Dob i have ever met. I have tried all foods, from wet to raw. Your beef Rollover , is the ONLY food that she will eat.
    Her coat is still nice and shiny. Great product.

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thank you for your comments Joan. So happy that you’ve found a food that she likes!

  4. Colleen nykoluk

    My dog won’t eat alot of foods but loves super preamimum grain free rolls…. Thank you for making a wonderful product… My only wish would be if it could be made in a larger rolls…thank you for your awesome products as dogs are family fur baby’s…

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thanks Colleen! It’s great to hear that your dog likes our grain free foods. We agree that dogs are our fur babies and always want to do our best for them.

  5. Terry Luttrell

    Winston will only eat your beef rollover. He was always picky until we discovered rollover. Thank you so much.

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Hi Terry. We’re so happy to hear that Winston is eating well with our natural Beef dog food!

  6. Scott Collins

    I use your Beef Rollover as both a treat and a filler along with dry kibble both of my dogs love it. As well I use the Rollover when I am training other Dogs. I highly recommend Rollover.

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thank you Scott! We appreciate your comments and we’re pleased that Rollover works so well for you in so many different ways.


    I’ve been using premium rollover for a couple of years now. My dogs love it but have only used it as a reward and treats when coming in from doing their duties outdoors. Recently my little dog of 9 years of age has been diagnosed with cushings disease and she needs to eat every morning to take her meds. I thought oh no she is so fussy and usually eats when she wants to. Well I read up on rollover and was so happy to see that this can be fed as a complete meal and you know what….my little girl eats up her rollover and takes her meds just beautifully. All I can say is what a relief to know she gets her meds on time and eats! I’m also very happy this food in made in Canada and I can’t say enough about how happy I am with this product. Thank you Rollover Founders and Employees. Keep up the great work in Alberta. This comes from one of your customers in Ontario!

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Hi Linda. Thank you so much for your comments. We’re so happy that Rollover is helping with your little one and that she’s eating AND taking her meds like a good girl. We’re really proud to be an Alberta company and to be able to make our great foods right here in High River. Take good care and give hugs to your dogs!

  8. Monique

    Thank you for a Canadian product. Our dogs love it .

    • Cathy Donnelly

      Thank you Monique. We’re so happy to hear that your dogs are enjoying our food!

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