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All of our awesome Rollover dog food and treats are available on this site or you can shop online at these other great retailers.


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Rollover dog food and treats can also be purchased at various pet stores. Below is a listing of stores that carry Rollover products, broken down by Province and City. Please note that not all stores carry all of our items.

CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
AirdrieAirdrie Dog & Pony2002 Luxstone Boulevard403-945-3375Rollover Pet Food
AirdrieGlobal Pet Foods400 Main Street N.403-945-3663Rollover Pet Food
AirdrieGlobal Pet Foods1800 Market Street SE403-980-8816Rollover Pet Food
AirdriePet Valu 505 Main Street S.403-948-4666
Rollover Pet Food
AirdriePetland120, 2771 Main Street SW 403-980-4651Rollover Pet Food
AthabascaTracker's Pet Supply5302A - 50th Street780-675-7977Rollover Pet Food
BanffVeronica's Dog Grooming114 Eagle Crescent403-762-3647Rollover Pet Food
BarrheadBest Friends Pet Supplies5115 - 50th Street780-674-2442Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BeaumontPet Valu5802 - 50th Street NW780-929-9409Rollover Pet Food
BeisekerFetch and Stay227 - 6th Street855-432-7387Rollover Pet Food
Black DiamondChinook Windz Healthy Pet102 Center Avenue E.403-933-3344Rollover Pet Food
BlackfaldsPeavey Mart 4910 Broadway Avenue 403-885-5886 Rollover Pet Food
BonnyvillePet Valu4905 - 46th Street780-812-2522Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Bragg CreekBelcourt Pet Spa & Supplies 20 White Avenue403-949-3555
Rollover Pet Food
BrooksPets Galore n' More403 Cassils Road W. 403-362-4155 Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryBack to Basics Raw Pet Food103, 8203 - 31st Street SE403-771-79500Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryBarking Lot 22 Midlake Boulevard SE403-256-2095 Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryCalgary Holistic Vet Clinic105, 1640 - 16th Avenue NW403-289-1616Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryDexter's Your Local Pet Shop7019 Ogden Road SE403-775-4551Dog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryDoggywood Inc616 - 1st Avenue NE 403-229-3647Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryDoodle Dogs841 - 1st Avenue NE403-452-2134Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryDoodle Dogs3B Parkdale Crescent NW403-349-3647Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryEspecially for Pets436 - 16th Avenue NE403-277-0547Dog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryFairplay Stores2604 Kensington Road NW 403-283-2117Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 3114, 8561 - 8A Avenue SW403-240-1443Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 2101 - 33rd Avenue SW403-452-7297Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods5149 Country Hills Boulevard NW 403-454-7387Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 761 Northmount Drive NW403-457-1914Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 285 Shawville Boulevard SE587-353-9373Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryMarvelous Muttz 4135 - 4th Street NW 403-719-1803Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryMOMMS Premium Pet Foods143, 755 Lake Bonavista Drive SE403-225-8501Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryMucky Pups1059 Canyon Meadows Drive SW403-251-9692Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryNo Bowndaries Pet World Ltd 8338 - 18th Street SE403-457-4949Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryOptimal Pet Foods428, 1919 Sirocco Drive SW403-452-6738Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPaws Pet Food3204 - 17th Avenue SW 403-249-4944Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPaws Pet Food 8403 Elbow Drive SW 403-640-1666Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPAWSitively Natural Pet Food & Supplies2100 - 4th Street SW403-250-7297Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Planet 11520 - 24th Street SE403-720-3454Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu70 Shawville Boulevard SE403-262-2466Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu8888 Country Hills Boulevard NW 403-266-8975Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu2220 - 68th Street NE403-290-0648Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu7740 - 18th Street SE403-720-0566Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu1221 Canyon Meadows Drive SE403-723-1033Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu2060 Symons Valley Parkway NW587-230-3188Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPet Valu 8835 MacLeod Trail SW403-252-2111Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland323, 130 Country Village Road NE 403-226-4045Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland 300, 4915 - 130th Avenue SE 403-257-8590Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland300, 33 Heritage Meadows Way 403-259-5579Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland 303 Shawville Boulevard SE403-508-0040Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland 3363 - 26th Avenue NE403-543-7711Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland40 Crowfoot Terrace NW403-543-7969Rollover Pet Food
Calgary Petland901 - 64th Avenue NE403-453-0114Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetland290 Stewart Green SW403-686-7929Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetSmart321 - 61 Avenue SW403-212-0888Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetSmart3221 Sunridge Way NE403-250-1526 Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetSmart4307-130th Avenue 403-257-7357 Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPetSmart11694 Sarcee Trail NW 403-275-0967Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPisces Pet Emporium4921 Skyline Way NE 403-274-3314 Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryPuptown Paws Pet Supplies3413 - 17th Avenue SE 403-273-8696Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryRascals Pet Supply & Grooming3804 Edmonton Trail NE403-275-3647Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryRocky Mountain Tails Pet Shop & Spa5255 Richmond Road SW 403-685-2001Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryThe Barking Lot710, 22 Midlake Boulevard SE403-256-2095Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryThe Bownesian Grocer7948 Bowness Road NW403-288-2988Rollover Pet Food
CalgaryThe Top Dog Store5010 - 4th Street NE 403-719-8262Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CalgaryUrban Tails13A, 735 Ranchlands Boulevard NWRollover Pet Food
CamroseGlobal Pet Foods5706 - 48th Avenue 780-608-2024Rollover Pet Food
CamrosePeavey Mart 4815 - 66th Street 780-672-5116Rollover Pet Food
CamrosePet Valu6800 - 48 Avenue780-672-9930Rollover Pet Food
CanmorePurely Pets712 Bow Valley Trail 403-609-3262Rollover Pet Food
CanmoreMut Hut Pet Emporium1001 - 6th Avenue 403-609-3388Rollover Pet Food
ClaresholmClaresholm Pharmacy4921 - 1st Street W.403-625-3050Rollover Pet Food
ClaresholmStarling Pet & Variety4815 - 2nd Street W.403-625-0274Rollover Pet Food
CochraneCritters Pets 118 - 1st Avenue 403-932-2096 Rollover Pet Food
CochraneGlobal Pet Foods320 - 1st Street W. 403-932-3132Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CochraneNorm's Nook62 Griffin Industrial Point403-932-2072Rollover Pet Food
CochranePet Valu80 Bow Street403-851-1858Rollover Pet Food
Cold LakePet Valu6501 - 51st Street780-594-3166Rollover Pet Food
Cold LakePetland 4902 - 69th Avenue 780-594-7387Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Cold LakeWinter Eclipse780-826-1587Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmetimage-17950" />
Drayton ValleyGlobal Pet Foods4930 - 55th Avenue780-514-3752Rollover Pet Food
Drayton ValleyPet Valu 4341 - 50th Street587-464-0220Rollover Pet Food
DrumhellerCritters 360 Inc.249 - 3rd Avenue W.403-856-0070Rollover Pet Food
DrumhellerFreson Market (IGA)101 - 6th Avenue SE 403-823-3995Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonDogtopia10529 - 116th Street NW780-970-2663Dog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonG & E Pharmacy7326 - 82nd Avenue780-469-7667Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods10103 - 117th Street NW780-454-0808Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods228, 6655 - 178th Street NW780-481-3347Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods 2027A - 111th Ave NW 780-705-8868Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods276 Manning Crossing780-457-3647Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonHomes Alive Pet Centre13340 St. Albert Trail NW 780-488-8050 Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonHomes Alive Pet Centre5611 - 104th Street NW780-800-9961Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonKibbles & Biscuits15511 - 118th Avenue NW780-452-2206Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonMaple's Doghouse9838 - 182nd Street NW780-756-2582Dog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonMew n Paw Pet Ltd.9535 - 217th Street NW780-782-1661Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonNature's Munchies 1095 Knottwood Road East NW 780-757-7387Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu 1010 Webber Greens Drive NW780-443-4423Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu5241 - 167th Avenue780-457-5477Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu15819 - 97th Street NW780-457-9911Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu 2386 - 24th Street 780-469-9577Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu 12756 - 167th Avenue780-476-2314Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu7925 - 104th Street780-988-8710Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu 5116 Mullen Road NW780-989-1542Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPet Valu 1141 Windermere Way SW780-989-9926Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland185, 5055 - 101st Avenue NW587-521-3922Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland101, 11962 - 104th Avenue NE780-705-3194Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland6004 Current Drive 587-521-8210Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland3803 Calgary Trail NW 780-436-7387Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland15526 - 37th Street NW780-475-5399 Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland18423 Stony Plain Road NW780-481-8000Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland294 Mayfield Common780-481-8000Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetland244 Watt Common SW587-520-1092Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart13916 - 137th Avenue780-406-0827Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart3289 Calgary Trail NW780-434-6611Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart13680 - 50th Street NW 780-456-0910Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart2066 - 38th Avenue NW780-465-7406Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart9450 - 137th Avenue NW780-472-7370Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPetSmart9934 - 170th Street NW 780-486-7800Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPlay Pen PetsMill Woods Town Centre780-461-4051Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonPoochie Moochie17211 - 107th Avenue NW780-964-7027Dog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonPosh Pooch Hotel & Daycare3803 - 99th Street NW780-435-3115Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonSadie's Pet Stop 5716 - 111th Street NW 780-448-1737 Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonSadie's Pet Stop11156 Ellerslie Road780-989-3312Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonSublime Cat 'n Canine9860 - 62nd Avenue NW780-665-3510Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonThe Bone & Biscuit Co.1058 - 91st Street SW 780-761-2663 Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonThe Bone & Biscuit Co.104, 9950 - 137th Avenue NW587-520-2752Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonThe Bone & Biscuit Co.4937 - 167th Avenue NW780-371-5760Rollover Pet Food
EdmontonThe Feed Store14410 - 115th Avenue780-447-5110Dog Gone Gourmet
EdmontonThe Pet & Pond Warehouse5210 - 99th Street NW780-540-0036Rollover Pet Food
EdsonDiana's Pets & Trophies413 - 50th Street780-723-6220Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
FairviewShorty's Pet Supplies7, 10308 - 110th Street587-343-0295Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Fort MacleodNext Home and Garden254 - 24th Street403-557-5030Rollover Pet Food
Fort McMurrayThe Bone & Biscuit Co.2, 414 Thickwood Boulevard780-715-2225Rollover Pet Food
Fort McMurrayCharlie's Choices Pet Boutique10015 Centennial Drive780-714-7150Dog Gone Gourmet
Fort McMurrayNorthern Pet Emporium8310 Fraser Avenue587-275-1020rpetfood.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/rollover_logo.png" title="Rollover Pet Food" alt="Rollover Pet Food" width="75px" class="size-full wp-image-17950" />Dog Gone Gourmet
Fort McMurrayPet Valu101 Signal Road587-539-3365Rollover Pet Food
Fort McMurrayPet Valu9531 Franklin Avenue780-743-3313Rollover Pet Food
Fort SaskachewanPet Valu9410 - 86 Avenue780-998-0955Rollover Pet Food
Grande CacheDixie's Pet Supplies 1322 Shoppers Park Mall 780-827-5051Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairieGlobal Pet Foods 113, 10530 - 117th Avenue 780-357-2100 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Grande PrairieGrande Prairie Pet Shop9807 - 99th Avenue780-532-8027Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairiePartners Naturally9913 - 112th Avenue780-513-4074Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairiePeavey Mart9902 - 120th Street 780-532-1712Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairiePet Valu 11032 - 100th Street780-882-8897Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairiePetland10310 - 108A Street 780-513-4409 Rollover Pet Food
Grande PrairiePetSmart9809 - 116th Street 780-532-0733Rollover Pet Food
HannaDog Gone Pets & More223 - 2nd Avenue W. 403-854-4568Rollover Pet Food
HannaSuper A Foods / Pharmasave610 - 2nd Avenue W.403-854-3711Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
High RiverPaws Pet Food & Accessories 2003 - 10th Avenue SE403-652-3300Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
High RiverPeavey Mart1103A - 18th Street SE 403-652-7956Rollover Pet Food
High RiverWags Pet Salon430 - 8th Avenue SE403-652-5752Rollover Pet Food
HintonDiana's Pets & Trophies173 Pembina Avenue780-865-7210Rollover Pet Food
Lac la BicheThe Pet & Farm Shop10117 - 102nd Avenue780-623-3181Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LacombeLacombe Pets5034 - 49th Street 403-782-0082Rollover Pet Food
LacombePeavey Mart 5230 - 45th Street403-782-5657Rollover Pet Food
LacombePet Valu5830 Hwy 2A403-786-8680Rollover Pet Food
LeducGlobal Pet Foods 5103 - 50th Avenue780-980-8711Rollover Pet Food
LeducPeavey Mart 5301 Discovery Way 780-980-1800Rollover Pet Food
LeducPet Valu5310 Discovery Way780-980-0638Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgeHomes Alive Pet Centre 910 - 3rd Avenue S.403-320-6218Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgeHomes Alive Pet Centre166 Columbia Boulevard W. 403-381-6208Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgeK-9 Klippery Dog Groom32857-32nd Street N.403-381-8118Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgePeavey Mart 33 Southgate Boulevard S. 403-328-6326Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgePet Valu550 University Drive W.403-394-1166Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgePetland905 - 1st Avenue S.403-320-0095Rollover Pet Food
LethbridgePetSmart3721 Mayor Magrath Drive S.403-320-5613Rollover Pet Food
LloydminsterPeavey Mart7802 - 44th Street
780-875-5589Rollover Pet Food
LloydminsterPetSmart4107 - 80th Avenue780-875-4384 Rollover Pet Food
LloydminsterThe Pet Pad2, 4010 - 50th Avenue780-808-6363Rollover Pet Food
Medicine HatPeavey Mart 64 Carry Drive SE403-526-8798Rollover Pet Food
Medicine HatPet Valu79 Carry Drive SE403-526-2212Rollover Pet Food
Medicine HatPetland 1, 3341 Dunmore Road SE 403-504-1900Rollover Pet Food
Medicine HatPetSmart1921 Strachan Road SE 403-528-4835Rollover Pet Food
MorinvilleBag 'n Blok Agri Center8702 - 98th Street 780-939-4600Rollover Pet Food
MorinvilleNoah's Ark Pets & Supplies 10130 - 100th Avenue 780-939-2528Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksAnimal House 100 Stockton Avenue403-995-0220 Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksChow Bella Pet Heath Food Store235 Milligan Drive 403-982-9979Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksExotic Animal House 100 Stockton Avenue 403-995-0220 Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksOkotoks Country Living403-938-4094Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksPet Valu105 Southbank Boulevard403-995-5744Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksPetSmart200 Southridge Drive403-995-8412Rollover Pet Food
OkotoksSchool House Pets5, 1 Fisher Crescent403-837-1193Rollover Pet Food
OnowayPorky Pets4903 Lace Ste Anne Trail South780-967-6479Rollover Pet Food
Peace RiverMidnight Sun Pet Grooming & Supply 10122 - 100th Street 780-625-2810Rollover Pet Food
Peace RiverPeavey Mart7700 - 99th Avenue 780-624-1520Rollover Pet Food
Pincher CreekPincher Pets688 Main Street403-339-1346Rollover Pet Food
Pincher CreekRona871 Elk Avenue403-627-4000Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PonokaPet Central Ponoka 5027 - 50th Avenue 403-783-2916 Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerBrindle Pet Supplies4, 4669 - 62nd Street587-377-8811Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerFetch Haus Inc. 3433 - 50th Avenue 403-346-9063 Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerGlobal Pet Foods 3701 - 50th Avenue403-309-3232Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerGlobal Pet Foods 6320 - 50th Avenue 403-352-7797Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerPeavey Mart 2410 - 50th Avenue403-346-6402Rollover Pet Food
Red Deer Pet Planet115, 27 Clearview Market Way403-358-5250Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerPetland5250 - 22nd Street 403-309-4800Rollover Pet Food
Red DeerPetSmart5001 - 19th Street403-341-4693Rollover Pet Food
RimbeyMa & Paw's Pet Supply5049 - 50th Avenue403-843-2181Rollover Pet Food
Rocky Mtn HouseA J Pets & Supplies4817 - 50th Street403-845-7500Rollover Pet Food
Rocky Mtn HouseAnimal Cove5123 - 50th Street403-846-4446Rollover Pet Food
Rocky Mtn HousePeavey Mart5127 - 50th Street 403-845-7192Rollover Pet Food
Rocky Mtn HousePet Valu4327B - 45th Street403-845-4359Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkClover Bar Feeds10, 200 Portage Close780-467-5014Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Sherwood ParkGlobal Pet Foods993 Fir Street587-269-0220Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkPet Valu222 Baseline Road780-449-4772Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkPet Valu8005 Emerald Drive780-464-0395Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkPetland210, 170 Ebony Boulevard587-456-6882Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkPetSmart5000 Emerald Drive 780-449-4142Rollover Pet Food
Sherwood ParkPookey's Pet Food 101 Granada Boulevard780-646-1228Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Sherwood ParkPuppy Tales Grooming and Pet Supplies 30, 751 Bethel Drive780-467-7387Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Spruce GrovePeavey Mart161 Century Crossing 780-948-9881Rollover Pet Food
Spruce GrovePetSmart151 Century Crossing 780-962-0971Rollover Pet Food
Spruce GroveSpruce Grove Feeds40 Railway Avenue780-962-2878Dog Gone Gourmet
St. AlbertGlobal Pet Foods1 Hebert Road 780-458-7775 Rollover Pet Food
St. AlbertPet Valu140 St. Albert Road780-459-1166Rollover Pet Food
St. AlbertMr. Pets50, 580 St. Albert Trail 780-459-6896Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
St. PaulThe Bone & Biscuit Co.4125 - 50th Avenue780-645-4444Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
St. PaulPeavey Mart4018 - 50th Avenue 780-645-5371Rollover Pet Food
StettlerPeavey Mart6690 - 50th Avenue 403-742-5600 Rollover Pet Food
Stony PlainPet Foods Etc.4928 - 50th Street780-963-2147Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Stony PlainPet Valu4410 - 48th Street780-963-1207Rollover Pet Food
StrathmorePeavey Mart 300 Edgefield Place 403-934-4915Rollover Pet Food
SundreDougan's Service1005 Main Avenue E. 403-638-3730Rollover Pet Food
Sylvan LakeGlobal Pet Foods40 Hewlett Park Landing 403-887-2024
Rollover Pet Food
ThorsbyPet Necessities4905 Hankin Street780-789-0147Rollover Pet Food
ValleyviewGreen Valley Venture4902 - 50th Street780-524-6830Rollover Pet Food
VegrevillePeavey Mart5338 - 50th Avenue 780-623-6707Rollover Pet Food
VermilionPet Boutique & Salon4932 - 50th Avenue780-853-2344Rollover Pet Food
VulcanPorthos Pet Supplies118 - 2nd Avenue S.403-423-2536Rollover Pet Food
WainwrightPet Valu 601 - 10th Street 780-703-2123Rollover Pet Food
WainwrightWags & Wiggles Pet Store 1040 - 2nd Avenue 780-842-3412Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WestlockPeavey Mart10211 - 100th Street 780-349-3345Rollover Pet Food
WetaskiwinGlobal Pet Foods 4523 - 56th Street780-361-2024Rollover Pet Food
WetaskiwinPeavey Mart 5710 - 40th Avenue 780-352-5910Rollover Pet Food
WetaskiwinPet Valu 3725 - 56th Street780-352-0265Rollover Pet Food
WetaskiwinWetaskiwin Animal Clinic4735 - 39th Avenue780-352-7006Rollover Pet Food
WetaskiwinWetaskiwin Co-Op Assoc.4707 - 40th Avenue780-352-9121Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WhitecourtGlobal Pet Foods4331 - 52nd Avenue780-778-5470Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
100 Mile House100 Mile Feed & Ranch Supply Ltd 370 Exeter Station Road 250-395-2408Rollover Pet Food
100 Mile HouseTotal Pet 530 Horse Lake Road 250-395-8935Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordBosley's by Pet Valu2362 Whatcom Road604-859-9056Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordBuckerfield's31852 Marshall Place604-556-7477Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordKibble Cupboard2604 Ware Street604-853-8911Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordMr. Pets32497 S. Fraser Highway 604-776-1238Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordOly's Pet Connection 34150 S Fraser Way 604-746-1410Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordPaw Street Market130, 1828 McCallum Road604-744-1211Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordPet Junction27665 Fraser Hwy604-856-3386Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordPet Lovers32700 S Fraser Way 604-859-9819Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordPetSmart1305 Sumas Way604-854-8132Rollover Pet Food
AbbotsfordValley Feed Bag2604 Ware Street 604-853-8911Rollover Pet Food
AclueletOcean Pet Supplies 1705 Penninsula Road250-726-7389Rollover Pet Food
AgassizAllenby's Farm Store7323 Pioneer Avenue604-796-3373Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
AldergroveBosley's by Pet Valu26310 Fraser Highway604-607-6621Rollover Pet Food
AldergroveDare's Country Feed & Supply25236 Fraser Highway 604-856-1611Rollover Pet Food
AldergroveOtter Co-Op Feed Store3548 - 248th Street 604-607-6901Rollover Pet Food
AldergrovePet Junction27257 Fraser Highway604-856-3386Dog Gone Gourmet
AldergroveUrban Pets 27524 Fraser Highway 604-607-9938Rollover Pet Food
AldergroveYour Pet Central 26647A Fraser Highway 604-856-8776Rollover Pet Food
ArmstrongDeep Creek General Store 3455 Pleasant Valley Road 250-546-3955 Rollover Pet Food
BarriereBarriere Country Feeds 4550 Barriere Town Road 250-672-5256Rollover Pet Food
BarrierePets R Family 24353 Conner Road250-718-3953Rollover Pet Food
Black CreekBlack Creed Farm & Feed Supply2184 Lalum Road250-337-8922Rollover Pet Food
Bowen IslandArtisan's Little Pet573 Artisan Lane604-947-0905Rollover Pet Food
Bowen IslandBowen Pet Supply 205, 992 Dorman Road778-873-3125Rollover Pet Food
BowserLighthouse Feed & Garden7015 Island Hwy. W.250-757-8090Rollover Pet Food
Brentwood BayRascals Pet Market7103 W. Saanich Road778-426-4290Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyBest Friend Pet Food7877 Kingsway 604-521-3616Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyKensington Pet Food Plus 6626 East Hastings Street 604-299-9225Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyKing Ed Pet Shop 7377 Kingsway 604-525-4955Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BurnabyMutt & Moggy 7655 Edmonds Street604-522-1002Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyOne de Fur Pet Spa and Boutique4550 Hastings Street604-299-8200Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BurnabyPet Habitat 4820 Kingsway604-433-2913Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyPetSmart5771 Marine Way 604-435-7742Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyPetSmart6200 McKay Avenue604-454-1360Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyPuptown Girl Dog Lounge & Spa3999 - 2nd Avenue604-423-3647Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyTisol7370 Market Crossing 604-431-8458Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyTisol 7117 Gilley Avenue 604-434-2812Rollover Pet Food
BurnabyVancouver Pet Food & Supply 4111 East Hastings Street 604-294-8933Rollover Pet Food
Campbell RiverCampbell River Pet Centre 1250B Ironwood Street 250-286-0077Rollover Pet Food
Campbell RiverDogwood Pet Mart Ltd. 223B Dogwood Street 250-287-7405Rollover Pet Food
Campbell RiverShar Kare 950 Ironwood Road 250-286-3823Rollover Pet Food
Campbell RiverTrue Blue Pet Supplies 1362 - 16th Avenue 250-287-2754Rollover Pet Food
Campbell RiverWoofy's2056A S. Island Highway 250-923-5881Rollover Pet Food
CastlegarBlue Barn Pet & Hobby Farm1965 - 6th Avenue778-460-2583Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CastlegarKootenay Critters Pet Care502 Columbia Avenue250-365-7370Rollover Pet Food
CastlegarTotal Pet2317 Columbia Avenue 250-365-2120Rollover Pet Food
ChaseMillers Cabin 717 Shuswap Avenue250-679-3332Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackAllenby's Farm Store41924 Yarrow Central Road 604-823-4143Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackBosley's by Pet Valu6014 Vedder Road604-847-3491Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackCJ Brookes Enterprises7640 Lickman Road604-846-2100Dog Gone Gourmet
ChilliwackCountry West Supply7669 Evans Road604-847-3737Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackJenny's Pet Food & Supplies 9369 Mill Street 604-702-5622Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackMr. Pets 45793 Luckakuck Way604-858-0183Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackOly's Pet Connection 45844 Yale Road604-392-5515 Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackPetSmart8249 Eagle Landing Parkway604-792-2362Rollover Pet Food
ChilliwackScruffy Tail Pet Food & Supply104, 45800 Promontory Road 604-858-8511Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ClearwaterNorth Valley Supply Ltd.213 W. Old North Thompson Highway250-674-3386Rollover Pet Food
Clearwater Wells Gray Home Hardware86 Clearwater Station Road250-674-3717Rollover Pet Food
CloverdaleBosley's by Pet Valu6466 176 Street604-576-6377Rollover Pet Food
CloverdaleElemental Canine5723 - 176th Street604-575-2614Dog Gone Gourmet
CloverdaleNewmac Animal Feed 17967 #10 Highway 604-576-2848Rollover Pet Food
ColwoodBosley's by Pet Valu1790 Island Highway250-474-2912 Rollover Pet Food
ComoxWoofy's190 Port Augusta Street 250-339-2272Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamA + Pet Foods & Accessories1960 Como Lake Avenue604-939-0636Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamBosley's by Pet Valu2565 Barnet Highway604-469-7893Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamBosley's by Pet Valu552 Clarke Road604-939-0456Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamPet Food 'n More908, 3025 Lougheed Hwy604-474-1886Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamEagle Ridge Animal & Bird Hospital2599 Runnell Drive604-464-1793Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CoquitlamPet Food 'N More3025 Lougheed Highway 604-474-1886Rollover Pet Food
CoquitlamPetSmart1090 Lougheed Highway 604-549-4738 Rollover Pet Food
CourtenayShar Kare120 N. Island Highway 250-703-2526Rollover Pet Food
CourtenayTop Shelf Feeds2901 Moray Avenue250-897-3302Rollover Pet Food
CourtenayWoofy's795 Ryan Road250-338-0424Rollover Pet Food
CourtenayWoofy's2400 Cliffe Avenue250-338-0455Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CranbrookHot Dogs 'n Cool Cats3185 Theatre Road250-417-0489Rollover Pet Food
CranbrookJust 4 Pets 1610 Cranbrook Street N. 250-426-8600Rollover Pet Food
CranbrookThe Paw Shop 22 - 10th Avenue S. 250-489-1729Rollover Pet Food
CranbrookTop Crop 2101 Cranbrook Street N. 250-489-4555Rollover Pet Food
CranbrookTotal Pet 9 - 12th Avenue N. 250-426-5258Rollover Pet Food
CrestonHound 'n Mouser Grooming1000 Northwest Boulevard250-428-7085Rollover Pet Food
CrestonKootenay Pet Stop1126 Canyon Street250-428-1920Rollover Pet Food
CrestonSunset Seed Company 1628 Canyon Street 250-428-4614Rollover Pet Food
Dawson CreekPeavey Mart1300 Alaska Avenue250-782-4056Rollover Pet Food
Dawson CreekTotal Pet 10301 - 10th Street250-782-6677Rollover Pet Food
DeltaBosley's by Pet Valu100, 8067 - 120th Street604-591-1013Rollover Pet Food
DeltaPet Solutions6447 - 120th Street 604-599-0667Rollover Pet Food
DeltaPets N Us5076 - 48th Avenue604-946-1114Rollover Pet Food
Denny IslandHodge Podge Novelties250-957-2899Rollover Pet Food
DuncanBuckerfield's 5410 Trans Canada Highway 250-748-8171Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
DuncanDuncan Pets350 Trans Canada Highway250-746-4833Rollover Pet Food
DuncanPetSmart184 Trunk Road 250-746-6848Rollover Pet Food
DuncanShar Kare 5321 Trans Canada Highway250-715-1415Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
DuncanTop Shelf Feeds2800 Roberts Road 250-746-5101Rollover Pet Food
FernieBarkside Pets791 - 2nd Avenue250-423-4332Dog Gone Gourmet
Fort NelsonWapiti Sporting Goods 5100 - 50th Avenue N.250-233-8591Rollover Pet Food
Fort St. JohnPaws & Claws 9600 - 93rd Avenue 250-785-1170Rollover Pet Food
Fort St. JohnZoo Food 9420 Sikanni Road 250-785-0615Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Gabriola IslandRaven Feed & Supplies535 North Road250-247-9200Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
GibsonsGibsons Pet Food and Supplies107, 1100 Sunshine Coast Hwy604-886-7242Rollover Pet Food
GibsonsOscars Aquatics 851 Gibsons Way 604-886-3441 Rollover Pet Food
GibsonsQuality Garden & Pet Supply325 Pratt Rd 604-886-7527Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
GoldenHappy Tails Pet Supplies 828 - 10th Avenue S. 250-939-8067Rollover Pet Food
GoldenTotal Pet 1329 - 11th Avenue N.250-344-6800Rollover Pet Food
Grand Forks Nick's Feed Centre7261 - 5th Street250-442-2781Rollover Pet Food
Grand ForksPets First6140 Darcy Road250-442-5816Rollover Pet Food
Grand ForksTotal Pet 575A Central Avenue250-442-2883Rollover Pet Food
HopeAnimal House 800 - 3rd Avenue 604-824-1411Rollover Pet Food
HopeHope Feeds & Supply482 Wallace Street 604-869-2618Rollover Pet Food
HoustonPawsome Adventures2380 Poulton Avenue250-845-3622Rollover Pet Food
InvermereChopper's Pet Supplies1020 - 8th Avenue250-342-7387Rollover Pet Food
InvermereTown & Country Feeds553 Hwy 93 & 95250-342-9433Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsAnimal House 700 Tranquille Road250-376-1142Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsBosley's by Pet Valu1801 Princeton Kamloops Highway250-377-8515Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsCalling All Pets 2101 East Trans Canada Highway 250-377-3730Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsGo Fetch2101 Trans Canada Hwy E.250-377-3730Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsHorse Barn517 Mt. Paul Way250-374-3511Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsPeavey Mart 2121 East Trans Canada Highway 250-374-0717Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsPetland905 Notre Dame Drive 250-828-0810Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsPurity Feed Co.471 Okanagan Way250-372-2233Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
KamloopsRoving K-9 Kare839 Victoria Street 250-374-5273 Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsTotal Pet1370 Summit Drive 250-375-0826Rollover Pet Food
KamloopsTotal Pet 480 Tranquille Road 250-376-7922 Rollover Pet Food
KasloCornucopia422 Front Street250-353-2594Rollover Pet Food
KelownaBone Appetit 1940 Kane Road 250-862-2663Rollover Pet Food
KelownaBone Appetit 2696 Pandosy 250-868-0212Rollover Pet Food
KelownaBosley's by Pet Valu3155 Lakeshore Road250-868-3966Rollover Pet Food
KelownaBuckerfield's103, 1889 Springfield Road 250-860-2346 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
KelownaGlobal Pet Foods2339 Highway 97 N.250-861-3663Rollover Pet Food
KelownaPetSmart2024 Harvey Avenue 250-861-8894 Rollover Pet Food
KelownaSocial Pets2696 Pandosy Street250-868-0212Rollover Pet Food
KelownaTail Blazers3, 1790 KLO Road250-448-9247Rollover Pet Food
KelownaThe Purple Seahorse590 BC-33250-763-7300Rollover Pet Food
KelownaTotal Pet1985 Harvey Avenue 250-860-4517Rollover Pet Food
KimberleyTop Crop Too 2245 Warren Avenue 250-427-7762Rollover Pet Food
KitimatPacific Variety StoreCity Centre Mall250-632-4117Rollover Pet Food
LadnerBosley's by Pet Valu5263 Ladner Trunk Road 604-946-1211Rollover Pet Food
LadnerPets N Us 5076 - 48th Avenue 604-946-1114Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LadysmithFor Pet's Sake416 - 1st Avenue250-245-2226Rollover Pet Food
LadysmithLittle Rascals Pets & Supplies 416 First Avenue 250-245-2226Rollover Pet Food
LadysmithShar Kare 731 - 1st Avenue 250-245-2000Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Lake CowichanCowichan Pet Emporium170 Cowichan Lake Road250-749-4454Dog Gone Gourmet
LangfordBosley's by Pet Valu147, 2955 Phipps Road250-474-7466Rollover Pet Food
LangfordBuckerfield's975 Langford Parkway250-940-4499Dog Gone Gourmet
LangleyAnnettes Petfude Company 4131 - 200th Street 604-533-5343Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LangleyBosley's by Pet Valu20159 - 88th Avenue604-455-0265Rollover Pet Food
LangleyGlobal Pet Foods6183 - 200th Street604-534-8655Rollover Pet Food
LangleyHappy Tails Pet Food20568A - 56th Avenue778-366-1117Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LangleyHarvey Pet Food & Supplies 20811 Fraser Highway 604-534-5353 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LangleyK&K Pet Foods 405, 8840 - 210th Street604-888-0116Rollover Pet Food
LangleyMilner Feed & Pet Supply21565 Crush Crescent604-533-2100Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LangleyPaw Street Market 22259 - 48th Avenue 604-532-0244Rollover Pet Food
LangleyPetfude.ca4131 - 200th Street604-533-5343Rollover Pet Food
LangleyPetSmart 20015 Langley Bypass604-534-5903Rollover Pet Food
LangleyThe Dog Mother Pet Boutique5560 - 204th Street604-359-0660Rollover Pet Food
LangleyThe Tack Addict107, 22575 Fraser Hwy778-278-8738Rollover Pet Food
LangleyTisol20645 Langley Bypass 604-514-1406Rollover Pet Food
LangleyUrban Pets21183 - 88th Avenue604-455-9389Rollover Pet Food
LangleyWaldo & Tubbs 9110 Glover Road 604-888-2235Rollover Pet Food
LillooetLillooet Feeds 104 Main Street 250-256-7055Rollover Pet Food
LillooetLillooet Timbermart129 Moran Place778-484-2251Rollover Pet Food
LumbyRusty Spur Tack & Feed1862 Vernon Street250-547-9506Rollover Pet Food
MackenzieD Doolittle Pet Care700b Mackenzie Boulevard250-997-3474Rollover Pet Food
Maple RidgeBosley's by Pet Valu22745 Dewdney Trunk Road 604-463-3855 Rollover Pet Food
Maple RidgePet Food 'N More120, 20398 Dewdney Trunk Road604-460-9192Rollover Pet Food
Maple Ridge
McFli's Feed Delivery 604-462-7519Rollover Pet Food
Maple RidgeMr. Pets 22778 Lougheed Highway 604-467-6252Rollover Pet Food
Maple RidgePet Food N More 20398 Dewdney Trunk Road 604-460-9192Rollover Pet Food
Maple RidgePetSmart22475 Dewdney Trunk Road604-467-4908 Rollover Pet Food
MerritFetch Dog Grooming 2144 Quilchena Avenue 250-378-8828Rollover Pet Food
MerrittPurity Feed Co.1690 Voight Street250-378-4432Rollover Pet Food
Mill BayLucky Paws Pet Supply2720 Mill Bay Road250-743-3815Rollover Pet Food
Mill BayThe Laughing Llama3090 Trans Canada Highway 250-743-2051Rollover Pet Food
MissionCanine Perfection Dog Show Supplies 32385 Diamond Avenue 604-826-3580Rollover Pet Food
MissionCedar Valley K932929 Mission Way604-312-6604Rollover Pet Food
MissionFraser Valley Building Supply 7072 Wren Street 604-820-1134 Rollover Pet Food
MissionMr. Pets33560 - 1st Avenue 604-814-2994Rollover Pet Food
MissionOly's Pet Connection 103, 32670 Lougheed Highway604-820-2727Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoBest Paw Forward1680 Northfield Road250-729-3900Dog Gone Gourmet
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu6894 Island Highway250-390-4833Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu1708 Bowen Road250-753-9841Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu530 Fifth Street250-754-5465Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoBuckerfield's 1277 Island Highway 250-753-4221Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
NanaimoOlivers Pet Supplies 2000 N. Island Highway250-758-5125Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
NanaimoPetSmart6950 Island Highway250-390-7418Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoShar Kare 867 Bruce Ave 250-753-7233Rollover Pet Food
NanaimoShar Kare 4770 Wellington Road 250-758-0212 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
NelsonCentral Bark Pet Supplies 536 Ward Street 250-505-5355Rollover Pet Food
NelsonNelson Farmers Supply 524 Railway Street 250-352-5375Rollover Pet Food
NelsonTotal Pet 801 Front Street 250-352-0664Rollover Pet Food
New WestministerBosley's by Pet Valu1015 Columbia Street604-522-5280Rollover Pet Food
New WestminsterPaaws131 - 8th Street604-520-6276Rollover Pet Food
New WestminsterVancouver Pet Centre 800 McBride Boulevard 604-524-8933Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1905 Lonsdale Avenue 604-984-7133Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverBravo Dog1493 Crown Street778-875-5176Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverFor Pet's Sake168, 3650 Mt. Seymour Parkway 604-924-2455Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverGlobal Pet Foods200, 801 Marine Drive604-971-4498Dog Gone Gourmet
North VancouverLynn Valley Pet Food 1266 Lynn Valley Road 604-988-9912 Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverMr. Pets 201 Bewicke Avenue778-340-1102 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
North VancouverPaw Street Market626, 2601 Westview Drive604-770-0686Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverPaws & Claws 3071 Woodbine Drive 604-984-7855Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverPet Food 'N More 745, 333 Brooksbank Ave604-980-0669Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverPetSmart1325 Main Street 604-924-9889Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverThe Hungry Dog3195 Edgemont Boulevard604-770-1533Rollover Pet Food
North VancouverVancouver Pet Centre 193, 1277 Lynn Valley Road 604-971-5333Rollover Pet Food
OliverAce Building Centre6240 Station Street250-498-4682Rollover Pet Food
OsoyoosOsoyoos Home Hardware8501 Main Street250-495-6534Rollover Pet Food
ParksvilleBosley's by Pet Valu280 Island Highway E. 250-248-2673Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ParksvilleBuckerfield's587 Alberni Highway 250-248-3243 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ParksvillePet Mania998 Bellevue Road250-951-0444Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ParksvilleShar Kare 1200 Franklin's Gull Road250-248-1261Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PeachlandBosley's by Pet Valu5500 Clements Crescent250-767-0121Rollover Pet Food
PembertonAnimal Barn1384 Pemberton Portage Road 604-984-6740Rollover Pet Food
PembertonThe Twisted Whisker 1366 Aster Street604-894-3647Rollover Pet Food
PembertonWhiskers Pet Shop7445 Frontier Street604-894-3647Rollover Pet Food
Pender IslandPender Petal & Paws4605 Bedwell Harbour Road 250-629-9950Rollover Pet Food
PentictonBosley's by Pet Valu251 Green Avenue W.250-770-8709Rollover Pet Food
PentictonLucky's Pet Supply#104, 2100 Main Street250-493-3647Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PentictonPetSmart102 Warren Avenue E. 250-493-0573Rollover Pet Food
PentictonTotal Pet 402 Industrial Avenue E. 250-493-0387Rollover Pet Food
Pitt MeadowsBark Avenue Holistic Pets18166 McMyn Road604-465-2755Dog Gone Gourmet
Pitt MeadowsCedar Valley K912149 - 191b Street604-465-7248Dog Gone Gourmet
Port AlberniAnimal Ark3020 - 3rd Avenue778-421-3698Rollover Pet Food
Port AlberniShar Kare 4310 - 10th Avenue 250-723-4991 Rollover Pet Food
Port CoquitlamBosley's by Pet Valu3130, 2850 Shaughnessy Street604-944-7594Rollover Pet Food
Port CoquitlamMr. Pets 3548 Westwood Street 778-285-6687Rollover Pet Food
Port CoquitlamPetland1097 Nicola Avenue 604-464-9770Rollover Pet Food
Port CoquitlamPetSmart2180 Hawkins Street604-942-5811Rollover Pet Food
Port CoquitlamPrairie Pet Food1472 Prairie Avenue604-942-0311Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Port CoquitlamUptown Dawg1460 Prairie Avenue604-942-3294Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Port HardyAlex's Little Critters 7025 Market Street 250-949-8929Rollover Pet Food
Port McNeillRobin's Pet Supplies311 Hemlock250-956-2327 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Port MoodyThree Dog Bakery 11, 201 Morrissey Road 604-469-3647Rollover Pet Food
Port MoodyTommy's Pet Shop2400 St. Johns Street604-492-0688Rollover Pet Food
Port MoodyUptown Dawg 2615 Murray Street 604-469-3294Rollover Pet Food
Powell RiverMother Nature7050 Duncan Street 604-485-9878Rollover Pet Food
Powell RiverTop Shelf Feeds4480 Manson Avenue 604-485-2244 Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgeBosley's by Pet Valu2482 Ferry Avenue250-612-5122Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgeDay & Night Stores 4381 Handlen Road 250-962-2256Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgeOspika Pet & Farm Supplies 2392 Ospika Boulevard S. 250-563-1993Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgePetland5910 Southridge Avenue 250-964-1002Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgePetSmart3030 Recplace Drive250-564-4430Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgeThe Bone & Biscuit Co.5240 Domano Boulevard250-964-1103Rollover Pet Food
Prince GeorgeTotal Pet 1915 Victoria Street 250-563-5707Rollover Pet Food
Prince RupertLeanne's Pet Shop623 - 2nd Avenue W.250-627-8106Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PrincetonEverything Pet 136 Tapton Avenue 250-295-7381Rollover Pet Food
Qualicum BeachThe Wild Side Pet Boutique674 Memorial Avenue250-594-9980Rollover Pet Food
QuesnelBosley's by Pet Valu155 Malcolm Drive250-992-7754Rollover Pet Food
QuesnelTotal Pet 620B Newman Road250-747-7458Rollover Pet Food
RevelstokeAnimal House1605 Victoria Road 250-837-5956Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
RichmondBosley's by Pet Valu11700 Steveston Highway604-241-2077Rollover Pet Food
RichmondBosley's by Pet Valu3675 Westminister Highway604-276-0083 Rollover Pet Food
RichmondCompanion Pet Food & Supply8671 No. 1 Road 604-277-0221Rollover Pet Food
RichmondJuicy Pet 4540 No. 3 Road 604-207-9011Rollover Pet Food
RichmondMeow and Bark Avenue 3820 Monton Street 604-271-3647Rollover Pet Food
RichmondPet Food 'N More9100 Blundell Road604-244-9984Rollover Pet Food
RichmondPetSmart9751 Bridgeport Road 604-233-1348Rollover Pet Food
RichmondTisol117, 10151 No 3 Road.604-241-7586Rollover Pet Food
RosedaleTrask Supply51211 Yale Road604-794-0022Rollover Pet Food
RosslandHouse of Paws Pet Boutique2044 Washington Street250-362-5385Rollover Pet Food
RosslandTails Pet Supplies 2044 Washington Street 250-362-5385Rollover Pet Food
SaanichtonBuckerfield's1970 Keating Cross Road250-652-9188Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Salt Spring IslandCountry Grocer374 Lower Ganges Road250-537-4144Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Salmon ArmAnimal House1050 - 10th Avenue SW 250-832-1966Rollover Pet Food
Salmon ArmBuckerfield's1771 - 10th Ave SW 250-832-8424Rollover Pet Food
Salmon ArmCritters & Supply271 Trans Canada Highway250-832-0604Rollover Pet Food
Salmon ArmTotal Pet 380 Alexander Street NE250-832-2008Rollover Pet Food
Salt Spring IslandCountry Grocer374 Lower Ganges Road 250-537-4144Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Salt Spring IslandFoxglove Farm & Garden 104 Atkins Road250-537-5531Rollover Pet Food
Salt Spring IslandMouat's Trading Co Ltd. 118 Fulford-Ganges Road250-537-8515Rollover Pet Food
Salt Spring IslandWhiskers Pet Store128 Lower Ganges Road250-537-1838Rollover Pet Food
SecheltAll 4 Pets 5641 Cowrie Street 604-885-8843Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SecheltBest Friends Pet Market5700 Dolphin Street604-740-4353Rollover Pet Food
SecheltThree Dog Bakery 5511 Wharf604-741-0711Rollover Pet Food
SidneyBosley's by Pet Valu2353 Becan Avenue250-656-6977Rollover Pet Food
SidneyFour Paws Pet Grocery Store9810 - 7th Street250-656-5553Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SidneySidney Feed Barn 10109 McDonald Park Road 250-655-4433Rollover Pet Food
SidneySidney's Pet Centre & Aquatic 9769 - Fifth Street 250-656-3314Rollover Pet Food
SmithersSmithers Feed Store 3242 Highway 16 E. 250-847-9810Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SmithersTotal Pet1323 Main Street 250-847-0267Rollover Pet Food
SookeWiskers & Waggs6703 W. Coast Road 250-642-4318Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
South SurreyTisol 3010 - 152nd Street 604-536-2330Rollover Pet Food
SquamishBosley's by Pet Valu1200 Hunter Place604-892-5537Rollover Pet Food
SquamishFor Pet's Sake1313 Pemberton Avenue604-390-3388Rollover Pet Food
SquamishO'Brien Pet Foods & Supplies103, 1121 Commercial Place 604-892-9035 Rollover Pet Food
SummerlandCountry Corner Supplies 13008 Victoria Road 250-494-3063Rollover Pet Food
SummerlandPetBarn9919 Jubilee Road W.250-494-3063Rollover Pet Food
SurreyBlue Ribbon Pet Foods15355- 24th Avenue 604-531-2311Rollover Pet Food
SurreyBosley's by Pet Valu15428 Fraser Highway604-589-4211Rollover Pet Food
SurreyClayton Critters 103, 6820 - 188th Street 778-574-2772Rollover Pet Food
SurreyElemental Canine3, 5723 - 176th Street604-575-2614Dog Gone Gourmet
SurreyMother Hubbard's Pet Food & Supplies1812 - 152nd Street 604-536-6624Rollover Pet Food
SurreyMother Hubbard's Pet Food & Supplies5, 12823 Crescent Road604-385-1983Rollover Pet Food
SurreyNeighborhood Pet Food 1625 - 128th Street 604-535-1399Rollover Pet Food
SurreyOrico Pet Supply9516 - 120th Street604-584-3859Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SurreyPet Food 'N More 400, 7380 King George Highway 604-591-5921Rollover Pet Food
SurreyPet Solutions Supermarket10602 King George Highway 604-585-3737Rollover Pet Food
SurreyPetland 2215 - 160th Street604-541-2329 Rollover Pet Food
SurreyPetopia Pet Food & Supply #303, 16033 - 108th Avenue 778-395-4555Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SurreyPetSmart 12101 - 72nd Avenue604-501-2422Rollover Pet Food
SurreyPetSmart 15765 Croydon Drive 604-542-6101Rollover Pet Food
SurreyPetSmart 15285 - 101st Avenue 604-588-2640 Rollover Pet Food
SurreyWagging Tales Pet Foods 402, 15940 Fraser Highway 604-543-5734Rollover Pet Food
TerracePetland4706 Keith Avenue 250-635-1600Rollover Pet Food
TerraceTotal Pet4717 Lakelse Avenue 250-612-0207 Rollover Pet Food
TerraceUrban Pets4716 Lazelle Avenue250-638-7929Rollover Pet Food
TlellRanch Feeds39614 Highway 16 250-557-4276Rollover Pet Food
TrailBarks & Recreation 1208 Pine Avenue 250-521-2275 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
TrailPet Needs Plus 2835 Highway Drive 250-368-3095 Rollover Pet Food
TrailTails Pet Supplies 2990 Highway Drive 250-368-1700Rollover Pet Food
TsawwassenBosley's by Pet Valu1215 - 56th Street604-943-8030 Rollover Pet Food
TsawwassenPets N Us 1302A - 56th Street 604-943-0908 Rollover Pet Food
ValemountValemount IDA Pharmacy1214 - 5th Avenue250-566-4501Rollover Pet Food
VancouverAqua Paws888 Clark Drive604-723-8015Dog Gone Gourmet
VancouverBarking Babies1188 Homer Street604-647-2275Dog Gone Gourmet
VancouverBones Pet Stores 181 Smithe Street 604-559-2663Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu3502 West 41st Avenue 604-266-2667Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu6914 Victoria Drive 604-327-3676Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1085 Marinaside Crescent 604-566-9974Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1683 Davie Street 604-668-4233Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu3045 West Broadway604-738-8765Rollover Pet Food
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu814 West 6th Avenue 604-874-3310Rollover Pet Food
VancouverDashing Dawgs561 Cardero Street604-568-6096 Rollover Pet Food
VancouverDiscover Dogs Inc. 701 Kingsway 778-228-7458Rollover Pet Food
VancouverEZ Dog 56 Powell Street604-559-5606Rollover Pet Food
VancouverK&K Pet Foods4595 Dunbar Street604-224-2513Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VancouverLong Live Cats and Dogs 2425 East Hastings Street 604-336-3093Rollover Pet Food
VancouverMark's Pet Shop 1875 Commercial Drive 604-255-4844Rollover Pet Food
VancouverMr. Pets 1710 Commercial Drive 604-872-0115Rollover Pet Food
VancouverNoah's Pet Ark 2886 W. Broadway 604-736-9517Rollover Pet Food
VancouverPet Food N More 3244 Oak Street604-730-9674Rollover Pet Food
VancouverPet Food N More 3669 - 10th Avenue604-731-5907Rollover Pet Food
VancouverPet Pantry 1068 Davie Street 778-379-4090Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VancouverPet Pantry2240 Commercial Drive604-559-7737Rollover Pet Food
VancouverPetSmart2860 Bentall Street 604-434-1522 Rollover Pet Food
VancouverPetSmart 409 West 2nd Avenue 604-879-2602Rollover Pet Food
VancouverRelease the Hounds 3381 Cambie Street 604-327-3647Rollover Pet Food
VancouverStar Pets Only 1255 Pacific Boulevard604-899-1220Rollover Pet Food
VancouverThe Urban Puppy Shop1375 W. 6th Avenue604-736-0557Rollover Pet Food
VancouverThree Dog Bakery 4348 Main Street 604-737-3647Rollover Pet Food
VancouverTisol 2738 Arbutus Street 604-730-1768Rollover Pet Food
VancouverTisol2949 Main Street604-873-4117Rollover Pet Food
VancouverVanpet Yaletown1065 Hamilton Street 604-687-8933Rollover Pet Food
VancouverWoofles And Meowz1496 Cartwright Street604-689-3647Rollover Pet Food
VanderhoofNechako Valley Feed 346 Trans Canada Highway250-567-4400Rollover Pet Food
VernonAJ's Pets & Things 3219 - 31st Avenue 250-549-3222Rollover Pet Food
VernonBosley's by Pet Valu2306 Highway 6250-558-0566Rollover Pet Food
VernonFun 4 All Pet Resort 4508 - 29th Street 778-475-0488 Rollover Pet Food
VernonPaw Street Market116, 3101 BC-6250-558-7933Rollover Pet Food
VernonPetland 5604 - 24th Street 250-558-0442Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VernonWet Spot Grooming & Pet Care 4784 - 27th Street 250-938-7768Rollover Pet Food
VernonTotal Pet3302 - 32nd Street 250-542-5323Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaA Pet's Life 2019 Cadboro Bay Road 250-592-3301Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaBorden Mercantile3960 Borden Street 250-479-3414Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VictoriaBosley's by Pet Valu491 East Burnside Road250-385-6411Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaBosley's by Pet Valu215, 3749 Shelbourne Street250-477-2114Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaBosley's by Pet Valu104, 4478 West Saanich Road250-744-1125Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaBuckerfield's1970 Keating Road250-652-9188Dog Gone Gourmet
VictoriaBuckerfield's104, 975 Langford Parkway250-940-4499Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaCreatures Pet Store3, 770 Bay Street 250-382-3329Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaIsland Pet Source106, 751 Goldstream Avenue 250-590-4460Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VictoriaMr. Pets101A, 3170 Tillicum Road250-380-7990Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaPaw Space Pet Boutique & Spa403, 3989 Quadra Street778-265-7297Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaPet's Choice 2806 Jacklin Road 250-474-1174Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaPets West 220, 777 Royal Oak Drive 250-744-1779Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VictoriaPetSmart3501 Blanshard Street250-381-2859Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaPetSmart 2401 Millstream Road250-391-9212Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaRed Barn Market 5550 West Saanich Road 250-479-8349Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaThe Dog Dish & Friends1516 Fairfield Road 250-370-1124Rollover Pet Food
VictoriaWillow Wind Feed & Tack 2714 Sooke Road 250-478-8012Rollover Pet Food
West KelownaBuckerfield's2565 Main Street250-768-8870Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
West VancouverCute Paws Pet Food1760 Marine Drive604-925-9936Dog Gone Gourmet
West VancouverThe Urban Puppy Shop1375 W. 6th Avenue604-736-0557Rollover Pet Food
West VancouverVillage Pet Food & Supplies5323 Headland Drive 604-925-3334Rollover Pet Food
WestbankSunshine Pet Supplies3011 Louie Drive250-707-3303Rollover Pet Food
WhistlerWhistler Happy Pet 1085 Millar Creek Road 604-932-3050Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
White RockCritters and Friends Pet 1451 Johnston Road 604-535-8278Rollover Pet Food
White RockPetland Grandview10, 2215 - 160th Street604-541-2329Rollover Pet Food
White RockTisol103, 3010 - 152nd Street604-536-2330Rollover Pet Food
WhonnockMcFli's Feed Delivery26927 River Road604-462-7519Rollover Pet Food
Williams LakeBeaver Valley Feed Ltd 1050 South MacKenzie Avenue 250-392-6282 Rollover Pet Food
Williams LakeBosley's by Pet Valu1085 Prosperity Way250-398-7233 Rollover Pet Food
Williams LakeBuddies Pet Food298 Mackenzie Avenue S.250-398-2665Rollover Pet Food
Williams LakeTotal Pet 32 Broadway Avenue N.250-398-6300Rollover Pet Food
WinfieldLake Country Farm10051 Highway 97 250-766-4646Rollover Pet Food
WinlawSlocan Valley Home Hardware5763 Hwy 6250-226-7771Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
BeausejourCritter Country Supply636 Park Avenue204-268-3742Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BrandonA Pet Lovers Warehouse2030 Park Avenue 204-725-1172Rollover Pet Food
BrandonBest West Pet Foods223 - 18th Street N. 204-728-0661Rollover Pet Food
BrandonPet Valu 1300 - 18th Street204-726-9666Rollover Pet Food
BrandonPet Valu825 -18th Street N.204-728-2031 Rollover Pet Food
DauphinPet Valu1450 Main Street S.204-638-3508Rollover Pet Food
DauphinSammy's Farm Supply20 Mountain Road204-638-3566Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LockportCanvasback Pet Supplies1 Wellink Drive 204-757-2701Rollover Pet Food
NivervilleRuffmutts10B Cedar Drive204-846-7833Rollover Pet Food
Portage La PrairieBest West Pet Foods304 Saskatchewan Avenue E. 207-239-0448Rollover Pet Food
Portage La PrairiePet Valu2450 Saskatchewan Avenue W.204-239-6933Rollover Pet Food
SelkirkBest West Pet Foods 321 Main Street 204-785-8266Rollover Pet Food
SelkirkPet Valu 1014 Manitoba Avenue204-785-8446 Rollover Pet Food
SteinbachBest West Pet Foods245 Main Street204-326-9339Rollover Pet Food
SteinbachPet Valu178 Provincial Trunk Highway 12204-326-6600Rollover Pet Food
StonewallQuarry Pets, Supplies & More317 Main Street 204-467-5924Rollover Pet Food
Swan RiverPeavey Mart1350 Main Street204-734-9811 Rollover Pet Food
WinklerPet Valu995 Main Street N.204-325-0068 Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegAardvark Pets 1604 St. Mary's Road 204-256-7705Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBark Lodge4, 931 Redonda Street204-777-1657Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 1625 Henderson Highway204-338-8358 Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods1568 Main Street 204-336-0546Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods1150 St. James Street 204-783-0952 Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 492 St. Anne's Road 204-257-4044 Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods3145 Portage Avenue 204-832-9149Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 1094 Nairn Avenue204-663-7553Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegDarcy's Arc 730 Century Street 204-888-2266Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegGlobal Pet Foods 1220 St. Mary's Road 204-414-7387 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WinnipegGlobal Pet Foods 1855 Grant Avenue204-416-7100Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegLeo & Co. Pet Shop1501B Gateway Road204-414-2520Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPeavey Mart121150 Nairn Avenue 204-663-6880Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPet Valu2136 McPhillips Street204-334-8600Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPet Valu1750 Plessis Road204-777-7387Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetland1546 Regent Avenue W. 204-654-9807Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetland2355 McGillivray Boulevard 204-489-2009Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetland1910 Pembina Highway 204-989-7616Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetland1225 St. Mary's Road204-219-7803Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetSmart1615 Regent Avenue W.204-222-1669Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetSmart1731 Kenaston Boulevard204-489-5948Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetSmart1050 Leila Avenue204-633-3793Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegPetSmart915 Empress Street204-774-3919Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegThe Pawsh Dog 1580 Taylor Avenue 204-261-9059Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegThe Village Pet 216 Osborne Street204-691-1822 Rollover Pet Food
WinnipegTraining Loyal Companions62 Scurfield Boulevard204-794-5456Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
DieppeGlobal Pet Foods9 Champlain Street506-854-8316Rollover Pet Food
DieppeRen's Pets40 Champlain Street506-800-8090Rollover Pet Food
EdmundstonAnimalerie RL Tropical721 rue Victoria506-739-7130Rollover Pet Food
FrederictonThe Barking Lot1299 Hanwell Road 506-459-4789Rollover Pet Food
FrederictonPetSmart9 Riocan Avenue506-454-9920Rollover Pet Food
HamptonKit 'n Kaboodle Pet Supplies1010 Main Street506-832-1843Rollover Pet Food
MonctonPetSmart79 Wyse Street506-855-7718Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
Chinook Winds Canine Resort1222 Bauline Line 709-335-2600Rollover Pet Food
Bay RobertsBatten's Warehouse314 Main Hwy709-786-3240Rollover Pet Food
Conception Bay
Andy's Pet Town Inc 2-4 Anthonys Rd South 709-240-7000Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Corner BrookDanny's Paw Prints30 Main Street709-634-7297Rollover Pet Food
Deer LakeRoyal K9 Spa & Resort9 Wellon Drive709-635-5959Rollover Pet Food
GanderPet Central 50 Roe Avenue709-256-3930Rollover Pet Food
Happy Valley-Goose BayPaws Pet Boutique331 Hamilton River Road709-896-5590Rollover Pet Food
Labrador CityFeathers & Fins Pet Shop201 Humber Avenue709-944-7700Rollover Pet Food
Mount Pearl
Critters & Things 11 Commonwealth Avenue 709-368-8660Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
St. John'sPetSmart5 Stavanger Dr. 709-738-7627Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
Fort SmithNorthern Hound Supply76 York Street867-872-1007Rollover Pet Food
YellowknifeBorealis Kennel & Pet Specialties8 Nahanni Dr 867-873-3688Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
YellowknifeCrooked Whisker4, 100 Borden Drive 867-873-5190Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
AntigonishOne Stop Pet Shop 3063 Post Road 902-863-1215Rollover Pet Food
BedfordGlobal Pet Foods 30 Damascus Street902-835-2250Rollover Pet Food
BedfordPetSmart181 Damascus Road902-466-6461Rollover Pet Food
Chester BasinYour Friend & Mine Pet Supplies5963 Gold River902-627-1341Rollover Pet Food
DartmouthGlobal Pet Foods 100 Main Street 902-434-8361Rollover Pet Food
DartmouthPetSmart65 Countryview Drive902-468-0890Rollover Pet Food
DartmouthRen's Pets185 Hector Gate902-982-3971Rollover Pet Food
HalifaxGlobal Pet Foods 212 Chain Lake Drive902-982-3947Rollover Pet Food
HalifaxPetSmart201 Chain Lake Drive902-450-1367Rollover Pet Food
HalifaxRen's Pets212 Chain Lake Drive902-982-3947Rollover Pet Food
Middle SackvilleValleyfield Farm Ltd.1113 Sackville Drive902-865-2490Rollover Pet Food
New GlasgowGlobal Pet Foods 91 Lawrence Boulevard902-755-5609Rollover Pet Food
New MinasGlobal Pet Foods8934 Commercial Street902-681-0757Rollover Pet Food
ShelburneSpencer's Garden Centre5 Ohio Road902-875-3055Rollover Pet Food
SydneyGlobal Pet Foods20 Sydney Port Access Road902-567-5457Rollover Pet Food
SydneyUnited Farmers Co-Op 502 Keltic Drive902-564-8134 Rollover Pet Food
TruroGlobal Pet Foods68 Robie Street902-895-4646Rollover Pet Food
WindsorMosaic Market - Health & Local Food141 Water Street902-798-4415Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
AberfoyleRen's Pets Depot 20 Brock Road N. 519-767-5858 Rollover Pet Food
ActonGlobal Pet Foods 8 Main Street N. 519-853-8833Rollover Pet Food
AjaxGlobal Pet Foods 1965 Salem Road N. 905-428-7387Rollover Pet Food
AjaxGlobal Pet Foods 310 Harwood Avenue S. 905-428-7387Rollover Pet Food
AjaxKC's Pets15 Westney Road N. 905-686-7008 Rollover Pet Food
AjaxMister Pet9, 105 Bayly Street W.905-428-7168Rollover Pet Food
AjaxPetSmart280 Kingston Road E.905-686-8708Rollover Pet Food
AjaxRen's Pets280 Kingston Road E.905-426-1009Rollover Pet Food
AllistonGlobal Pet Foods 113 Victoria Street W.705-434-3311Rollover Pet Food
AncasterGlobal Pet Foods 73 Wilson Street W. 905-304-0020Rollover Pet Food
AncasterPetSmart14 Martindale Crescent905-648-9600Rollover Pet Food
AncasterRen's Pets821 Golf Links Road905-648-9673Rollover Pet Food
AshtonHappy Hound2150 Dwyer Hill Road613-253-5535Rollover Pet Food
AuroraGlobal Pet Foods 14800 Yonge Street905-727-3448Rollover Pet Food
AuroraOur Dog & Company 129 Pedersen Drive905-713-3489Rollover Pet Food
AuroraPet Valu1 Henderson Drive905-727-4939Rollover Pet Food
AuroraRen's Pets239 Earl Stewart Drive905-503-2143Rollover Pet Food
BarrieGlobal Pet Foods 420 Essa Road 705-792-4152Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BarrieGlobal Pet Foods 181 Livingstone Street E.705-733-9002Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BarrieGreenhawk106 Saunders Road705-792-9635Rollover Pet Food
BarrieKat's Pets420 Leacock Drive705-503-2209Rollover Pet Food
BarriePet Valu 165 Wellington Street W. 705-726-1721Rollover Pet Food
BarriePetSmart33 Mapleview Drive E.705-722-0337Rollover Pet Food
BarrieRen's Pets110 Concert Way705-734-2014Rollover Pet Food
BeavertonA5 Pet & Bird Depot 443 Mara Road 705-426-7324 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BeavertonWrigley Pet Grooming374 Bay Street705-426-1494Rollover Pet Food
BeetonPaw-fect Pets & Supplies50 Main Street905-748-7297Rollover Pet Food
BellevilleLittle Stinkers Natural Pet Food95 College Street W. 613-771-9479Rollover Pet Food
BellevillePet Valu365 N. Front Street613-962-6580Rollover Pet Food
BellevillePetSmart264 Millennium Parkway613-966-9922Rollover Pet Food
BellevilleTropical Gardens Pet Shop 161 Bridge Street W. 613-967-3773Rollover Pet Food
BobcaygeonPawz 'n' Clawz34 King Street E.705-731-1010Rollover Pet Food
BoltonGlobal Pet Foods 356 Queen Street S. 905-857-7623Rollover Pet Food
BoltonRovili's Pet World9 Nixon Road 905-951-6315Rollover Pet Food
BoltonPetSmart12730 Highway 50905-857-9327Rollover Pet Food
BowmanvilleGlobal Pet Foods2316 Hwy 2905-623-4302Rollover Pet Food
BowmanvilleWelcome Feeds2165 Durham 2 905-623-5777Rollover Pet Food
BracebridgeMullin's Pet Market - Bracebridge295 Wellington Street705-645-1999Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BradfordGlobal Pet Foods 170 Holland Street W.905-775-4640Rollover Pet Food
BramptonDogtopia8265 Financial Drive647-317-1631Rollover Pet Food
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 10886 Hurontario Street905-495-4455Rollover Pet Food
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 17 Worthington Avenue 905-495-5531Rollover Pet Food
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 2933 Queen Street E.905-793-2899Rollover Pet Food
BramptonPet Valu164 Sandalwood Pkwy E.905-840-1160Dog Gone Gourmet
BramptonPetSmart9065 Airport Road 905-789-0384Rollover Pet Food
BramptonPetSmart547 Steeles Avenue E. 905-874-9999Rollover Pet Food
BrantfordGlobal Pet Foods 39 King George Road519-759-8531Rollover Pet Food
BrantfordPetSmart221 Henry St Unit 2 519-752-2129Rollover Pet Food
BrantfordRen's Pets218 Henry Street519-751-1570Rollover Pet Food
BrantfordRuffin's Pet Centre320 Colborne Street W.519-752-2248Rollover Pet Food
BridgenorthPaulmac's Pet Food892 Ward Street705-292-7468Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BridgenorthVillage Pet Food & Supply871 Ward Street705-292-7878Rollover Pet Food
BrooklinGlobal Pet Foods200 Carnwith Drive E.905-425-1899Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonBark & Fitz - Burlington 2500 Appleby Line 905-335-7036 Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonGlobal Pet Foods 450 Appleby Line 905-639-5969Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonGlobal Pet Foods 3550 Dundas Street 905-319-1999Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonPet Max Inc. 1450 Headon Road 905-332-5656Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonPet Valu 5111 New Street905-631-2907Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonRen's Pets Depot 2424 Queensway Drive 905-333-9911Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonPetSmart1200 Brant St Unit 3905-331-5454Rollover Pet Food
BurlingtonPetSmart2311 Appleby Line 905-332-7246 Rollover Pet Food
BurnstownLittle Angels Pet Supply2046 Burnstown Road613-327-4998Rollover Pet Food
CaledoniaForrest Pet Foods 996 Brant County Highway 54519-753-8859 Rollover Pet Food
CaledoniaRuffins Pet Centre322 Argyle Street S. 905-765-8022Rollover Pet Food
CambridgeGlobal Pet Foods 970 Franklin Boulevard519-624-2555 Rollover Pet Food
CambridgeHeathy Pet All Natural Pet Foods846 King Street E.519-653-6100Rollover Pet Food
CambridgePet Valu 480 Hespeler Road 519-622-0574Rollover Pet Food
CambridgePetSmart600 Hespeler Road519-621-9696 Rollover Pet Food
CambridgeRen's Pets Depot 34 Pinebush Road905-624-6411Rollover Pet Food
CardinalTotally K92099 Dundas Street613-671-2016Rollover Pet Food
CarpTreasure Coastal Pet Products 1144 Upper Dwyer Hill Road613-256-7723 Rollover Pet Food
CayugaCayuga Pets N More 8 Ouse Street N. 905-772-7387 Rollover Pet Food
ChapleauChapleau Pet Store32 Birch Street E.705-864-0472Rollover Pet Food
ChathamPet Food Warehouse 586 St. Clair Street 519-351-1207 Rollover Pet Food
ChathamPet Food Warehouse 75 Keil Drive S 519-354-9900Rollover Pet Food
ChathamPetSmart823 St. Clair St. 519--3522636 Rollover Pet Food
ChelmsfordTelling Tails3482 Errington Avenue 705-588-7387Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ChesleyHuron Bay Co-Operative109 First Avenue N.519-363-2017Rollover Pet Food
CobourgAll Creatures Great & Small 30 King Street West 905-377-8619Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CobourgJustin's Pet Store471 Division Street 905-373-1984Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
CochraneCochrane Pet Services76 Sixth Avenue 705-272-6050 Rollover Pet Food
CollingwoodGlobal Pet Foods 20 Balsam Street 705-446-9539 Rollover Pet Food
CornwallPetSmart501 Tollgate Road W.613-933-1244 Rollover Pet Food
CornwallStacey's Pet Depot805 Sydney Street 613-932-7337 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
DelhiA Pets Delight135 King Street519-504-0181Rollover Pet Food
DorchesterDorchester Pet and Country Store4254 Catherine Street519-268-7631Rollover Pet Food
DrydenThe Pet Store16 Earl Avenue807-223-2399Rollover Pet Food
DundasGlobal Pet Foods 101 Osler Drive 905-628-8700Rollover Pet Food
DunnvilleGrand Erie Farm & Garden 1051 Broad Street E. 905-774-6115 Rollover Pet Food
DunnvilleRuffins Pet Centre 209 Queen Street 905-774-6373 Rollover Pet Food
East York PetSmart835 Eglinton Ave E416-696-0388 Rollover Pet Food
EloraDreamland Pet & Equine6484 Wellington Road 7519-846-1313 Rollover Pet Food
ErinBold Canine9609 - 17th Sideroad519-833-0800Rollover Pet Food
ErinBudson Farm & Feed Company93 Main Street 519-833-2002Rollover Pet Food
EssexEssex Feed Warehouse Ltd48 Wilson Avenue 519-776-9200 Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokeGlobal Pet Foods 270 The Kingsway 416-234-0056Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokeGlobal Pet Foods 1278 The Queensway 647-341-5202Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokePet Valu125 The Queensway647-351-2088Dog Gone Gourmet
EtobicokePet Valu250 Wincott Drive416-247-8335Dog Gone Gourmet
EtobicokePet Valu3843 Bloor Street W.416-233-3496Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokePet Valu933 The Queensay416-251-3454Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokePetSmart158 N Queen St 416-620-4648Rollover Pet Food
EtobicokePoochykat3428 Lake Shore Boulevard W.416-792-3200Rollover Pet Food
Fenelon FallsFetch Pet Supply 25 Colborne Street 705-887-5467 Rollover Pet Food
FergusGlobal Pet Foods 600 Scotland Street 519-787-7079 Rollover Pet Food
FergusSharpe Farm Supplies285 Beatty Line519-843-2451Rollover Pet Food
FonthillMinor Bros Country Living2705 RR 20905-892-0322Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Fort ErieRuffin's Pet Centre1117 Concession Road905-871-7117Rollover Pet Food
FreeltonSharpe Farm Supplies234 Freelton Road905-659-3341Rollover Pet Food
GarsonGarson Pet Food Express3098 Falconbridge Highway 705-693-7595 Rollover Pet Food
GeorgetownCreature Comfort Co16 Main Street S.905-877-8443 Rollover Pet Food
GeorgetownGlobal Pet Foods280 Guelph Street905-873-7086Rollover Pet Food
GeorgetownPetSmart 319 Guelph Street 905-873-6743 Rollover Pet Food
GeorgetownRuffins Pet Centre140 Guelph Street905-873-0933 Rollover Pet Food
GloucesterPetSmart1750 Innes Rd 613-741-5233 Rollover Pet Food
GormleyGreenhawk Inc5 Gormley Industrial Avenue905-888-4666 Rollover Pet Food
GrimsbyRuffins Pet Centre 63 Main Street West 905-945-0794Rollover Pet Food
GrimsbyThe Dog Spot 43 Main Street E. 289-235-7575 Rollover Pet Food
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods 5 Clair Road W. 519-823-3004Rollover Pet Food
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods715 Wellington Street W.519-265-8966 Rollover Pet Food
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods 19 Victoria Road N. 519-822-6922Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Guelphpetculture492 Edinburgh Road S519-767-0901Rollover Pet Food
GuelphPet Valu 615 Scottsdale Drive 519-836-9460 Rollover Pet Food
GuelphPetSmart183 Silvercreek Parkway N. 519-767-0417 Rollover Pet Food
GuelphScratch and Sniff Canine Services37 Chapel Lane 226-486-1244Rollover Pet Food
GuelphSharpe Farm Supplies7707 Mill Road519-837-0510Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonAquarium Services / Pet City 140 Centennial Parkway N.905-560-1000 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 1400 Upper James Street 905-383-2224 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 50 Dundurn Street S.905-528-2775Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 989 Fennell Avenue E. 905-575-9422 Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonJT Pets35 York Boulevard905-971-7387Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonLive Right Pet Supplies203 Main Street E. 289-389-5238Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonM&G Pet Food 1760 Upper James Street 905-388-2436Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonPet Max Inc. 45 Nebo Road 905-388-6422 Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonPet Valu 801 Mohawk Road W.905-385-3061 Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonPet Valu 1900 King Street E. 905-549-4346 Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonPetSmart1231 Barton St E 905-545-1913 Rollover Pet Food
HamiltonUrban Zoo 622 Upper James Street905-385-7387 Rollover Pet Food
HanmerPet Palace14-5085 Highway 69 N. 705-969-7383Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
HarrowHarrow Country Depot 44 Sinasac Street W. 519-738-2223 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
InnisfilGlobal Pet Foods1484 Innisfil Beach Road705-431-0707Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
KanataMarch Road Pet Food & Grooming1112 March Road 613-591-9423 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
KanataPetSmart255 Kanata Ave. 613-254-9989 Rollover Pet Food
KanataRen's Pets155 Roland Michener Drive613-599-0428Rollover Pet Food
KeewatinTaylor Made Pet Products 210 - 10th Street 807-547-3530 Rollover Pet Food
KemptvilleLove Your Pet2600 County Road 43613-258-1376Rollover Pet Food
KeswickGlobal Pet Foods 443 Queensway S. 905-476-0575 Rollover Pet Food
KincardineKincardine Country Depot315 Hamilton Lane 519-396-3451Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
King CityGlobal Pet Foods 1700 King Road 905-833-7387 Rollover Pet Food
KingstonBirds 'n Paws 79 Brock Street 613-546-6777 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
KingstonGlobal Pet Foods 1111 Princess Street 613-548-8048 Rollover Pet Food
KingstonGlobal Pet Foods2547 Princess Street613-389-1666Rollover Pet Food
KingstonPetSmart690 Gardiners Rd 613-384-0021 Rollover Pet Food
KingstonRen's Pets628 Gardiners Road613-877-7297Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerBest in Show Dog Supplies 105, 501 Krug Street519-342-0148 Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerCB Pet Food & Supply1335 Weber Street E.519-893-3743 Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerGlobal Pet Foods 669 Belmont Avenue W.519-571-4444 Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerGlobal Pet Foods 700 Strasburg Road519-749-2821 Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerPetSmart655 Fairway Road S.519-748-1889 Rollover Pet Food
KitchenerRen's Pets Depot 1525 Victoria Street N. 519-578-4133 Rollover Pet Food
KomokaMarket Pet Shop26 Kilworth Park Drive 519-434-6224 Rollover Pet Food
LakefieldVillage Pet Food & Supply 3305 Lakefield Road 705-652-9494 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LindsayFetch Pet Supply84 Russell Street W.705-887-5467Rollover Pet Food
LindsayGlobal Pet Foods 370 Kent Street W. 705-324-9794 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LindsayTrent Pet401 Kent Street W. 705-878-1507 Rollover Pet Food
Lion's HeadPeninsula Pet Supply2825 ON-6519-793-4023Rollover Pet Food
LivelyWalden Pet Food Plus125 Regional Road 24 705-692-1714 Rollover Pet Food
LondonA Village Tail 160 Wortley Road 519-642-1200 Rollover Pet Food
LondonBark & Fitz611 Fanshawe Park Road W. 519-473-3400Rollover Pet Food
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 395 Wellington Road 519-686-7387Rollover Pet Food
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 509 Commissioners Road W. 519-474-3647 Rollover Pet Food
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 911 Southdale Road W. 519-652-3643 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LondonHowie's Pet Food Warehouse 972 Hamilton Road519-455-4577 Rollover Pet Food
LondonPet Valu109 Fanshawe Park Road E.519-660-6953Rollover Pet Food
LondonPetacular Food & Supply Ltd57 York Street 519-439-8333 Rollover Pet Food
LondonPetSmart3165 Wonderland Road S.519-649-2112 Rollover Pet Food
LondonPetSmart86 Fanshawe Park Road 519-672-6149 Rollover Pet Food
LondonPetSmart1270 Wellington Road 519-686-7708 Rollover Pet Food
LondonRen's Pets1979 Hyde Park 519-657-3036Rollover Pet Food
LondonRen's Pets10, 3409 Wonderland Road S.519-657-3036Rollover Pet Food
LondonSouthwestern Pet Centre1641 Dundas Street 519-451-7279 Rollover Pet Food
MarkdaleMullin's Pet Market38B Main Street W.519-986-2999Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
MarkhamGlobal Pet Foods 5990 - 16th Avenue 905-471-5593Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
MarkhamPawty Time Pet Club4441 Hwy 7 E.905-604-6797Rollover Pet Food
MarkhamPetSmart1210 Castlemore Avenue 905-209-8078 Rollover Pet Food
MeafordCanadian Pet Connection278 Cook Street844-799-7387Rollover Pet Food
MidlandGlobal Pet Foods 268 King Street 705-527-4432 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
MiltonGlobal Pet Foods 1030 Kennedy Circle 905-864-9738Rollover Pet Food
MiltonGlobal Pet Foods 55 Ontario Street S.905-878-9808 Rollover Pet Food
MiltonMutt Life Inc15, 585 Ontario Street S. 905-878-9904 Rollover Pet Food
MiltonPetSmart1095 Maple Avenue905-876-3695Rollover Pet Food
MindemoyaKat's Pet Supplies 2222 Highway 551 705-377-4744 Rollover Pet Food
MindenPet Tyme12281 ON-35705-286-4893Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaEndless Tails Pet Nutrition Center 1891 Rathburn Road E. 905-290-0378 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 6590 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle 905-819-9255Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 2901 Eglinton Avenue W. 905-369-0577 Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods1525 Bristol Road W.905-816-0330 Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaGreenhawk Inc5665 McLaughlin Road905-238-0311 Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaPetSmart5800 McLaughlin Road 905-501-1116 Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaPetSmart3105 Argentia Rd. 905-785-2816 Rollover Pet Food
MississaugaRen's Pets5985 Rodeo Drive289-805-6991Rollover Pet Food
NapaneePet Panache21 Dundas Street E. 613-354-9171Rollover Pet Food
NepeanPetSmart1547 Merivale Road 613-224-1212 Rollover Pet Food
NepeanPetSmart1851 Merivale Rd 613-225-6627Rollover Pet Food
NepeanPetSmart3161 Greenbank Road613-843-9977Rollover Pet Food
NepeanRen's Pets4325 Strandherd Drive613-825-5417Rollover Pet Food
New HamburgHeritage Pet & Garden 88 Huron Street 519-662-3684 Rollover Pet Food
NewmarketGlobal Pet Foods 130 Davis Drive905-898-7910 Rollover Pet Food
NewmarketGlobal Pet Foods 17730 Leslie Street 905-853-9550 Rollover Pet Food
NewmarketPet Paradise1111 Davis Drive 905-853-7387 Rollover Pet Food
NewmarketPetSmart18126 Yonge Street905-898-4557Rollover Pet Food
Niagara FallsGlobal Pet Foods 3643 Portage Road 905-356-3555Rollover Pet Food
Niagara FallsPetSmart7481 Oakwood Dr 905-374-3050Rollover Pet Food
Niagara-on-the-LakeMinor Bros Country Living96 Niagara Stone Road905-685-7353Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
NobletonNobleton Feed Mill12 Old King Road905-859-0762Rollover Pet Food
North BayGlobal Pet Foods 34 Champlain Street705-472-3331 Rollover Pet Food
North BayLisa's Doghouse 1452 Seymour Street 705-478-8844Rollover Pet Food
North BayPetSmart850 McKeown Avenue 705-495-3632 Rollover Pet Food
North YorkRen's Pets81 Billy Bishop Way416-638-6002Rollover Pet Food
NottawaBark & Fitz3815 Simcoe County Road 124705-445-7344Rollover Pet Food
OakvilleBark & Fitz146 Lakeshore Road W.905-842-2756Rollover Pet Food
OakvilleGlobal Pet Foods 1011 Upper Middle Road E.905-339-1503Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OakvillePets + Us1115 North Service Road W. 800-364-8422 Rollover Pet Food
OakvillePetSmart2501 Hyde Park Gate 905-829-9999Rollover Pet Food
OakvilleRen's Pets4002 Trafalgar Road 905-257-4611 Rollover Pet Food
OldcastleBark & Fitz7300 Howard Avenue519-978-1004Rollover Pet Food
OrangevilleGlobal Pet Foods 47 Broadway Avenue519-942-8187Rollover Pet Food
OrangevillePetSmart65 Fourth Avenue519-942-4950 Rollover Pet Food
Orillia4 My Merles1050 Antonio Court705-955-0624Rollover Pet Food
OrilliaGlobal Pet Foods 55 Front Street N. 705-326-7474 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OrleansGlobal Pet Foods 1675 Tenth Line Road613-837-0350 Rollover Pet Food
OrleansPetSmart2002 Mer Bleue Road613-837-3313Rollover Pet Food
OrleansRen's Pets4130 Innes Road613-841-5168Rollover Pet Food
OrleansTrim's Pet Store 2010 Trim Road613-590-7551Rollover Pet Food
OronoDurham Farmers' County Co-Op5968 Co-Op Road905-983-9134Rollover Pet Food
OshawaGlobal Pet Foods 600 Grandview Street S. 905-245-0247Rollover Pet Food
OshawaGlobal Pet Foods 789 Taunton Road E. 905-721-0199 Rollover Pet Food
OshawaPet Valu 300 Taunton Road E.905-433-5564Rollover Pet Food
OshawaPetSmart891 Taunton Rd E 905-404-0980Rollover Pet Food
OshawaPrrrfect Pet Food 555 Rossland Road E. 905-240-4334Rollover Pet Food
OttawaCritter Jungle 1405 Carling Avenue613-729-7354Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OttawaCritter Jungle 1605 Orleans Boulevard 613-824-7354Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods3191 Strandherd Drive613-825-5615Rollover Pet Food
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 1176 Bank Street 613-422-6741Rollover Pet Food
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 1021 Cyrville Road 613-744-0230 Rollover Pet Food
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 2150 Robertson Road613-726-7622Rollover Pet Food
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods228 Hunt Club Road613-736-6726Rollover Pet Food
OttawaHealthy Pets HQ 420 Bank Street 613-695-7387Rollover Pet Food
OttawaMasters 'n Dogs Specialty Products 354 Richmond Road613-792-3711 Rollover Pet Food
OttawaPet Circus274 Bank Street 613-234-8456Rollover Pet Food
OttawaPetSmart1600 Heron Road613-523-2819Rollover Pet Food
OttawaPetSmart983 Bank Street 613-569-4402Rollover Pet Food
OttawaRen's Pets1385 Baseline Road613-274-2639Rollover Pet Food
OttawaRiverside South Pet Shop3771 Spratt Road 613-425-7387 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OttawaSandy Hill Eco-Grocery Co-Operative 304 Wilbrod Street 613-321-5915 Rollover Pet Food
OttawaThe Pampered Pet2446 Bank Street 613-521-6272Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OttawaThe Pet Shoppe4772 Bank Street 613-822-8282 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
OttawaThe Ruff House800 Industrial Avenue613-260-7833Rollover Pet Food
Owen SoundGlobal Pet Foods1177 - 16th Street E.519-371-7387Dog Gone Gourmet
Owen SoundHuron Bay Co-Operative1320 - 2nd Avenue E.519-376-5110Rollover Pet Food
Owen SoundPetSmart2125 16th Street E.519-370-0088Rollover Pet Food
Owen SoundThe Pet Feed Mill 1299 - 16th Street E.519-371-1661 Rollover Pet Food
ParisAlphabets1084 Rest Acres Road 519-302-5742Rollover Pet Food
PefferlawThe Kibble House 257 Pefferlaw Road 705-437-9909Rollover Pet Food
PembrokeBright Eyes & Bushy Tails1959A Petawawa Boulevard 613-735-8268 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PerthLaura Jane's Pet Food & Supplies Inc97 Dufferin Street 613-446-0644 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PeterboroughGlobal Pet Foods 1154 Chemong Road705-743-2727 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
PeterboroughGlobal Pet Foods1905 Lansdowne Street W.705-741-4738Dog Gone Gourmet
PeterboroughPet Supply Warehouse 621 The Parkway 705-748-9754Rollover Pet Food
PeterboroughPet Valu863 Chemong Road705-743-7277Rollover Pet Food
PeterboroughPet Valu 139 George Street N. 705-743-2757 Rollover Pet Food
PeterboroughPetSmart898 Monaghan Road705-740-9852Rollover Pet Food
PetroliaCash & Carry Feed Bin4349 Petrolia Line519-882-0166Rollover Pet Food
PickeringPet Valu705 Kingston Road905-492-7381Rollover Pet Food
PickeringPetSmart1899 Brock Road 905-426-7593 Rollover Pet Food
Port ColborneRuffins Pet Center287 West Side Road 905-834-0808Rollover Pet Food
Port HopeGlobal Pet Foods181 Toronto Road289-436-2088Rollover Pet Food
Port StanleyPorts Pets 1, 208 Main Street519-782-3392Rollover Pet Food
PuslinchRen's Pets20 Brock Road N.519-767-5858Rollover Pet Food
Richmond HillDandy Doggy Pet Shop 126 King Road 905-773-4640 Rollover Pet Food
Richmond HillGlobal Pet Foods 126 Tower Hill Road 905-883-4729 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Richmond HillGlobal Pet Foods 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive E.905-508-8895Rollover Pet Food
Richmond HillPetSmart225 High Tech Road 905-764-6116 Rollover Pet Food
Richmond HillPetSmart13239 Yonge Street905-773-0959Rollover Pet Food
Richmond HillPetSmart1700 Elgin Mills Road E.905-787-8740Rollover Pet Food
RockwoodPamper Me!178 Alma Street 519-856-9337 Rollover Pet Food
RussellVillage Paws 191 Castor Street 613-496-7297 Rollover Pet Food
SarniaPet Food Warehouse 424 Exmouth Street 519-332-3544Rollover Pet Food
SarniaPet Food Warehouse 1407 London Road 519-542-9611 Rollover Pet Food
SarniaPetSmart1470 Quinn Drive519-542-2822Rollover Pet Food
Sault Ste. MarieBest West Pet Foods150 Churchill Boulevard 705-253-5000 Rollover Pet Food
Sault Ste. MarieForemost Agro Mart149 Trunk Road705-949-2559Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Sault Ste. MarieForemost Agro Mart68 Second Line W.705-759-2559 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Sault Ste. MariePaw'n Pet Food628 Second Line W.705-575-0433Rollover Pet Food
Sault Ste. MariePetSmart710 Second Line E.705-942-4332 Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods1575 Ellesmere Road416-289-6255Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods 1900 Eglinton Avenue E. 416-759-3331 Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods2369 Brimley Road416-298-0028Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods2975 Kingston Road416-266-1881Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods 122 Ellesmere Road416-443-0788Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughHarmony Pet Supplies3255 Lawrence Avenue E.647-476-4797Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughPetSmart12 William Kitchen Drive416-335-7922Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughPetSmart2050 Eglinton Ave E 416-701-0007Rollover Pet Food
ScarboroughRen's Pets8 Lebovic Avenue416-288-1060Rollover Pet Food
ShelburneGlobal Pet Foods 226 First Avenue E. 519-925-3471 Rollover Pet Food
ShelburneSharpe Farm Supplies732 Steeles Street519-925-3119Rollover Pet Food
SimcoeLive Right Pet Supplies 2275 Norfolk County Hwy #24 519-428-2828Rollover Pet Food
SimcoeRuffins Pet Centre 140 Queensway Drive E. 519-426-7441Rollover Pet Food
SmithvilleMinor Bros 18, 2911 S. Grimsby Road 905-643-3754Rollover Pet Food
SmithvilleRuffins Pet Center 249 St Catharines Street905-957-6373 Rollover Pet Food
St. CatharinesGlobal Pet Foods400 Scott Street905-646-0508Rollover Pet Food
St. CatharinesPetSmart40 YMCA Dr 905-934-6060 Rollover Pet Food
St. CatharinesRuffins Pet Center170 Hartzel Road 905-687-7380Rollover Pet Food
St. Mary'sMcPhail's Feed Services Ltd 127 Queen Street E. 519-284-4000Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
St. ThomasGlobal Pet Foods 900 Talbot Street519-207-3663 Rollover Pet Food
St. ThomasOh My Fur and Whiskers!257 Talbot Street519-207-7387Rollover Pet Food
StaynerStayner Pet Center 7272 Highway 26 E.705-428-6668Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
StevensvilleMinor Bros Country Living2736 Stevensville Road905-382-7878Dog Gone Gourmet
StirlingSkinkle's Feed Depot400 W Front Street, Bldg 10613-395-0899Rollover Pet Food
StittsvilleCocomutts Inc.1110 Carp Road613-831-1828 Rollover Pet Food
StittsvilleGlobal Pet Foods 6081 Hazeldean Road613-836-3023 Rollover Pet Food
Stoney CreekGlobal Pet Foods 2273 Rymal Road E. 905-578-3500 Rollover Pet Food
Stoney CreekGlobal Pet Foods184 Highway #8 905-662-2415 Rollover Pet Food
Stoney CreekPetSmart1779 Stone Church Road E.905-578-1428 Rollover Pet Food
StouffvilleGlobal Pet Foods5892 Main Street 905-640-4400 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
StratfordFeed - All Pet Center Inc211 Ontario Street 519-273-3232 Rollover Pet Food
StratfordGlobal Pet Foods 684 Ontario Street519-305-5000 Rollover Pet Food
StratfordRuffins Pet Center 1067 Ontario Street 519-271-8739 Rollover Pet Food
StrathroyPets N Ponds11 Frank Street519-245-0721Rollover Pet Food
SudburyBest West Pet Foods1812 LaSalle Boulevard705-566-1870Rollover Pet Food
SudburyBest West Pet Foods1769 Regent Street S.705-523-2309 Rollover Pet Food
SudburyNorthern Exotics 517 Kathleen Street705-470-3332Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
SudburyPetSmart1399 Marcus Drive705-566-5720 Rollover Pet Food
SunderlandSunderland Co-Op1 River Street705-357-3491Rollover Pet Food
SydenhamSydenham Pet & Farm Feed4383 Mill Street613-376-6767Rollover Pet Food
Terrace BayThunder Pet37 Simcoe Plaza807-825-1919Rollover Pet Food
ThornburyMullin's Pet Market99 King Street E., Hwy 26 519-599-2799 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ThornhillGlobal Pet Foods 9200 Bathurst Street 905-597-3353 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ThornhillGlobal Pet Foods 70 Doncaster Avenue 905-771-9227Rollover Pet Food
ThornhillLobos Pet Palace1450 Clark Avenue W.905-597-5626Rollover Pet Food
Thunder BayPet-Tastic 389 Queen Street807-286-3647 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Thunder BayPetSmart787 Memorial Ave. 807-344-9799Rollover Pet Food
Thunder BayThe Dog House & More296 Brock Street E.807-623-8813Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmetimage-17950" />
Thunder BayThunder Pet735 Red River Road 807-683-8859 Rollover Pet Food
Thunder BayThunder Pet - South1605 Mountdale Avenue 807-286-3303Rollover Pet Food
TillsonburgRuffins Pet Center 589 Broadway Street 519-688-7474 Rollover Pet Food
TillsonburgYour Family Pet Center 107 Concession Street E. 519-688-2672 Rollover Pet Food
TimminsLittle Bit Western Feed and Supplies372 Algonquin Boulevard W. 519-396-3451705-268-0822 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
TorontoAll About Dogs47 Gurney Crescent416-787-3647Dog Gone Gourmet
TorontoAnnex Pet Supplies 718 Bathurst Street 416-588-1925 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoBark & Meow Pet Supplies712 Bloor Street W.416-532-2275Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 1747 Queen Street E. 416-686-9468 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 171 - 173 Dupont Street 416-964-0450 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 1947 Avenue Road 416-783-8836Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 243 Danforth Avenue 416-463-7387 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 808 York Mills Road416-449-7900Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 125 Lower Jarvis Street 416-368-4222Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 2100 Bloor Street W. 416-604-9272Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 381 Eglinton Avenue W. 416-482-4995Rollover Pet Food
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 75 Hanna Avenue 416-534-7368Rollover Pet Food
TorontoHelmutt's Pet Supply Inc865 Queen Street W. 416-504-1265Rollover Pet Food
TorontoJane Pet Food 309 Jane Street 416-766-8800Rollover Pet Food
TorontoKennel Café 285 Roncesvalles Avenue 416-531-3177 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoKennel Café 2362 Lakeshore Boulevard W. 647-350-3733 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoMenagerie Pet Shop 549 Parliament Street 416-921-4966Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
TorontoMetro Dogstop181 Belsize Drive416-789-4451Dog Gone Gourmet
TorontoMipupico2479a Bloor Street W.416-760-7387Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPawland754 Mount Pleasant Road 416-205-9393 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPet Cuisine & Accessories127 Front Street E. 416-507-9968Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPet Mama1500 Bathurst Street 416-901-6262Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
TorontoPet Social Plus22 Bathurst Street416-366-7387Dog Gone Gourmet
TorontoPet Uno Inc. 675 College Street 647-727-0758 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPet Valu1660 Bloor Street W.416-537-9240Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPet Valu1656 Queen Street E.416-694-8176Dog Gone Gourmet
TorontoPet View322 Queen Street W.416-738-8439Dog Gone Gourmet
TorontoPetSmart 75 Gunns Road416-763-6064 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoPrettie Yiji Pet Boutique92 Avenue Road416-944-8569Rollover Pet Food
TorontoSmall Wonders Pet Emporium Inc148 Danforth Avenue 416-462-3773Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
TorontoThe Canine Social Company1872 Danforth Avenue 416-425-2275Rollover Pet Food
TorontoThe Dog Bowl 984 Dundas Street W. 416-645-2695Rollover Pet Food
TorontoThe Dog Market 2116 Queen Street E.416-699-1313 Rollover Pet Food
TorontoThe Local Kibblery896 Eglinton Avenue W.416-901-3647Rollover Pet Food
TorontoTimmie Doggie Outfitters - West 867 Queen Street W.416-203-6789Rollover Pet Food
TorontoWooftown10 Birch Avenue855-553-9663Rollover Pet Food
UnionvilleGlobal Pet Foods 4721 Highway 7905-475-5777 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
UttersonBark & Fitz20 Township Hall Road705-385-6666Rollover Pet Food
UxbridgeGlobal Pet Foods 2B Welwood Drive905-862-3262 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
VaughanPetSmart7575 Weston Road 905-850-8970Rollover Pet Food
WainfleetMinor Bros Country Living31904 Park Street 905-899-3431Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Wasaga BeachGlobal Pet Foods 3 Market Lane 705-429-2224Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WaterdownGlobal Pet Foods255 Dundas Street W.905-689-3377 Rollover Pet Food
WaterdownGrindstone Pet Supplies6, 419 Dundas Street E.289-895-8099Rollover Pet Food
WaterdownRen's Pets94 Dundas Street E.905-689-9611 Rollover Pet Food
WaterfordMinor Bros804 Old Highway #24519-443-7770Rollover Pet Food
WaterlooGlobal Pet Foods 425 University Avenue E.519-579-9494 Rollover Pet Food
WaterlooGlobal Pet Foods 450 Columbia Street W.519-725-4343 Rollover Pet Food
WaterlooPetSmart663-E Erb St. West 519-725-7047 Rollover Pet Food
WaterlooRen's Pets400 The Boardwalk 519-578-9911Rollover Pet Food
WellandPet Food Outlet 824 Ontario Road 905-735-7387 Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WhitbyAugie Doggie 817 Dundas Street W. 905-493-3641 Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyDuke's Pet Foods20 Broadleaf Avenue905-425-3364 Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyGlobal Pet Foods 910 Dundas Street W.905-493-6474 Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyGreenhawk507 Brock Street N.905-665-8889Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyPet Valu1801 Dundas Street E.905-433-5533Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyPetSmart340 Taunton Road E. 905-655-8386 Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyPetSmart1650 Victoria Street E.905-723-4823 Rollover Pet Food
WhitbyRen's Pets980 Taunton Road E. 905-579-4611 Rollover Pet Food
WindsorPet Wise Pet Supplies 6000 Tecumseh Road E.519-944-8830Rollover Pet Food
WindsorPetSmart4001 Legacy Park Drive519-250-9229Rollover Pet Food
WindsorPetSmart3164 Dougall Ave. 519-967-8600Rollover Pet Food
WoodbridgePet Valu8290 Hwy 27905-605-6633Dog Gone Gourmet
WoodbridgeRen's Pets3900 Highway 7 905-265-9911 Rollover Pet Food
WoodstockGlobal Pet Foods385 Sprinkbank Avenue 519-539-0111Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
WoodstockPet Valu473 Norwich Avenue519-602-6030Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
CharlottetownPetSmart51 Babineau Avenue902-892-8729Rollover Pet Food
SummersideSunnybrook Farms Pet Supply26174 Veteran's Memorial Hwy902-724-7387Rollover Pet Food
SummersideGlobal Pet Foods454 Granville Street 902-724-1326Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
Acton ValeCentre Canine Teg268 Route 139 S.450-546-3613Dog Gone Gourmet
AnjouCentre d'Animaux Nature6200 boul. L-H LaFontaine514-353-7611Rollover Pet Food
Baie-ComeauAnimalerie Scoubizoo625 boul. LaFleche418-589-4888Rollover Pet Food
Baie-ComeauLadry Nem'o4 Avenue Pere-Arnaud418-298-2228Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BeauharnoisBoutique d'Animaux Chico534 boul. Cadieux450-395-0521Rollover Pet Food
BeloeilAlbert et Moi409 boul. Sir Wilfrid Laurier450-464-2851Rollover Pet Food
BeloeilCentre de Nutrition Animale 256 rue Duvernay 450-464-6944Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
BlainvilleBoutique d'Animaux Chico1371 boul. Michele-Bohec579-477-0354Rollover Pet Food
BlainvillePattes et Griffes101, 1107 boul. Cure-Labelle450-437-3720Rollover Pet Food
Bois-des-FilionBoutique d'Animaux Chico365 boul. Adolphe-Chapleau450-951-2278Rollover Pet Food
BoisbriandBoutique d'Animaux Chico39, chemin de la Grande-Cote450-430-8485Rollover Pet Food
BoisbriandCentre d'Animaux Nature3204 des, av. Grandes Tourelles450-430-0096Rollover Pet Food
BouchervillePitou Minou & Compagnons450 boul. de Mortagne 450-906-3494Rollover Pet Food
BrossardCentre d'Animaux Safari6633A boul. Taschereau 450-462-7373 Rollover Pet Food
BrossardCentre d'Animaux Safari9750 boul. Leduc 450-676-8267Rollover Pet Food
BrossardPitou Minou et Compagnons8200 boul. Taschereau450-812-2562Rollover Pet Food
BuckinghamTonte Royale 486 Avenue de Buckingham 819-281-9707Rollover Pet Food
ChateauguayPattes et Griffes173 boul. St-Jean-Baptiste450-698-0213Rollover Pet Food
ChicoutimiComplexe Canin du Saguenay2700 Boulevard Talbot581-222-0124Dog Gone Gourmet
ChicoutimiMarche Animal1145 rue Therese-Casgrain 418-690-9463 Rollover Pet Food
DelsonCentre d'Animaux Safari70 Route 132450-632-7774Rollover Pet Food
Deux-MontagnesPattes et Griffes2700 boul. des Promenades450-623-9999Rollover Pet Food
DrummondvilleMoulees Bellifrance83 rue Robert Bernard819-478-4242Rollover Pet Food
DrummondvilleNutrition Animale Rene-Levesque750 boul. Rene-Levesque819-850-8605Rollover Pet Food
GatineauAnimalerie Kali-Maux720 Montee Paiment819-643-3336Dog Gone Gourmet
GatineauAu Royaume des Animaux361 Boulevard Maloney O.819-669-9119Dog Gone Gourmet
GatineauBoutique d'Animaux Chico505 Chemin Vanier819-410-2994Dog Gone Gourmet
GatineauLe Magasin General 548 Chemin Aylmer 819-684-2289Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
GatineauO'Spot2310 St-Louis819-525-7768Dog Gone Gourmet
GatineauPitou Minou et Compagnons12, 1160 boul. St-Joseph819-205-0200Rollover Pet Food
GatineauStudio la Griffe842 Boulevard Maloney E.819-669-7377Dog Gone Gourmet
KirklandMon Ami100 rue du Barry514-505-0555Rollover Pet Food
La PrairieAnimalerie du Grand Boise1410 chem. de Saint-Jean450-907-7772Rollover Pet Food
Lac BeauportLa Belle Bete1025 boul. du Lac418-473-2411Dog Gone Gourmet
L'AssomptionAnimalerie Lanaudiere1240 boul. de l'Ange Gardien N.450-589-7741Rollover Pet Food
LasalleCentre d'Animaux Nature8350 boul. Newman514-363-3221Rollover Pet Food
LasalleCentre d'Animaux Safari 7077 boul. Newman514-364-2298Rollover Pet Food
LavalBoutique d'Animaux Chico5405 boul. Robert-Bourassa450-239-0354Rollover Pet Food
LavalCentre d'Animaux Nature960 ch. Dessertes450-689-4080Rollover Pet Food
LavalCentre Canin Ferreira1253 Avenue Godin 438-882-2491Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
LavaltrieBoutique d'Animaux Chico210 rue Saint-Antoine N.450-935-3330Dog Gone Gourmet
LefebvreLe Gite des Toutous 280 Rte Ployart819-394-2430Rollover Pet Food
L'Ile-PerrotPitou Minou et Compagnons475 Grand Boulevard 514-453-4000Rollover Pet Food
LongueuilBoutique d'Animaux Chico2255 boul. Roland-Therrien579-214-0150Rollover Pet Food
LorraineTender Care Pet Products45 boul. de Reims450-621-2901Rollover Pet Food
MalarticAnimalerie Malartic630 rue Royale819-757-2400Rollover Pet Food
MascoucheNature Animale 2719 Chemin Ste-Marie450-417-7070Rollover Pet Food
MirabelAnimo Etc.9061 rte Sir Wilfred-Laurier579-254-0121Rollover Pet Food
MirabelBoutique d'Animaux Chico13845 ch. St-Simon450-504-3771Rollover Pet Food
MirabelPattes et Griffes13615 boul. Cure-Labelle579-637-3929Rollover Pet Food
Mont St HilaireAnimaux Bouffe 320 boul. Wilfrid Laurier450-813-9180Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
MontrealAnimal Vert Boutique1910 rue Gauthier514-543-8378Rollover Pet Food
MontrealAnimal Vert Boutique5227 Avenue du Parc438-385-4566Rollover Pet Food
MontrealAnimal Vert Boutique510 rue Villeray514-379-4090Dog Gone Gourmet
MontrealAnimalerie Gare Gamelle Inc 5829 rue St Hubert 514-419-5037Rollover Pet Food
MontrealAnimalerie Too Zoo4066 St. Laurent Boulevard514-842-9996Rollover Pet Food
MontrealBrandy's Holistic Center828 rue Rachel E.514-680-5582Rollover Pet Food
MontrealCentre d'Animaux Safari7275 Sherbrooke Street E. 514-354-2221Rollover Pet Food
MontrealDoghaus 5671 rue Sherbrooke O.514-483-3555Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes3913 St. Denis Street514-379-4744Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes2227 rue Beaubien E.514-728-7954Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes919 rue Beaubien E.514-277-8429Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes 3683 rue Hochelaga 514-419-1414Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes8810 rue Hochelaga514-379-6779Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes708 rue Jarry E.514-271-1166Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes4889 Park Avenue514-273-6889Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes2035 Mont-Royal Avenue E.514-526-6668Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes13990 rue de Montigny514-439-5711Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPattes et Griffes3775 Notre-Dame Street W.514-543-8070Rollover Pet Food
MontrealPitou Minou et Compagnons10410 Lajeunesse514-507-8131Rollover Pet Food
Mont-TremblantPolux413 rue de Saint Jovite819-425-7180Rollover Pet Food
Pointe ClaireBoutique Pattes d'Amour 1862 Sources Boulevard514-710-0934Rollover Pet Food
Pointe ClairePitou Minou et Compagnons245F St. Jean Boulevard514-694-2152Rollover Pet Food
Pointe ClaireYazoo125 Donegani Avenue514-695-1067Rollover Pet Food
Quebec CityBoutique Animali1710 boul. Pie XI N.418-915-9152Dog Gone Gourmet
Quebec CityPitou Minou et Compagnons965 Avenue Nordique418-914-4266Rollover Pet Food
RepentignyPattes et Griffes220, rue Notre-Dame E.450-932-0744Rollover Pet Food
RepentignyBoutique d'Animaux Chico125 rue de Lafayette450-932-6774Rollover Pet Food
RigaudAnimo-Nourrie460-B Chemin de la Grande-Ligne450-451-4828Rollover Pet Food
RosemereCentre d'Animaux Safari Express 199 boul. Labelle450-430-3998Rollover Pet Food
Rouyn-NorandaMonsieur Bouff25 Avenue Chaudiere819-797-2564Rollover Pet Food
Salaberry-de-ValleyfieldPattes et Griffes775 boul. Monseigneur-Langlois450-377-9139Rollover Pet Food
ScottDistribution Nutri-Os 270 Route du President Kennedy 418-387-5395Rollover Pet Food
Sept-IlesLa Griffe Sante128 rue Regnault418-968-6164Dog Gone Gourmet
SherbrookeA.S.C.988 rue Wellington S.819-822-2237Rollover Pet Food
SherbrookeCentre de Nutrition Animale1730 rue Wellington S.819-348-1888Rollover Pet Food
SherbrookeLa Grande Menagerie3175 King Street O.819-562-5995Dog Gone Gourmet
SherbrookeSherbrooke Electroniques Canins4921 boul. Industriel819-588-8184Rollover Pet Food
Ste-AdeleBoutique d'Animaux Chico555 boul. de Sainte-Adele450-229-5199Rollover Pet Food
Ste-Agathe-des-MontsDistribution Gilles St-Jean1373 ch. de la Riviere819-326-6415Rollover Pet Food
Ste-Anne-des-PlainesBoutique d'Animaux Chico434 boul. Ste-Anne579-479-1012Rollover Pet Food
St-Basile-le-GrandAlim'Aux Poils191 boul. Sir Wilfred Laurier450-441-4141Rollover Pet Food
St-Basile-le-GrandCentre Canin Vallee du Richelieu46 rue Principale450-441-0848Dog Gone Gourmet
St-EustacheBoutique d'Animaux Chico610 boul. Arthur Sauve450-323-0254Rollover Pet Food
St-EustachePitou Minou et Compagnons136 - 25e Avenue 450-974-2777Rollover Pet Food
St-HubertAnimo Etc.5955 boul. Payer450-259-0119Rollover Pet Food
St-HyacintheLes Moulees Bellifrance6260 boul Laframboise450-253-5537Rollover Pet Food
St-Jean-sur-RichelieuAnimalerie Crocs Blancs2 Route 104450-347-5330Rollover Pet Food
St-Jean-sur-RichelieuBoutique Doggo274 boul. St-Luc450-376-9276Rollover Pet Food
St-JeromeBoutique d'Animaux Chico9 boul. de la Salette450-990-4607Rollover Pet Food
Ste-JulieAnimaux Bouffe780 Montee Ste. Julie 450-922-6180Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
Ste-JulienneBoutique d'Animaux Chico1525 Route 125450-499-0059Rollover Pet Food
Ste-RosePitou Minou et Compagnons683 boul. Cure-Labelle450-963-2153Rollover Pet Food
St-SaveurPolux2244 Chemin Jean Adam450-227-4714Rollover Pet Food
TerrebonneAnimalerie la Griffe1088 Rang St-Francois450-979-9724Rollover Pet Food
TerrebonneBoutique d'Animaux Chico2250 ch. Gascon450-914-0502Rollover Pet Food
TerrebonneCentre Canin ca c'est Chiens10420 boul. Laurier450-941-4100Rollover Pet Food
TerrebonnePattes et Griffes905 boul. des Seigneurs450-961-4999Rollover Pet Food
Trois RivieresAu Fin Museau4 rue des Ormeaux819-370-3424Rollover Pet Food
Trois RivieresBoutique d'Animaux Chico5965 boul. Jean-XXIII819-374-6464Rollover Pet Food
Trois RivieresDomaine Animal437 boul. Thibeau819-371-7707Rollover Pet Food
Val-d'OrBoutique d'Animaux Chico1801 - 3e Avenue 873-381-0062Rollover Pet Food
Val-d'OrNutri Zoo986 - 3e Avenue819-825-2679Rollover Pet Food
Val-des-MontsBoutique d'Animaux Chico1797 Route du Carrefour819-671-9999Rollover Pet Food
VarennesAnimaux Bouffe50 rue de la Gabelle450-652-2227Dog Gone Gourmet
Vaudreuil-DorionBoutique d'Animaux Chico51 boul. de la Cite-des-Jeunes438-700-0127Dog Gone Gourmet
Vaudreuil-DorionPitou Minou et Compagnons585, Ave Saint-Charles 450-424-4545Rollover Pet Food
VerdunPattes et Griffe4702 rue Wellington514-762-0934Rollover Pet Food
VictoriavilleBoutique la Niche 315 boul. Labbe Nord 819-758-3828Rollover Pet Food
WendakeAuberge des 4 Pattes 555 rue Chef Thomas Martin 418-843-6578Rollover Pet Food
WestmountCentre d'Animaux Nature1500 Atwater Avenue514-846-2190Rollover Pet Food
WestmountLittle Bear Animalerie4152 St. Catherine's Street W.514-935-3425Dog Gone Gourmet
WindsorAgri-Services St-Laurent208 rue Principale N.819-845-4961Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
AssiniboiaPeavey Mart640 - 1st Avenue W.306-642-3334Rollover Pet Food
EstevanPeavey Mart 400 King Street306-634-8090Rollover Pet Food
EstevanPet Valu 400 King Street306-634-3300 Rollover Pet Food
Fort Qu'AppelleBeach's Pet Place120 Broadway Street306-332-6603Rollover Pet Food
HumboldtPeavey Mart 10225 - 8th Avenue 306-682-2982Rollover Pet Food
KindersleyPeavey Mart 101 Railway Avenue E. 306-463-3802 Rollover Pet Food
Moose JawCowtown21 Mackenzie Lane306-691-2525Rollover Pet Food
Moose JawPeavey Mart23 Thatcher Drive E. 306-693-9696Rollover Pet Food
Moose JawPet Valu493 Thatcher Drive E.306-691-0495Rollover Pet Food
North BattlefordJust 4 Pets2062 - 100th Street306-445-0304Rollover Pet Food
North BattlefordPeavey Mart11442 Railway Avenue E.306-445-6171Rollover Pet Food
North BattlefordPet Valu 312 Territorial Road306-446-0150 Rollover Pet Food
Prince AlbertPeavey Mart 3925 - 2nd Avenue W. 306-763-2211Rollover Pet Food
Prince AlbertPet Valu 801 - 15th Street E.306-763-0584Rollover Pet Food
Prince AlbertPetland 800 - 15th Street E. 306-953-1993Rollover Pet Food
ReginaCathedral Pet Shop2924 - 13th Avenue306-545-7867Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ReginaCowtown745 Park Street 306-721-2727Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPawsitively Purrfect4637 Rae Street 306-949-5255Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet
ReginaPeavey Mart 3939 East Quance Gate 306-789-9811Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPet Valu4662 Gordon Road306-585-0584 Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPet Valu4420 Rochdale Boulevard306-584-9440Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPetland3010 Quance Street 306-789-3622Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPetSmart2810 E. Quance Street306-347-5400Rollover Pet Food
ReginaPetSmart4835 Gordon Road 306-779-0170Rollover Pet Food
ReginaRegina Pet Depot 340 McCarthy Boulevard306-543-7387Rollover Pet Food
ReginaVIP Pet Care639 Adams Street 306-721-0010Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonCowtown3366 Fairlight Drive 306-652- 1822Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonCritters Grooming Den 3, 406 Ludlow Street 306-384-6333Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonCritters Pet Health Store 411F Herold Court 306-477-6333Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonCritters Animal 112, 110 Ruth Street E.306-664-6333Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonCritters Pet Health Store202 Primrose Drive 306-934-6333Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonEarly's Farm & Garden 2615 Lorne Avenue 306-931-1982Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonEarly's Farm & Garden502 - 51st Street306-931-1995Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPeavey Mart 820C - 51st Street E. 306-242-0981Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPet Valu7 Assiniboine Drive306-955-5099 Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPet-i-Coat Junction110 Wedge Road306-384-7387Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPetland 3047 Clarence Avenue S. 306-934-3920Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPetland300 Confederation Drive 306-978-6990Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPetSmart1719 Preston Avenue N.306-651-7130 Rollover Pet Food
SaskatoonPlayful Paws Pet Center140 - 105th Street East306-978-7278Dog Gone Gourmet
SaskatoonWilson's Lifestyle Centre303 Owen Manor306-955-9580Rollover Pet Food
Swift CurrentCowtown 330 Central Avenue N. 306-778-1010Rollover Pet Food
Swift CurrentPeavey Mart 1150 Central Avenue N.306-773-9558Rollover Pet Food
Swift CurrentPet Valu 1150 Central Avenue N. 306-778-7739Rollover Pet Food
WarmanPet Valu810 Centennial Boulevard306-934-3466Rollover Pet Food
WeyburnPeavey Mart111 Government Road306-842-2143Rollover Pet Food
WeyburnPet Valu106 Railway Avenue306-842-1666Rollover Pet Food
YorktonPeavey Mart 290 Hamilton Road306-783-8641Rollover Pet Food
YorktonPet Valu275 Broadway Street E.306-782-4046 Rollover Pet Food
CityCompanyAddressPhoneProducts Carried
WhitehorseC & D Feeds131 Copper Road867-633-4620Dog Gone Gourmet
WhitehorseDuffy's Pet & Tanzila Harness 407 Alexandra Street 867-668-6350 Rollover Pet Food
WhitehorseFeed Store 9006 Quartz Road 867-633-4076Rollover Pet FoodDog Gone Gourmet

You may also find certain Rollover products at the following retail chains. Again, please be aware that not all stores carry all items.

  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Bigway Foods
  • Co-Op Stores

  • Dominion

  • Fortino’s

  • Home Hardware

  • Loblaw’s

  • Longo’s

  • Overwaitea

  • Safeway

  • Save-On-Foods

  • Sobey’s

  • Super A Foods

  • Superstore

  • Valu-Mart

  • Walmart