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We sure get a lot of tails-a-waggin’!
Walks, with all the distractions out there, are much more fun with Rollover as treats. I am less hesitant to give these bits as treats because it isn’t just a treat, it’s part of a nutritional meal.
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i have been buying your rollover for many years. Had 10 little dogs that absolutely loved it...down to 4 now. They are getting on in age as I am too...all now seniors. Lol But I faithfully purchase your product regularly.....I don't know what all you put in this but nothing has compared to how much my little friends love it.
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We just want to thank you for the great products. We have been using your premium beef rollover, and the lamb & veggie for about 8 years. I first started using it as a treat for training. Best training tool ever!!! Now we have 3 dogs, a golden, a Havanese, and a Lhasa Apso, and they all love your rollovers!! Not only as a training tool but as a topper on their regular food. We like switching the flavors to give them variety. It’s such a great quality product. We order directly from you and your customer service is the best. It comes right to our mailbox. Prompt and fast. Thanks again!!
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I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have a very large German shepherd that means the world to me, but he refuses to eat, I have tried everything...until I found your food. He has now been eating for an entire week with no issues, no coaxing, no chasing. He is coming to ask to be fed!
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Just wanted to say I am so happy I discovered your imperfect biscuits on your website. The price is wonderful, but it is the ability of being able to break these biscuits into smaller pieces easily that has me completely sold! My much loved, but very senior puppy is able to chew these smaller bits even missing 3 teeth. I used to use a hammer to break the whole biscuits into biteable pieces for her. Now I can usually break each smaller piece into chunks for her with my hands.
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Shimmer and Eddie thank you for the Rollover! Walks, with all the distractions out there, are much more fun with Rollover as treats. I am less hesitant to give these bits as treats because it isn’t just a treat, it’s part of a nutritional meal.
Rollover Pet Food - Testimonial - Shimmer and Eddie - Jan 29 2019
I rescued a 6 year old Maltese/Shitzu mix dog. I couldn’t get her to eat anything no matter how I tried, a friend suggested I try your rolls of food and right away she ate it all. Have given her three roll flavours and she loves it. Just wanted to tell you how much Penny and I are pleased to find your product.
Rollover Pet Food Testimonial Penny Nov 15 2018 - Rollover Premium Pet Food
Here is a picture of my little cutie pie with his Rollover food. He also tried the new Dog Gone Gourmet and LOVES that as well. He did the same thing as what he is doing in the picture here, so you have a BIG fan on your hands of everything.
Rollover Pet Food Testimonial Bandit Oct 17 - Rollover Premium Pet Food
Jenny (and Bandit)
Woodstock, ON
I live with a family that has two mix breed females. The older is about 12. A few months ago Sam stopped eating. They tried every brand of dog food (dry and canned). The vet pulled some teeth and removed a tumor and advised soft food for a while. Sam would eat a bit, but was loosing (sic) weight, she was originally 45lbs and was down to 37. I used to bait show dogs with Rollover, everyone of them loved it. So naturally I advised them to try feeding her Rollover. Well, Sam is back to 44lbs. Ya Hoooo. She is fed twice a day about 1 1/2 inches of the 2kg roll per feeding. Her poo is well formed and she seems very happy. She is also finished her food first. I am so glad this worked. Sam has 3 children that really love her and while they were away on vacation I took care of the furry girls. They would text me “how is Sam” they can’t wait to come home and see Sam running and playing the way she used to. Sam is not going to live forever but Thanks to Rollover she is going to enjoy the rest of her life. P.S. I am also very glad you are CANADIAN.
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Just a quick note to let you know that I use the beef premium rollover as treats for my lab and husky. I’ve started taking them to our daily group doggy meet and I’m the belle of the ball LOL. The dogs LOVE them, so much so I’ve had their owners asking me what kind of treats Im (sic) using. One dog in particular is very finnicky when it comes to treats and he has been following me around not wanting to miss an opportunity to have some. If you notice your sales increase in Oshawa Ontario, you know why LOL. Anyway thanks, the ingredients look good and the dogs love them, a great combo.
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I have been buying the Lamb and Beef biscuits for quite some time now. When I open the container that I them in, Toby comes running from wherever he is. He recognizes that sound and knows it is for him. He is a Silky Terrier cross, weighing about 10.5 pounds. I usually break them into roughly quarter size pieces; these are a good size for him to work with. The hardness of these biscuits help to keep his teeth in good shape. This was confirmed recently when I took him in for his annual teeth cleaning. I do brush his teeth every evening but the biscuits do so much good in helping to clean any tartar or food buildup that might collect. His hygienist said that his teeth were in excellent condition, which made me feel good considering that he just celebrated his ninth birthday. These biscuits are being shared with a number of his friends and I have told their owners what they are, where they can be purchased, and how much good they are for their pet. Thank you, Rollover, for making these available to us.
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Don Horn
I have 2 shih tzu and I have tried every dog food and making their meals from scratch but nothing, they refuse to eat. This has been going on for 5 years now!!! Then I saw your dog food and thought I would give it a try. They love it!!!! First thing in the morning they are waiting by their dish and when served they eat every bit!!!! No longer do I have to plead with them to eat. It’s been 4 months now and they eat and have high energy for there (sic) daily walks. Thank you so much.
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I just wanted to thank you for making such a high quality dog food. My picky boy will do anything (even listen to me) for a chance to eat it!
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Brenda (and JackJack)
We just wanted to let you know that my daughter’s dog loves your products! She is a rescue dog and adores the edible chews, bones, hooves and the food! She loves the biscuits as well! We also deeply appreciate the free goodies and samples - these gestures have been so thoughtful of you! Sooooo, we just wanted to send you much gratitude and appreciation for all you are and do!
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I have a 4 month old purebred German Shepherd that I have been struggling to feed since I received her at 8 weeks. Today it was my mission to find her food. I picked up a roll of your premium rollover and she is actually doing somersaults eating this! She goes back to check her Bowl to make sure she didn't miss any. Thank you so much for this product! Thank you for being Albertan!
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I’m writing to you to say THANK YOU! I currently have 2 dogs. Chihuahuas. My dogs are extremely fussy and I have tried every dog food on the market. They will only eat rollover chicken flavoured premium dog food (the tube). They love this stuff!! (The chicken flavour only) My dogs are currently 5 years old and 14 years old. Both were and are raised on your dog food and I proudly support your company and offer my advice on dog food if I know of someone that has a dog with a fussy palate. So….THANK YOU! Without your company, I’m not sure where my girls would be.
By the way, my oldest dog, Moose who is 14 has been on your food since she was a puppy. She has no health issues or concerns at her age! Thank god, and thank you!
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I have two senior 13 year old large breed dogs. I give them some of the premium beef dog food every morning. They absolutely love it. That is the best part of their day! I was really surprised to see that you are located in High River. I had to tell you what a great product that you have! Thanks for everything that you do!
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Happy Alberta customer
My oldest dog Tia will not eat unless she has Rollover in front of her. Thank you.
Rollover Pet Food Testimonial Tia Oct 22 2018 - Rollover Premium Pet Food
Scarborough, ON
I have 2 female Miniature Poodles, a 9 year old and 13 year old, who are very fussy eaters. I have always cooked their meals from scratch, avoiding most forms of beef with the exception of fresh beef liver, as they both enjoy small portions of cooked liver. About two years ago, the younger one stopped eating chicken which had been a staple in their diet. I wondered what was wrong with the human grade chicken so switched to a different store, with the same results: they both walked away from their food untouched after smelling it. So, I began with the raw food varieties for dogs. They favoured one brand in particular and seemed content for 6 months, then stopped eating again. I changed raw food brands without any success. In desperation, I tried Rollover beef, as it was the only one I could find at the grocery store. Well, they ate it with gusto! I found different flavours at a pet store and have been a steady customer for the past year. My girls are healthy and happy with your products.
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Oakville, ON
I have been buying your food for my pups for 5 years now. I always bought at Pet stores and now that I can get direct from your warehouse and its an Alberta Company, I have been doing it this way for a couple of years. My pups (including rescues as I also foster) will not eat their dry food without a little additive of rollover now. Dry food is so boring right? Also my vet is impressed with how healthy my 8 year old pups are and not overweight. The dry food gives them the crunch for cleaner teeth and the Rollover gives them a little bit extra. I have tried other rolled food on the market but my pups turn their nose up at them. Rollover is the best and I hope you will always be available for my pups and our fosters whom we take in. Thank you for high quality and tasty food for dogs.
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My dad started buying the Lamb and Beef biscuits for me a few years ago. I remember when I first was given a piece of the Lamb one. I really liked the taste. It was hard to bite, at first, but I had to prove I could do it. Dad usually gives me small pieces but sometimes I get a whole biscuit to eat. That is a fun time for me because I can run into another room and chew away with no interruptions. He tries to quietly open the container that he keeps them in, but I would recognize that sound from a mile away. When we see some of my friends, Dad will usually give them a small piece. They love the biscuits just like I do. Some of my friends are now closer friends. Their Moms and Dads know where to get them, so all of us are happier now. Thank you, Dad, for telling them about Rollover Pet Food biscuits.
Rollover Pet Food - Testimonial - Toby on St Patrick Day
Toby Horn
My Golden Doodle (120 pounds) eats your rollover as his regular meal every day. He got tired of kibble and once he started eating these, he has never look back. I just wanted to let you know that we have just started feeding him Chicken Spring Rolls as a special treat. He LOVES, LOVES, LOVES these. Keep up the good work.
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Excellent product! My dog just gobbles his dog food rolls from you.
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David (and Lenny)
Just to let you know I have used this product for my dogs and they totally love it. Every dog I had. SUPER PRODUCT.
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I have a 15 year old Brittany with serious food allergies, and have been making his food for about a year now. We were introduced to Rollover a couple of weeks ago, and so far, he is doing great!!! I still do make some of his food, but the Rollover Premium has made my life so much easier. He is able to digest with no spit ups and the bowel movements are much easier. I know he can’t last forever, but Rollover is certainly going to help keep him around a bit longer.
Rollover Pet Food - Icon - Dogs Know Best - Black
I just wanted to let you know how much my dog LOVES your products! I always buy a couple beef bones and recommend it to all my friends who have dogs, big or small. I love how I can always depend on the ingredients to be natural.
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