Turkey Dog Food

Our Turkey Dog Food is a fully cooked, completely balanced, semi-soft dog food with ingredients sourced from human-grade facilities. This all-natural premium food is over 50% quality, mechanically de-boned white and dark turkey meat blended with Canadian-grown grains to produce a delicious, higher protein, higher fat dog food that makes an excellent choice for lactating females and more active dogs. Rollover’s unique cooking process seals in the natural juices and flavours of the meats, making this food irresistible to dogs.

Rollover is proud to have always made our dog foods in our own High River, Alberta plant. We never out-source the production of our food or unique treats.

Rollover Turkey Dog Food contains approximately 2.5 calories / gram.


800g Turkey Dog Food

Product Code: 25-808-8
UPC: 0 60766 88134 3

1" slice = approx. 103g / 253 calories


Mechanically de-boned turkey (white & dark meat), whole wheat flour, sugar, oat flakes, trace minerals (calcium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese), salt, roasted poultry seasoning, choline, vitamin supplements (A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, C), folic acid, biotin


Mechanically de-boned turkey is meat only (no by-products) that is very high in protein and is an excellent source of niacin (cancer-protective B vitamin) and selenium (required for immune and thyroid function). As well, it is a good source of Vitamin B6 which is helpful for supporting energy metabolism. This meat is higher in fat – excellent for the health of dogs’ skin and coat.

Whole Wheat Flour is high in fibre and higher in protein than white flour. It is a healthier alternative when flour is required for a recipe.

Sugar is present in our dog food as a humectant only (prevents mould and bacteria growth). Rollover ensures that the absolute minimum possible is used (safe upper limit is 35%**; Rollover uses 13%) and sugar is easily digested by dogs.

Oat Flakes help to improve and regulate digestion, reduce blood sugar, and help to keep your dog feeling fuller, longer. Oat flakes are high in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Salt is a critical requirement for all living beings and, as its components are not synthesized by dogs naturally, is required as a supplement in their food. Rollover adds only sufficient salt to ensure your dog has the required amounts of sodium and chloride for optimal health.

Folic Acid helps to digest and utilize proteins, aids in tissue growth and cell function and is necessary for the production of red blood cells and the synthesis of DNA.

Biotin is needed for cell growth and the metabolism of fats and amino acids.

Choline is an essential nutrient that is required for the formation of cell membranes and is also helpful in preventing the formation of a fatty liver.

** National Research Council, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats, 3rd printing September 2011, pg 73, table 4-9


Crude Protein12% min
Crude Fat6% min
Crude Fibre2% max
Moisture43% max

Rollover Dog Food can be used as a topper, supplement or full feed. Just grate, slice, dice or chop the food into your dog's bowl. Once opened, it does need to be refrigerated and will remain fresh for 7-10 days. Freeze for prolonged storage.

Please note that the below values are estimates only. Each dog is unique and their nutritional needs will vary depending on age, health, environment, activity level etc.

Dog SizeFull Feed400g Roll
(1" = 63g)
800g Roll
(1" = 103g)
Toy (3 - 12lbs)139 - 393 calories1 - 2.5"0.5 - 1.5"
Small (13 - 20lbs)417 - 576 calories2.5 - 3.75"1.5 - 2.25"
Medium (21 - 50lbs)597 - 1145 calories3.75 - 7.5"2.25 - 4.5"
Large (51 - 100lbs)1162 - 1926 calories7.5 - 12.5"4.5 - 7.5"


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