Meaty Bones


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Natural Meaty Marrow Bones are natural bones with meat on the outside with the marrow left intact for your dog’s chewing pleasure. Beef is the hardest bone available, making these bones a great option for tougher chewers. Meaty Pork and Meaty Lamb Chops are femur bones which are the softest, smallest bones we offer, making them a good choice for delicate chewers.

Feed as a chew and please always supervise your dog with any treat.

Natural Meaty Marrow Bones have approximately 1.4 calories/g; Meaty Lamb Chops contain approximately 3.2 calories/g. Meaty Pork Chops contain approximately 3.7 calories/g.


Beef marrow bone
Lamb femur bone
Pork femur bone


Natural Meaty Marrow Bone

Crude Protein 20% min
Crude Fat 3% min
Crude Fibre 2% max
Moisture 10% max


Meaty Lamb Chops

Crude Protein 20% min
Crude Fat 10% min
Crude Fibre 2% max
Moisture 12% max


Meaty Pork Chops

Crude Protein 25% min
Crude Fat 10% min
Crude Fibre 2% max
Moisture 15% max


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