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All of our awesome Rollover dog food and treats are available on this site or you can shop online at these other great retailers.

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Find a Retailer Near You:

Rollover dog food and treats can also be purchased at various pet stores. Below is a listing of stores that carry Rollover products, broken down by Province and City. Please note that not all stores carry all of our items.

AirdrieAirdrie Dog & Pony2002 Luxstone Boulevard403-945-3375
AirdrieGlobal Pet Foods400 Main Street N.403-945-3663
AirdrieGlobal Pet Foods1800 Market Street SE403-980-8816
AirdriePet Valu 505 Main Street S.403-948-4666
AirdriePetland2771 Main Street SW 403-980-4651
BaeaumontPet Valu5802 - 50th Street NW780-929-9409
BarrheadBest Friends Pet Supplies5115 - 50th Street780-674-2442
Black DiamondChinook Windz Healthy Pet102 Center Avenue E.403-933-3344
BlackfaldsPeavey Mart 4910 Broadway Avenue 403-885-5886
Bragg CreekBelcourt Pet Spa & Supplies 20 White Avenue403-949-3555
BrooksPets Galore n' More403 Cassils Road W. 403-362-4155
CalgaryBarking Lot 22 Midlake Boulevard SE403-256-2095
CalgaryCabela's 851 - 64th Avenue NE403-910-0200
CalgaryDoggywood Inc616 - 1st Avenue NE 403-229-3647
CalgaryFairplay Stores2604 Kensington Road NW 403-283-2117
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 8561 - 8A Avenue SW403-240-1443
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 2101 - 33rd Avenue SW403-452-7297
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods5149 Country Hills Boulevard NW 403-454-7387
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 761 Northmount Drive NW403-457-1914
CalgaryGlobal Pet Foods 285 Shawville Boulevard SE587-353-9373
CalgaryMarvelous Muttz 4135 - 4th Street NW 403-719-1803
CalgaryNo Bowndaries Pet World Ltd 8338 - 18th Street SE403-457-4949
CalgaryOptimal Pet Foods1919 Sirocco Drive SW403-452-6738
CalgaryPaws Pet Food3204 - 17th Avenue SW 403-249-4944
CalgaryPaws Pet Food 8403 Elbow Drive SW 403-640-1666
CalgaryPet Planet 11520 - 24th Street SE403-720-3454
CalgaryPet Valu70 Shawville Boulevard SE403-262-2466
CalgaryPet Valu8888 Country Hills Boulevard NW 403-266-8975
CalgaryPet Valu2220 - 68th Street NE403-290-0648
CalgaryPet Valu7740 - 18th Street SE403-720-0566
CalgaryPet Valu1221 Canyon Meadows Drive SE403-723-1033
CalgaryPet Valu2060 Symons Valley Parkway NW587-230-3188
CalgaryPetland130 Country Village Road NE 403-226-4045
CalgaryPetland 4915 - 130th Avenue SE 403-257-8590
CalgaryPetland33 Heritage Meadows Way 403-259-5579
CalgaryPetland 303 Shawville Boulevard SE403-508-0040
CalgaryPetland 3363 - 26th Avenue NE403-543-7711
CalgaryPetland40 Crowfoot Terrace NW403-543-7969
CalgaryPetland290 Stewart Green SW403-686-7929
CalgaryPisces Pet Emporium4921 Skyline Way NE 403-274-3314
CalgaryPuptown Paws Pet Supplies3413 - 17th Avenue SE 403-273-8696
CalgaryRascals Pet Supply & Grooming3804 Edmonton Trail NE403-275-3647
CalgaryRocky Mountain Tails Pet Shop & Spa5255 Richmond Road SW 403-685-2001
CalgaryThe Top Dog Store5010 - 4th Street NE 403-719-8262
CalgaryPet Valu 8835 MacLeod Trail SW403-252-2111
CalgaryPetSmart321 - 61 Avenue SW403-212-0888
CalgaryPetSmart3221 Sunridge Way NE403-250-1526
CalgaryPetSmart4307-130th Avenue 403-257-7357
CalgaryPetSmart11694 Sarcee Trail NW 403-275-0967
CamroseGlobal Pet Foods5706 - 48th Avenue 780-608-2024
CamrosePeavey Mart 4815 - 66th Street 780-672-5116
CamrosePet Valu6800 - 48 Avenue780-672-9930
CanmorePurely Pets712 Bow Valley Trail 403-609-3262
CanmoreMut Hut Pet Emporium1001 - 6th Avenue 403-609-3388
CochraneCritters Pets 118 - 1st Avenue 403-932-2096
CochraneGlobal Pet Foods320 - 1st Street W. 403-932-3132
CochranePet Valu80 Bow Street403-851-1858
Cold LakePet Valu6501 - 51st Street780-594-3166
Cold LakePetland 4902 - 69th Avenue 780-594-7387
Drayton ValleyGlobal Pet Foods4930 - 55th Avenue780-514-3752
Drayton ValleyPet Valu 4341 - 50th Street587-464-0220
DrumhellerCritters 360 Inc.249 - 3rd Avenue W.403-856-0070
DrumhellerFreson Market (IGA)101 - 6th Avenue SE 403-823-3995
EdmontonG & E Pharmacy7326 - 82nd Avenue780-469-7667
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods10103 - 117th Street NW780-454-0808
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods6655 - 178th Street NW780-481-3347
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods 2027A - 111th Ave NW 780-705-8868
EdmontonGlobal Pet Foods276 Manning Crossing780-457-3647
EdmontonHomes Alive Pet Centre13340 St. Albert Trail NW 780-488-8050
EdmontonKibbles & Biscuits15511 - 118th Avenue NW780-452-2206
EdmontonMew n Paw Pet Ltd.9535 - 217th Street NW780-782-1661
EdmontonNature's Munchies 1095 Knottwood Road East NW 780-757-7387
EdmontonPet Valu 1010 Webber Greens Drive NW780-443-4423
EdmontonPet Valu5241 - 167th Avenue780-457-5477
EdmontonPet Valu15819 - 97th Street NW780-457-9911
EdmontonPet Valu 2386 - 24th Street 780-469-9577
EdmontonPet Valu 12756 - 167th Avenue780-476-2314
EdmontonPet Valu7925 - 104th Street780-988-8710
EdmontonPet Valu 5116 Mullen Road NW780-989-1542
EdmontonPet Valu 1141 Windermere Way SW780-989-9926
EdmontonPetland5055 - 101st Avenue NW587-521-3922
EdmontonPetland6004 Current Drive 587-521-8210
EdmontonPetland3803 Calgary Trail NW 780-436-7387
EdmontonPetland15526 - 37th Street NW780-475-5399
EdmontonPetland18423 Stony Plain Road NW780-481-8000
EdmontonSadie's Pet Stop11156 Ellerslie Road780-989-3312
EdmontonSadie's Pet Stop 5716 - 111th Street NW 780-448-1737
EdmontonBone & Biscuit 1058 - 91st Street SW 780-761-2663
EdmontonPetSmart13916 - 137th Avenue780-406-0827
EdmontonPetSmart3289 Calgary Trail NW780-434-6611
EdmontonPetSmart13680 - 50th Street NW 780-456-0910
EdmontonPetSmart2066 - 38th Avenue NW780-465-7406
EdmontonPetSmart9450 - 137th Avenue NW780-472-7370
EdmontonPetSmart9934 - 170th Street NW 780-486-7800
EdmontonPlay Pen Pets2331 - 66th Street NW780-461-4051
EdmontonSublime Cat 'n Canine9860 - 62nd Avenue NW780-665-3510
EdsonDiana's Pets & Trophies178 Pembina Avenue780-865-7210
Fort McMurrayPet Valu101 Signal Road587-539-3365
Fort McMurrayPet Valu9531 Franklin Avenue780-743-3313
Fort SaskachewanPet Valu9410 - 86 Avenue780-998-0955
Grande CacheDixie's Pet Supplies 1322 Shoppers Park Mall 780-827-5051
Grande PrairieGlobal Pet Foods 10530 - 117th Avenue 780-357-2100
Grande PrairiePeavey Mart9902 - 120th Street 780-532-1712
Grande PrairiePet Valu 11032 - 100th Street780-882-8897
Grande PrairiePetland10310 - 108A Street 780-513-4409
Grande PrairiePetSmart9809 - 116th Street 780-532-0733
HannaDog Gone Pets & More223 - 2nd Avenue W. 403-854-4568
High RiverPaws Pets & Accessories 2003 - 10th Avenue SE403-652-3300
High RiverPeavey Mart1103A - 18th Street SE 403-652-7956
HintonDiana's Pets & Trophies173 Pembina Avenue780-865-7210
LacombePeavey Mart 5230 - 45th Street403-782-5657
LacombePet Valu5830 Hwy 2A403-786-8680
LacombeLacombe Pets5034 - 49th Street 403-782-0082
LeducGlobal Pet Foods 5101 - 50th Avenue780-980-8711
LeducPeavey Mart 5301 Discovery Way 780-980-1800
LeducPet Valu5310 Discovery Way780-980-0638
LethbridgeHomes Alive Pet Centre 910 - 3rd Avenue S.403-320-6218
LethbridgeHomes Alive Pet Centre166 Columbia Boulevard W. 403-381-6208
LethbridgeJust for Pets 1243 - 2A Avenue N. 403-380-4958
LethbridgeK-9 Klippery Dog Groom32857-32nd Street N.403-381-8118
LethbridgePeavey Mart 33 Southgate Boulevard S. 403-328-6326
LethbridgePet Parade220 - 12A Street N. 403-329-8224
LethbridgePet Valu550 University Drive W.403-394-1166
LethbridgePetland905 - 1st Avenue S.403-320-0095
LethbridgePetSmart3721 Mayor Magrath Drive S.403-320-5613
LloydminsterPeavey Mart7802 - 44th Street
LloydminsterPetSmart4107 - 80th Avenue780-875-4384
Medicine HatPeavey Mart 64 Carry Drive SE403-526-8798
Medicine HatPet Valu79 Carry Drive SE403-526-2212
Medicine HatPetland 3341 Dunmore Road SE 403-504-1900
Medicine HatPetSmart1921 Strachan Road SE 403-528-4835
MorinvilleBag 'n Blok Agri Center8702 - 98th Street 780-939-4600
MorinvilleNoah's Ark Pets & Supplies 10130 - 100th Avenue 780-939-2528
OkotoksAnimal House 100 Stockton Avenue403-995-0220
OkotoksChow Bella Pet Heath Food Store235 Milligan Drive 403-982-9979
OkotoksExotic Animal House 100 Stockton Avenue 403-995-0220
OkotoksPet Valu105 Southbank Boulevard403-995-5744
OkotoksPetSmart200 Southridge Drive403-995-8412
Peace RiverMidnight Sun Pet Grooming & Supply 10122 - 100th Street 780-625-2810
Peace RiverPeavey Mart7700 - 99th Avenue 780-624-1520
PonokaPet Central Ponoka 5027 - 50th Avenue 403-783-2916
Red DeerFetch Haus Inc. 4946 - 53rd Avenue 403-346-9063
Red DeerGlobal Pet Foods 3701 - 50th Avenue403-309-3232
Red DeerGlobal Pet Foods 6320 - 50th Avenue 403-352-7797
Red DeerPeavey Mart 2410 - 50th Avenue403-346-6402
Red DeerPetland5250 - 22nd Street 403-309-4800
Red DeerPetSmart5001 - 19th Street403-341-4693
Rocky Mtn HousePeavey Mart5127 - 50th Street 403-845-7192
Sherwood ParkGlobal Pet Foods993 Fir Street587-269-0220
Sherwood ParkPet Valu222 Baseline Road780-449-4772
Sherwood ParkPet Valu8005 Emerald Drive780-464-0395
Sherwood ParkPetSmart5000 Emerald Drive 780-449-4142
Sherwood ParkPuppy Tales Pets 65C Graham Road780-467-7387
Sherwood ParkPookey's Pet Food 101 Granada Boulevard780-646-1228
Spruce GrovePeavey Mart161 Century Crossing 780-948-9881
Spruce GrovePetSmart151 Century Crossing 780-962-0971
St. AlbertGlobal Pet Foods1 Hebert Road 780-458-7775
St. AlbertPet Valu140 St. Albert Road780-459-1166
St. AlbertMr. Pets580 St. Albert Trail 780-459-6896
St. PaulPeavey Mart4018 - 50th Avenue 780-645-5371
StettlerPeavey Mart6690 - 50th Avenue 403-742-5600
Stony PlainPet Valu4410 - 48th Street780-963-1207
StrathmorePeavey Mart 300 Edgefield Place 403-934-4915
SundreDougan's Service1005 Main Avenue E. 403-638-3730
Sylvan LakeGlobal Pet Foods40 Hewlett Park Landing 403-887-2024
VegrevillePeavey Mart5338 - 50th Avenue 780-623-6707
WainwrightPet Valu 601 - 10th Street 780-703-2123
WainwrightWags & Wiggles Pet Store 1040 - 2nd Avenue 780-842-3412
WestlockPeavey Mart10211 - 100th Street 780-349-3345
WetaskiwinGlobal Pet Foods 4523 - 56th Street780-361-2024
WetaskiwinPeavey Mart 5710 - 40th Avenue 780-352-5910
WetaskiwinPet Valu 3725 - 56th Street780-352-0265
WhitecourtGlobal Pet Foods4331 - 52nd Avenue780-778-5470
100 Mile House100 Mile Feed & Ranch Supply Ltd 370 Exeter Station Road 250-395-2408
100 Mile HouseTotal Pet 530 Horse Lake Road 250-395-8935
AbbotsfordBosley's by Pet Valu2362 Whatcom Road604-859-9056
AbbotsfordBuckerfields31852 Marshall Place604-556-7477
AbbotsfordMr. Pets32497 S. Fraser Highway 604-776-1238
AbbotsfordOly's Pet Connection 34150 S Fraser Way 604-746-1410
AbbotsfordPet Lovers32700 S Fraser Way 604-859-9819
AbbotsfordValley Feed Bag2604 Ware Street 604-853-8911
AbbotsfordPetSmart1305 Sumas Way604-854-8132
AclueletOcean Pet Supplies 1705 Penninsula Road250-726-7389
AldergroveBosley's by Pet Valu26310 Fraser Highway604-607-6621
AldergroveDare's Country Feed & Supply25236 Fraser Highway 604-856-1611
AldergroveOtter Co-Op Feed Mill 3650 - 248th Street 604-607-6901
AldergroveUrban Pets 27524 Fraser Highway 604-607-9938
AldergroveYour Pet Central 26647A Fraser Highway 604-856-8776
ArmstrongDeep Creek General Store 3455 Pleasant Valley Road 250-546-3955
BarriereBarriere Country Feeds 4550 Barriere Town Road 250-672-5256
Bowen IslandArtisan's Little Pet573 Artisan Lane604-947-0905
Bowen IslandBowen Pet Supply 992 Dorman Road778-873-3125
BurnabyBest Friend Pet Food7877 Kingsway 604-521-3616
BurnabyKensington Pet Food Plus 6626 East Hastings Street 604-299-9225
BurnabyKing Ed Pet Shop 7377 Kingsway 604-525-4955
BurnabyMutt & Moggy 7655 Edmonds Street604-522-1002
BurnabyPet Habitat 4820 Kingsway604-433-2913
BurnabyTisol7370 Market Crossing 604-431-8458
BurnabyTisol 7117 Gilley Avenue 604-434-2812
BurnabyVancouver Pet Food & Supply 4111 East Hastings Street 604-294-8933
BurnabyPetSmart5771 Marine Way 604-435-7742
BurnabyPetSmart6200 McKay Avenue604-454-1360
Campbell RiverCampbell River Pet Centre 1250B Ironwood Street 250-286-0077
Campbell RiverDogwood Pet Mart Ltd. 223B Dogwood Street 250-287-7405
Campbell RiverShar Kare 950 Ironwood Road 250-286-3823
Campbell RiverTrue Blue Pet Supplies 1135 Shoppers Row 250-287-2754
Campbell RiverWoofy's2056A S. Island Highway 250-923-5881
CastlegarTotal Pet2317 Columbia Avenue 250-365-2120
ChaseMillers Cabin 717 Shuswap Avenue250-679-3332
ChilliwackJenny's Pet Food & Supplies 9369 Mill Street 604-702-5622
ChilliwackOly's Pet Connection 45844 Yale Road604-392-5515
ChilliwackAllenby's Farm Store Ltd 41924 Yarrow Central Road 604-823-4143
ChilliwackBosley's by Pet Valu6014 Vedder Road604-847-3491
ChilliwackMr. Pets 45793 Luckakuck Way604-858-0183
ChilliwackPetSmart8249 Eagle Landing Parkway604-792-2362
ChilliwackScruffy Tail Pet Food & Supply45800 Promontory Road 604-858-8511
ClearwaterNorth Valley Supply Ltd.213 W. Old North Thompson Highway250-674-3386
CloverdaleBosley's by Pet Valu6466 176 Street604-576-6377
CloverdaleNewmac Animal Feed 17967 #10 Highway 604-576-2848
ColwoodBosley's by Pet Valu1790 Island Highway250-474-2912
ComoxWoofy's190 Port Augusta Street 250-339-2272
CoquitlamA + Pet Foods & Accessories1960 Como Lake Avenue604-939-0636
CoquitlamBosley's by Pet Valu2565 Barnet Highway604-469-7893
CoquitlamBosley's by Pet Valu552 Clarke Road604-939-0456
CoquitlamPet Food N More3025 Lougheed Highway 604-474-1886
CoquitlamPetSmart1090 Lougheed Highway 604-549-4738
CourtenayShar Kare120 N. Island Highway 250-703-2526
CourtenayWoofy's795 Ryan Road250-338-0424
CourtenayWoofy's2400 Cliffe Avenue250-338-0455
CranbrookHot Dogs 'n Cool Cats3185 Theatre Road250-417-0489
CranbrookJust 4 Pets 1610 Cranbrook Street N. 250-426-8600
CranbrookThe Paw Shop 22 - 10th Avenue S. 250-489-1729
CranbrookTop Crop 2101 Cranbrook Street N. 250-489-4555
CranbrookTotal Pet 9 - 12th Avenue N. 250-426-5258
CrestonSunset Seed Company 1628 Canyon Street 250-428-4614
Dawson CreekPeavey Mart1300 Alaska Avenue250-782-4056
Dawson CreekTotal Pet 10301 - 10th Street250-782-6677
DeltaBosley's by Pet Valu8067 - 120th Street604-591-1013
DeltaPet Solutions6447 - 120th Street 604-599-0667
DuncanBuckerfields 5410 Trans Canada Highway 250-748-8171
DuncanPetSmart184 Trunk Road 250-746-6848
DuncanShar Kare 5321 Trans Canada Highway250-715-1415
DuncanTop Shelf Feeds Inc 2800 Roberts Road 250-746-5101
Fort NelsonWapiti Sporting Goods 5100 - 50th Avenue N.250-233-8591
Fort St. JohnPaws & Claws 9600 - 93rd Avenue 250-785-1170
Fort St. JohnZoo Food 9420 Sikanni Road 250-785-0615
Gabriola IslandRaven Feed & Supplies535 North Road450-247-9200
GibsonsOscars Aquatics 851 Gibsons Way 604-886-3441
GibsonsQuality Garden & Pet Supply325 Pratt Rd 604-886-7527
GoldenHappy Tails Pet Supplies 828 - 10th Avenue S. 250-939-8067
GoldenTotal Pet 1329 - 11th Avenue N.250-344-6800
Grand ForksTotal Pet 575A Central Avenue250-442-2883
HopeAnimal House 800 - 3rd Avenue 604-824-1411
HopeHope Feeds & Supply482 Wallace Street 604-869-2618
KamloopsAnimal House 700 Tranquille Road250-376-1142
KamloopsPeavey Mart 2121 East Trans Canada Highway 250-374-0717
KamloopsPetland905 Notre Dame Drive 250-828-0810
KamloopsRoving K-9 Kare839 Victoria Street 250-374-5273
KamloopsTotal Pet1370 Summit Drive 250-375-0826
KamloopsBosley's by Pet Valu1801 Princeton Kamloops Highway250-377-8515
KamloopsCalling All Pets 2101 East Trans Canada Highway 250-377-3730
KamloopsTotal Pet 480 Tranquille Road 250-376-7922
KelownaBone Appetit 1940 Kane Road 250-862-2663
KelownaBone Appetit 2696 Pandosy 250-868-0212
KelownaBosley's by Pet Valu3155 Lakeshore Road250-868-3966
KelownaBuckerfields1889 Springfield Road 250-860-2346
KelownaGlobal Pet Foods2339 Highway 97 N.250-861-3663
KelownaTotal Pet1985 Harvey Avenue 250-860-4517
KelownaPetSmart2024 Harvey Avenue 250-861-8894
KimberleyTop Crop Too 2245 Warren Avenue 250-427-7762
LadnerBosley's by Pet Valu5263 Ladner Trunk Road 604-946-1211
LadnerPets N Us 5076 - 48th Avenue 604-946-1114
LadysmithLittle Rascals Pets & Supplies 416 First Avenue 250-245-2226
LadysmithShar Kare 731 - 1st Avenue 250-245-2000
LangleyAnnettes Petfude Company 4131 - 200th Street 604-533-5343
LangleyBosley's by Pet Valu20159 - 88th Avenue604-455-0265
LangleyHarvey Pet Food & Supplies 20811 Fraser Highway 604-534-5353
LangleyK&K Pet Foods 6183 - 200th Street 604-534-8655
LangleyMilner Feed & Pet Supply21565 Crush Crescent604-533-2100
LangleyPaw Street Market 22259 - 48th Avenue 604-532-0244
LangleyTisol20645 Langley Bypass 604-514-1406
LangleyWaldo & Tubbs 9110 Glover Road 604-888-2235
LangleyPetSmart 20015 Langley Bypass604-534-5903
LillooetLillooet Feeds 104 Main Street 250-256-7055
Maple RidgeBosley's by Pet Valu22745 Dewdney Trunk Road 604-463-3855
Maple Ridge
McFli's Feed Delivery 604-462-7519
Maple RidgeMr. Pets 22778 Lougheed Highway 604-467-6252
Maple RidgePet Food N More 20398 Dewdney Trunk Road 604-460-9192
Maple RidgePetSmart22475 Dewdney Trunk Road604-467-4908
MerritFetch Dog Grooming 2144 Quilchena Avenue 250-378-8828
Mill BayLucky Paws Pet Supply2720 Mill Bay Road250-743-3815
Mill BayThe Laughing Llama3090 Trans Canada Highway 250-743-2051
MissionCanine Perfection Dog Show Supplies 32385 Diamond Avenue 604-826-3580
MissionOly's Pet Connection 32670 Lougheed Highway604-820-2727
MissionValley Feed Bag 33221 Glasgow Ave nue604-826-1412
MissionCedar Valley K932929 Mission Way604-312-6604
MissionFraser Valley Building Supply 7072 Wren Street 604-820-1134
MissionMr. Pets33560 - 1st Avenue 604-814-2994
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu6894 Island Highway250-390-4833
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu1708 Bowen Road250-753-9841
NanaimoBosley's by Pet Valu530 Fifth Street250-754-5465
NanaimoOlivers Pet Supplies 2000 N. Island Highway250-758-5125
NanaimoShar Kare 867 Bruce Ave 250-753-7233
NanaimoShar Kare 4770 Wellington Road 250-758-0212
NanaimoBuckerfields 1277 Island Highway 250-753-4221
NanaimoPetSmart6950 Island Highway250-390-7418
NelsonCentral Bark Pet Supplies 536 Ward Street 250-505-5355
NelsonNelson Farmers Supply 524 Railway Street 250-352-5375
NelsonTotal Pet 801 Front Street 250-352-0664
New WestministerBosley's by Pet Valu1015 Columbia Street604-522-5280
New WestminsterVancouver Pet Centre 800 McBride Boulevard 604-524-8933
North VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1905 Lonsdale Avenue 604-984-7133
North VancouverBravo Dog1493 Crown Street778-875-5176
North VancouverFor Pet's Sake3650 Mt. Seymour Parkway 604-924-2455
North VancouverLynn Valley Pet Food 1266 Lynn Valley Road 604-988-9912
North VancouverMr. Pets 201 Bewicke Avenue778-340-1102
North VancouverPet Food N More 333 Brooksbank Ave604-980-0669
North VancouverVancouver Pet Centre 1277 Lynn Valley Road 604-971-5333
North VancouverPaws & Claws 3071 Woodbine Drive 604-984-7855
North VancouverPetSmart1325 Main Street 604-924-9889
ParksvilleBosley's by Pet Valu280 Island Highway E. 250-248-2673
ParksvilleBuckerfields587 Alberni Highway 250-248-3243
ParksvilleShar Kare 1200 Franklins Gull Road250-248-1261
PembertonAnimal Barn1384 Pemberton Portage Road 604-984-6740
PembertonThe Twisted Whisker 1366 Aster Street604-894-3647
Pender IslandPender Petal & Paws4605 Bedwell Harbour Road 250-629-9950
PentictonBosley's by Pet Valu251 Green Avenue W.250-770-8709
PentictonPetSmart102 Warren Avenue E. 250-493-0573
PentictonTotal Pet 402 Industrial Avenue E. 250-493-0387
Port AlberniShar Kare 4310 - 10th Avenue 250-723-4991
Port CoquitlamMr. Pets 3548 Westwood Street 778-285-6687
Port CoquitlamPetland1097 Nicola Avenue 604-464-9770
Port CoquitlamPrairie Pet Food1472 Prairie Avenue604-942-0311
Port CoquitlamPetSmart2180 Hawkins Street604-942-5811
Port HardyAlex's Little Critters 7025 Market Street 250-949-8929
Port McNeillRobin's Pet Supplies311 Hemlock250-956-2327
Port MoodyThree Dog Bakery 201 Morrissey Road 604-469-3647
Port MoodyUptown Dawg 2615 Murray Street 604-469-3294
Powell RiverMother Nature7050 Duncan Street 604-485-9878
Powell RiverTop Shelf Feeds4480 Manson Avenue 604-485-2244
Prince GeorgeBosley's by Pet Valu2482 Ferry Avenue250-612-5122
Prince GeorgeDay & Night Stores 4381 Handlen Road 250-962-2256
Prince GeorgeOspika Pet & Farm Supplies 2392 Ospika Boulevard S. 250-563-1993
Prince GeorgePetland5910 Southridge Avenue 250-964-1002
Prince GeorgePetSmart3030 Recplace Drive250-564-4430
Prince GeorgeTotal Pet 1915 Victoria Street 250-563-5707
PrincetonEverything Pet 136 Tapton Avenue 250-295-7381
QuesnelBosley's by Pet Valu155 Malcolm Drive250-992-7754
QuesnelTotal Pet 620B Newman Road250-747-7458
RevelstokeAnimal House1605 Victoria Road 250-837-5956
RichmondBosley's by Pet Valu11700 Steveston Highway604-241-2077
RichmondBosley's by Pet Valu3675 Westminister Highway604-276-0083
RichmondCompanion Pet Food & Supply8671 No. 1 Road 604-277-0221
RichmondJuicy Pet 4540 No. 3 Road 604-207-9011
RichmondMeow and Bark Avenue 3820 Monton Street 604-271-3647
RichmondPet Food N More9100 Blundell Road604-244-9984
RichmondTisol10151 No 3 Road.604-241-7586
RichmondPetSmart9751 Bridgeport Road 604-233-1348
RosslandTails Pet Supplies 2044 Washington Street 250-362-5385
SaanichtonAll Pets Food & Supplies7816 East Saanich Road778-351-4738
SaanichtonBuckerfields1970 Keating Cross Road250-652-9188
SalmoValu Mart Bottle Depot & Supply630 Highway 3250-357-2530
Salmon ArmAnimal House1050 - 10th Avenue SW 250-832-1966
Salmon ArmBuckerfields1771 - 10th Ave SW 250-832-8424
Salmon ArmTotal Pet 380 Alexander Street NE250-832-2008
Salt Spring IslandCountry Grocer374 Lower Ganges Road 250-537-4144
Salt Spring IslandFox Glove Farm & Garden 104 Atkins Road250-537-5531
Salt Spring IslandMouat's Trading Co Ltd. 118 Fulford-Ganges Road250-537-8515
SecheltAll 4 Pets 5641 Cowrie Street 604-885-8843
SecheltThree Dog Bakery 5511 Wharf604-741-0711
SidneyBosley's by Pet Valu2353 Becan Avenue250-656-6977
SidneySidney Feed Barn 10109 McDonald Park Road 250-655-4433
SidneySidney's Pet Centre & Aquatic 9769 - 5th Street 250-656-3314
SmithersSmithers Feed Store 3242 Highway 16 E. 250-847-9810
SmithersTotal Pet1323 Main Street 250-847-0267
SookeWhiskers & Waggs6703 West Coast Road 250-642-4318
South SurreyTisol 3010 - 152nd Street 604-536-2330
SquamishBosley's by Pet Valu1200 Hunter Place604-892-5537
SquamishO'Brien Pet Foods & Supplies 1121 Commercial Place 604-892-9035
SummerlandCountry Corner Supplies 13008 Victoria Road 250-494-3063
SurreyBosley's by Pet Valu15428 Fraser Highway604-589-4211
SurreyClayton Critters 6820 - 188th Street 778-574-2772
SurreyMother Hubbards Pet Food 1812 - 152nd Street 604-536-6624
SurreyNeighborhood Pet Food 1625 - 128th Street 604-535-1399
SurreyPet Food N More 7380 King George Highway 604-591-5921
SurreyPet Solutions Supermarket10602 King George Highway 604-585-3737
SurreyPetland 2215 - 160th Street604-541-2329
SurreyWagging Tales Pet Foods 15940 Fraser Highway 604-543-5734
SurreyBlue Ribbon Pet Foods15355- 24th Avenue 604-531-2311
SurreyPetopia Pet Food & Supply 16033 - 108th Avenue 778-395-4555
SurreyPetSmart 12101 - 72nd Avenue604-501-2422
SurreyPetSmart 15765 Croydon Drive 604-542-6101
SurreyPetSmart 15285 - 101st Avenue 604-588-2640
TerracePetland4706 Keith Avenue 250-635-1600
TerranceTotal Pet4717 Lakelse Avenue 250-612-0207
TlellRanch Feeds39614 Highway 16 250-557-4276
TrailBarks & Recreation 1208 Pine Avenue 250-521-2275
TrailPet Needs Plus 2835 Highway Drive 250-368-3095
TrailTails Pet Supplies 2990 Highway Drive 250-368-1700
TsawwassenBosley's by Pet Valu1215 - 56th Street604-943-8030
TsawwassenPets N Us 1302A - 56th Street 604-943-0908
VancouverRelease the Hounds 3381 Cambie Street 604-327-3647
VancouverDashing Dawgs561 Cardero Street604-568-6096
VancouverBones Pet Stores 181 Smithe Street 604-559-2663
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu3502 West 41st Avenue 604-266-2667
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu6914 Victoria Drive 604-327-3676
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1085 Marinaside Crescent 604-566-9974
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu1683 Davie Street 604-668-4233
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu3045 West Broadway604-738-8765
VancouverBosley's by Pet Valu814 West 6th Avenue 604-874-3310
VancouverChamplain Pets3380 Maquinna Drive604-456-0512
VancouverDiscover Dogs Inc. 701 Kingsway 778-228-7458
VancouverDizine Canine1730 Vernon Drive778-889-3723
VancouverEZ Dog 56 Powell 604-559-5606
VancouverLong Live Cats and Dogs 2425 East Hastings Street 604-336-3093
VancouverMark's Pet Shop 1875 Commercial Drive 604-255-4844
VancouverNoah's Pet Ark 2886 W. Broadway 604-736-9517
VancouverPet Food N More 3244 Oak Street604-730-9674
VancouverPet Food N More 3669 - 10th Avenue604-731-5907
VancouverPet Pantry 1066 Davie Street 778-379-4090
VancouverStar Pets Only 1255 Pacific Boulevard604-899-1220
VancouverThe Urban Puppy Shop1375 W. 6th Avenue604-736-0557
VancouverThree Dog Bakery 4348 Main Street 604-737-3647
VancouverTisol 3033 Grandview Highway 604-436-3001
VancouverTisol 2738 Arbutus Street 604-730-1768
VancouverTisol2949 Main Street604-873-4117
VancouverVanpet Yaletown1065 Hamilton Street 604-687-8933
VancouverWoofles And Meowz1496 Cartwright Street604-689-3647
VancouverMr. Pets 1710 Commercial Drive 604-872-0115
VancouverPet Pantry2240 Commercial Drive604-559-7737
VancouverPet Pantry3272 Main Street604-423-4484
VancouverPetSmart2860 Bentall Street 604-434-1522
VancouverPetSmart 409 West 2nd Avenue 604-879-2602
VanderhoofNechako Valley Feed 346 Trans Canada Highway250-567-4400
VernonAJ's Pets & Things 3219 - 31st Avenue 250-549-3222
VernonBosley's by Pet Valu2306 Highway 6250-558-0566
VernonPetland 5604 - 24th Street 250-558-0442
VernonWet Spot Grooming & Pet Care 4784 - 27th Street 250-938-7768
VernonFun 4 All Pet Resort 4508 - 29th Street 778-475-0488
VernonTotal Pet3302 - 32nd Street 250-542-5323
VictoriaA Pet's Life 2019 Cadboro Bay Road 250-592-3301
VictoriaBorden Mercantile3960 Borden Street 250-479-3414
VictoriaBosley's by Pet Valu491 East Burnside Road250-385-6411
VictoriaCreatures Pet Store770 Bay Street 250-382-3329
VictoriaHollywood Pet Centre1702 Lillian Road 250-598-7331
VictoriaIsland Pet Source (Dude's Pet Foods Ltd.)751 Goldstream Avenue 250-590-4460
VictoriaMr. Pets3170 Tillicum Road250-380-7990
VictoriaPets West 777 Royal Oak Drive 250-744-1779
VictoriaRed Barn Market 5550 West Saanich Road 250-479-8349
VictoriaThe Dog Dish 1516 Fairfield Road 250-370-1124
VictoriaPet's Choice 2806 Jacklin Road 250-474-1174
VictoriaPetSmart3501 Blanshard Street250-381-2859
VictoriaPetSmart 2401 Millstream Road250-391-9212
VictoriaWillow Wind Feed & Tack 2714 Sooke Road 250-478-8012
W. AbbotsfordPet Junction & Grooming27665 Fraser Highway 604-856-3386
West BankSunshine Pet3011 Louie Drive 250-707-3303
West KelownaBuckerfields2565 Main Street250-768-8870
West VancouverVillage Pet Food5323 Headland Drive 604-925-3334
WhistlerWhistler Happy Pet 1085 Millar Creek Road 604-932-3050
White RockCritters and Friends Pet 1451 Johnston Road 604-535-8278
Williams LakeBeaver Valley Feed Ltd 1050 South MacKenzie Avenue 250-392-6282
Williams LakeBosley's by Pet Valu1085 Prosperity Way250-398-7233
Williams LakeTotal Pet 32 Broadway Avenue N.250-398-6300
WinfieldLake Country Farm10051 Highway 97 250-766-4646
BrandonPet Valu 1300 - 18th Street2047269666
BrandonPet Valu825 -18th Street N.2047282031
BrandonA Pet Lovers Warehouse2030 Park Avenue 2047251172
BrandonBest West Pet Foods223 - 18th Street N. 2047280661
DauphinPet Valu1450 Main Street S.2046383508
LockportCanvasback Pet Supplies1 Wellink Drive 2047572701
Portage La PrairieBest West Pet Foods304 Saskatchewan Avenue E. 2072390448
Portage La PrairiePet Valu2450 Saskatchewan Avenue W.2042396933
SelkirkBest West Pet Foods 321 Main Street 2047858266
SelkirkPet Valu 1014 Manitoba Avenue2047858446
SteinbachPet Valu178 Provincial Trunk Highway 122043266600
StonewallQuarry Pets317 Main Street 2044675924
Swan RiverPeavey Mart1350 Main Street2047349811
WinklerPet Valu995 Main Street N.2043250068
WinnipegAardvark Pets 1604 St. Mary's Road 2042567705
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 492 St. Anne's Road 2042574044
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods1568 Main Street 2043360546
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 1625 Henderson Highway2043388358
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods 1530 Regent Avenue2046637553
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods1150 St. James Street 2047830952
WinnipegBest West Pet Foods3145 Portage Avenue 2048329149
WinnipegDarcy's Arc 730 Century Street 2048882266
WinnipegGlobal Pet Foods 1220 St. Mary's Road 2044147387
WinnipegGlobal Pet Foods 1855 Grant Avenue2044167100
WinnipegPeavey Mart121150 Nairn Avenue 2046636880
WinnipegPet Valu27 Marion Street 2042377383
WinnipegPet Valu35 Lakewood Boulevard2042546575
WinnipegPet Valu 50 Sage Creek Boulevard2042572724
WinnipegPet Valu200 Meadowood Drive2042575707
WinnipegPet Valu2855 Pembina Way 2042618383
WinnipegPet Valu1670 Main Street 2043344111
WinnipegPet Valu2595 Main Street2043345544
WinnipegPet Valu2136 McPhillips Street2043348600
WinnipegPet Valu963 Henderson Highway2043399332
WinnipegPet Valu 1134 Taylor Avenue 2044754505
WinnipegPet Valu1670 Kenaston Boulevard2044880100
WinnipegPet Valu2025 Corydon Avenue2044883187
WinnipegPet Valu3 Reender Drive 2046549955
WinnipegPet Valu1630 Ness Avenue 2047723777
WinnipegPet Valu3300 Portage Avenue 2048373227
WinnipegPet Valu3900 Grant Avenue2048966161
WinnipegPetland2355 McGillivray Boulevard 2044892009
WinnipegPetland1546 Regent Avenue W. 2046549807
WinnipegPetland1910 Pembina Highway 2049897616
WinnipegPets 1012573 Portage Avenue 2048880101
WinnipegThe Pawsh Dog 1580 Taylor Avenue 2042619059
WinnipegThe Village Pet 216 Osborne Street2046911822
WinnipegPetSmart1615 Regent Avenue W.2042221669
WinnipegPetSmart1731 Kenaston Boulevard2044895948
WinnipegPetSmart1050 Leila Avenue2046333793
WinnipegPetSmart915 Empress Street2047743919
DieppeGlobal Pet Foods9 Champlain Street5068548316
EdmundstonAnimalerie RL Tropical721 rue Victoria5067397130
EdmundstonPaulmac's Pet Food 801 Victoria Street5067356213
FrederictonGlobal Pet Foods1111 Regent Street5064551133
FrederictonGlobal Pet Foods102 Main Street5064723407
FrederictonPaulmac's Pet Food 280 Main Street5064495747
FrederictonThe Barking Lot880 Hanwell Road 5064594789
FrederictonPetSmart9 Riocan Avenue5064549920
MiramichiPet Feeds Plus Ltd 170 School Street 5066225902
MonctonGlobal Pet Foods1049 Mountain Road5068598595
MonctonPaulmac's Pet Food 125 Main Street 5063824658
MonctonPaulmac's Pet Food 1644 Mountain Road5063826093
MonctonPetSmart79 Wyse Street5068557718
OromoctoPaulmac's Pet Food 1198 Onondaga Street 5063573430
RothesayPaulmac's Pet Food 175 Old Hampton Road5068497619
Saint JohnGlobal Pet Foods 80 McAllister Drive 5066522622
Saint JohnGlobal Pet Foods 600 Fairville Boulevard 5066538661
Saint JohnPaulmac's Pet Food 101 McAllister Drive5066937387
SussexPaulmac's Pet Food138 Main Street5064325432
Chinook Winds Canine Resort1222 Bauline Line 7093352600
Conception Bay
Andy's Pet Town Inc 2-4 Anthonys Rd South 7092407000
Goose Bay
Paws Pet Boutique331 Hamilton River Road7098965590
Mount Pearl
Critters & Things 11 Commonwealth Avenue 7093688660
St. John's
PetSmart5 Stavanger Dr. 7097387627
CityCompanyAddressPhonePostal Code
YellowknifeBorealis Kennel & Pet Specialty 8 Nahanni Dr 8678733688X1A 2P6
YellowknifeCrooked Whisker100 Borden Drive 8678735190X1A 3G4
AmherstPaulmac's Pet Food4 Robert Angus Drive9026671666
AntigonishOne Stop Pet Shop 3063 Post Road 9028631215
BedfordGlobal Pet Foods 30 Damascus Street9028352250
BedfordPaulmac's Pet Food 961 Bedford Hwy9024054470
BedfordPaulmac's Pet Food 75 Peakview Way 9028353224
BedfordPetSmart181 Damascus Road9024666461
BridgewaterPaulmac's Pet Food450 Lahave Street9025271847
Chester BasinYour Friend & Mine Pet Supplies5963 Gold River9026271341
Cole HarbourPaulmac's Pet Food4 Forest Hill Parkway9024461781
DartmouthGlobal Pet Foods 100 Main Street 9024348361
DartmouthPaulmac's Pet Food90 Tacoma Drive9024359748
DartmouthPetSmart65 Countryview Drive9024680890
ElmsdalePaulmac's Pet Food 269 Hwy 2149028832900
Fall RiverPaulmac's Pet Food 3290 Hwy 2 9028601772
GreenwoodPaulmac's Pet Food 963 Central Avenue9022423070
HalifaxGlobal Pet Foods 209 Chain Lake Drive9028760894
HalifaxPaulmac's Pet Food 278 Lacewood Drive9024318665
HalifaxPaulmac's Pet Food 5686 Spring Garden Road9024909900
HalifaxPetSmart201 Chain Lake Drive9024501367
Lower SackvillePaulmac's Pet Food 752 Sackville Drive9028699050
New GlasgowGlobal Pet Foods 91 Lawrence Boulevard9027555609
New GlasgowPaulmac's Pet Food 38 George Street9027527531
New MinasGlobal Pet Foods8934 Commercial Street9026810757
New MinasPaulmac's Pet Food54 Silver Fox Avenue9026812866
ShelburneSpencer's Garden Centre5 Ohio Road9028753055
SydneyGlobal Pet Foods20 Sydney Port Access Road9025675457
SydneyPaulmac's Pet Food 325 Prince Street9025624414
SydneyUnited Farmers Co-Op 502 Keltic Drive9025648134
Sydney RiverRiver Pet Supplies1086 Kings Road9022703939
TruroGlobal Pet Foods68 Robie Street9028954646
TruroPaulmac's Pet Food 87 Robie Street9028937577
WindsorMosaic Market - Health & Local Food141 Water Street9027984415
YarmouthPaulmac's Pet Food 130 Starrs Street 9027429223
AberfoyleRen's Pets Depot 20 Brock Road N. 519-767-5858
ActonGlobal Pet Foods 8 Main Street N. 519-853-8833
AgincourtPaulmac's Pet Food 2356 Kennedy Road416-298-1760
AjaxGlobal Pet Foods 1965 Salem Road N. 905-427-7387
AjaxGlobal Pet Foods 310 Harwood Avenue S. 905-428-7387
AjaxKC's Pets15 Westney Road N. 905-686-7008
AjaxMister Pet250 Bayly Street W.905-428-7168
AjaxPetSmart280 Kingston Road E.905-686-8708
AllistonGlobal Pet Foods 113 Victoria Street W.705-434-3311
AncasterGlobal Pet Foods 73 Wilson Street W. 905-304-0020
AncasterPetSmart14 Martindale Crescent905-648-9600
AuroraGlobal Pet Foods 14800 Yonge Street905-727-3448
AuroraOur Dog & Company 129 Pedersen Drive905-713-3489
AuroraPet Valu1 Henderson Drive905-727-4939
BancroftCritter Comforts and Clips 37 Hastings Street N. 613-332-1216
BarrieBark & Fitz - Barrie (Greenhawk Inc.) 106 Saunders Road905-792-9635
BarrieGlobal Pet Foods 420 Essa Road 705-792-4152
BarrieGlobal Pet Foods 181 Livingstone Street E.705-733-9002
BarriePaulmac's Pet Food 531 Bayfield Street N705-737-3182
BarriePet Valu 165 Wellington Street W. 705-726-1721
BarriePetSmart33 Mapleview Drive E.705-722-0337
BarrieThe Whistle Stop Pet Shop 3571 Penatanguishene Road 705-737-1300
BeamsvilleTemple Of The Dog 5205 King Street 289-566-9559
BeavertonA5 Pet & Bird Depot 443 Mara Road 705-426-7324
BellevilleGlobal Pet Foods110 North Front Street613-966-8100
BellevilleLittle Stinkers Natural Pet Food95 College Street W. 613-771-9479
BellevilleTropical Gardens Pet Shop 161 Bridge Street W. 613-967-3773
BellevillePetSmart264 Millennium Parkway613-966-9922
BoltonGlobal Pet Foods 356 Queen Street S. 905-857-7623
BoltonRovili's Pet Specialists301 Queen Street S. 905-951-6315
BoltonPetSmart12730 Highway 50905-857-9327
BowmanvilleGlobal Pet Foods2316 Hwy 2905-623-4302
BowmanvilleWelcome Feeds2165 Durham Regional Highway #2 905-623-5777
BracebridgeMullin's Pet Market - Bracebridge295 Wellington Street705-645-1999
BradfordGlobal Pet Foods 170 Holland Street W.905-775-4640
BramptonBig Al's Aquarium Supercenter16 Kennedy Road S.905-454-1174
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 10886 Hurontario Street905-495-4455
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 17 Worthington Avenue 905-495-5531
BramptonGlobal Pet Foods 2933 Queen Street E.905-793-2899
BramptonPetSmart9065 Airport Road 905-789-0384
BramptonPetSmart547 Steeles Avenue E. 905-874-9999
BrantfordGlobal Pet Foods 39 King George Road519-759-8531
BrantfordPet Crazy Express 320 Colborn Street W.519-752-2248
BrantfordPetSmart221 Henry St Unit 2 519-752-2129
BrooklinGlobal Pet Foods200 Carnwith Drive E.905-425-1899
BurlingtonBark & Fitz - Burlington 2500 Appleby Line 905-335-7036
BurlingtonGlobal Pet Foods 3550 Dundas Street 905-319-1999
BurlingtonGlobal Pet Foods 450 Appleby Line 905-639-5969
BurlingtonGlobal Pet Foods 595 Plains Road E. 905-681-9899
BurlingtonPaulmac's Pet Food 3300 Fairview Street 905-632-4606
BurlingtonPet Max Inc. 1450 Headon Road 905-332-5656
BurlingtonPet Valu 5111 New Street905-631-2907
BurlingtonRen's Pets Depot 2424 Queensway Drive 905-333-9911
BurlingtonPetSmart1200 Brant St Unit 3905-331-5454
BurlingtonPetSmart2311 Appleby Line 905-332-7246
CaledoniaCats N Dogs Café 71 Argyle Street N. 289-284-0294
CaledoniaForrest Pet Foods RR2996 Brant Highway519-753-8859
CaledoniaRuffins Pet Centre322 Argyle Street S. 905-765-8022
Cambridge Everyday Dog695 Industrial Road 519-620-8176
CambridgeGlobal Pet Foods 970 Franklin Boulevard519-624-2555
CambridgeGlobal Pet Foods 940 Jamieson Parkway 519-651-1056
CambridgeHeathy Pet All Natural Pet Foods846 King Street E.519-653-6100
CambridgePet Valu 480 Hespeler Road 519-622-0574
CambridgeRen's Pets Depot 34 Pinebush Road905-624-6411
CambridgeTop Hat & Tails 139 Hewat Street 519-653-2100
CambridgePetSmart600 Hespeler Road519-621-9696
Carleton PlaceNatural Pet Foods61 Bridge Street844-264-7387
CarpTreasure Coastal Pet Products 1144 Upper Dwyer Hill Road613-256-7723
CayugaCayuga Pets N More 8 Ouse Street N. 905-772-7387
ChathamLiving Things 436 St. Clair Street 519-436-0313
ChathamPet Food Warehouse 586 St. Clair Street 519-351-1207
ChathamPet Food Warehouse 75 Keil Drive S 519-354-9900
ChathamThe Critter Shop 421 St. Clair Street 519-436-1111
ChathamPetSmart823 St. Clair St. 519--3522636
ChelmsfordTelling Tails3482 Errington Avenue 705-588-7387
CobourgAll Creatures Great & Small 30 King Street West 905-377-8619
CobourgGlobal Pet Foods 471 Division Street 905-373-1984
CochraneCochrane Pet Services Inc.76 Sixth Avenue 705-272-6050
CollingwoodGlobal Pet Foods 20 Balsam Street 705-446-9539
CornwallStacey's Pet Depot805 Sydney Street 613-932-7337
CornwallPetSmart501 Tollgate Road W.613-933-1244
CorunnaPets Life450 Lyndoch Street 519-862-4700
DundalkPawzitive Pet Supplies49 Proton N 519-923-5555
DundasFancy Paws54 King Street E. 905-627-8484
DundasGlobal Pet Foods 119 Osler Drive 905-628-8700
DunnvilleGrand Erie Farm & Garden 1051 Broad Street E. 905-774-6115
DunnvilleRuffins Pet Centre 209 Queen Street 905-774-6373
DurhamPet Outfitters 366 Garafraxa Street S. 226-432-3311
East York PetSmart835 Eglinton Ave E416-696-0388
ElmiraVillage Pet Food Shoppe 10 Church Street W. 519-669-4374
EloraDreamland Pet & Equine6484 Wellington Road 7519-846-1313
ErinBudson Farm & Feed Company93 Main Street 519-833-2002
EssexEssex Feed Warehouse Ltd48 Wilson Avenue 519-776-9200
EtobicokeGlobal Pet Foods 270 The Kingsway 416-234-0056
EtobicokeGlobal Pet Foods 452 Rathburn Road416-621-2745
EtobicokeGlobal Pet Foods 1278 The Queensway 647-341-5202
EtobicokePet Valu3843 Bloor Street W.416-233-3496
EtobicokePet Valu927 The Queensway 416-251-3454
EtobicokePurrfect Pet Supplies Inc3313 Lakeshore Boulevard W.416-259-0579
EtobicokePetSmart158 N Queen St 416-620-4648
Fenelon FallsFetch Pet Supply 25 Colborne Street 705-887-5467
FergusGlobal Pet Foods 600 Scotland Street 519-787-7079
GarsonGarson Pet Food Express3098 Falconbridge Highway 705-693-7595
GeorgetownCreature Comfort Co92 Main Street S.905-877-8443
GeorgetownGlobal Pet Foods280 Guelph Street905-873-7086
GeorgetownPaulmac's Pet Food 235 Guelph Street 905-873-7407
GeorgetownRuffins Pet Centre140 Guelph Street905-873-0933
GeorgetownPetSmart 319 Guelph Street 905-873-6743
GloucesterPetSmart1750 Innes Rd 613-741-5233
GormleyGreenhawk Inc5 Gormley Industrial Avenue905-888-4666
Grand BendThe Pet Stop 201038 Ontario Street S. 519-238-2086
GreelyScratch This 1310 Cornfield Crescent613-821-5281
GrimsbyRuffins Pet Centre 63 Main Street West 905-945-0794
GrimsbyThe Dog Spot 43 Main Street E. #1 289-235-7575
GuelphDogs in the Park 582 Massey Road 519-826-5315
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods715 Wellington Street W.519-265-8966
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods 5 Clair Road W. 519-823-3004
GuelphGlobal Pet Foods 19 Victoria Road N. 519-822-6922
GuelphMy Kitty Café Wyndham Variety 117 Wyndham Street N. 226-979-5775
GuelphPet Culture492 Edinburg Road S.519-767-0901
GuelphPet Valu 615 Scottsdale Drive 519-836-9460
GuelphScratch and Sniff Canine Services37 Chapel Lane 226-486-1244
GuelphPetSmart183 Silvercreek Parkway N. 519-767-0417
HamiltonAquarium Services / Pet City 140 Centennial Parkway N.905-560-1000
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 1400 Upper James Street 905-383-2224
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 50 Dundurn Street S.905-528-2775
HamiltonGlobal Pet Foods 989 Fennell Avenue E. 905-575-9422
HamiltonLive Right Pet Supplies203 Main Street E. 289-389-5238
HamiltonM&G Pet Food 1760 Upper James Street 905-388-2436
HamiltonPaulmac's Pet Food 550 Fennell Avenue E. 905-383-4223
HamiltonPet Max Inc. 45 Nebo Road 905-388-6422
HamiltonPet Valu 801 Mohawk Road W.905-385-3061
HamiltonPet Valu 1900 King Street E. 905-549-4346
HamiltonRuffins Pet Center 581 Main Street E 905-527-0027
HamiltonUrban Zoo 622 Upper James Street905-385-7387
HamiltonPetSmart1231 Barton St E 905-545-1913
HanmerPet Palace5085 Highway 69 N. 705-969-7383
HarrowHarrow Country Depot 44 Sinasac Street W. 519-738-2223
KanataGlobal Pet Foods700 Eagleson Road613-599-0660
KanataMarch Road Pet Food & Grooming1112 March Road 613-591-9423
KanataPetSmart255 Kanata Ave. 613-254-9989
KeewatinTaylor Made Pet Products 210 - 10th Street 807-547-3530
KenoraChow Time Pet Supply807 Highway 17 E. 807-468-7257
KeswickGlobal Pet Foods 443 Queensway S. 905-476-0575
KincardineKincardine Country Depot315 Hamilton Lane 519-396-3451
King CityGlobal Pet Foods 1700 King Road 905-833-7387
KingstonBirds 'n Paws 235 Gore Road 613-507-0777
KingstonBirds 'n Paws 79 Brock Street 613-546-6777
KingstonGlobal Pet Foods 1111 Princess Street 613-548-8048
KingstonGlobal Pet Foods2547 Princess Street613-389-1666
KingstonPetSmart690 Gardiners Rd 613-384-0021
KitchenerBest in Show Dog Supplies 309 Victoria Street N.519-342-0148
KitchenerCB's Pet Supplies 1335 Weber Street E.519-893-3743
KitchenerGlobal Pet Foods 669 Belmont Avenue W.519-571-4444
KitchenerGlobal Pet Foods 700 Strasburg Road519-749-2821
KitchenerPet Valu324 Highland Road W.519-744-2941
KitchenerRen's Pets Depot 1525 Victoria Street N. 519-578-4133
KitchenerPetSmart655 Fairway Road S.519-748-1889
KomokaMarket Pet Shop26 Kilworth Park Drive 519-434-6224
LakefieldVillage Pet Food & Supply 3305 Lakefield Road 705-652-9494
LeamingtonRuffins Pet Center129 Erie Street S519-325-1112
LindsayFetch Pet Supply 84 Russell Street 705-878-0123
LindsayGlobal Pet Foods 370 Kent Street W. 705-324-9794
LindsayTrent Pet401 Kent Street W. 705-878-1507
Lion's HeadEllen's Pet Supplies & Gifts2825 Highway #6519-793-4023
ListowelBridge Country Feeds110 David Street 519-291-4040
LivelyWalden Pet Food Plus125 Regional Road 24 705-692-1714
LondonA Village Tail 160 Wortley Road 519-642-1200
LondonBark & Fitz - London (Greenhawk Inc.) 611 Fanshawe Park Road W. 519-473-3400
LondonBark 'n Purr Pet Grooming 310 Wharncliffe Road S. 519-601-4777
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 509 Commissioners Road W. 519-474-3647
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 911 Southdale Road W. 519-652-3643
LondonGlobal Pet Foods 395 Wellington Road 519-686-7387
LondonHowie's Pet Food Warehouse 972 Hamilton Road519-455-4577
LondonPet Valu1295 Highbury Ave 519-453-8680
LondonPet Valu1240 Commissioners Road W. 519-657-1903
LondonPet Valu631 Commissioners Road E. 519-681-9216
LondonPetacular Food & Supply Ltd57 York Street 519-439-8333
LondonRen's Pets Depot 1979 Hyde Park 519-657-3036
LondonSouthwestern Pet Centre1641 Dundas Street 519-451-7279
LondonYour Pet's Pantry Inc.301 Oxford Street W.519-641-6611
LondonPetSmart3165 Wonderland Road S.519-649-2112
LondonPetSmart86 Fanshawe Park Road 519-672-6149
LondonPetSmart1270 Wellington Road 519-686-7708
MagnetawanMagnetawan Bait & Tackle4860 Highway #520 705-387-3361
MarkdaleMullin's Pet Market - Markdale 217 Toronto Street S.519-986-2999
MarkhamGlobal Pet Foods 5990 - 16th Avenue 905-471-5593
MarkhamPetSmart1210 Castlemore Avenue 905-209-8078
MeafordCanadian Pet Connection278 Cook Street844-799-7387
MeafordMullin's Pet Market - Meaford 365 Sykes Street S. 519-538-3999
MidlandGlobal Pet Foods 268 King Street 705-527-4432
MiltonBauhoundhas Inc.276 Main Street E. 905-878-5550
MiltonGlobal Pet Foods 1030 Kennedy Circle 905-864-9738
MiltonGlobal Pet Foods 400 Main Street E. 905-878-9808
MiltonMutt Life Inc585 Ontario Street S. 905-878-9904
MiltonRuffins Pet Centre 55 Ontario Street S. 289-878-4000
MiltonPetSmart1095 Maple Avenue905-876-3695
MindemoyaKat's Pet Supplies 2222 Highway 551 705-377-4744
MississaugaDoggie Central3151 Lenworth Drive416-412-7771
MississaugaEndless Tails Pet Nutrition Center 1891 Rathburn Road E. 905-290-0378
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 1865 Lakeshore Road W.905-822-1616
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 224 Lakeshore Road W.905-278-4112
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 2901 Eglinton Avenue W. 905-369-0577
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 1170 Burnhamthorpe Road W.905-501-0411
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods1525 Bristol Road W.905-816-0330
MississaugaGlobal Pet Foods 6590 Meadowvale Town Centre Circle 905-819-9255
MississaugaGreenhawk Inc5665 McLaughlin Road905-238-0311
MississaugaPet Valu 1077 North Service Road 905-276-7190
MississaugaPet Valu 6040 Glen Erin Drive 905-821-8333
MississaugaPet Valu 2400 Dundas Street W.905-823-9200
MississaugaPet Valu 4141 Dixie Road905-896-0238
MississaugaSam's Quality Pet Food2980 Crosscurrent Drive905-824-4232
MississaugaPetSmart5800 McLaughlin Road 905-501-1116
MississaugaPetSmart3105 Argentia Rd. 905-785-2816
MitchellB&B Pet Supplies 51 Ontario Road 519-348-4023
MorrisburgDoggy Style Grooming15 - 5th Street 613-543-3345
Mount ForestSpoil Me Pets248 Main Street S.519-323-2311
NapaneePet Panache 21 Dundas Street E. 613-354-9171
NepeanPetSmart1547 Merivale Road 613-224-1212
NepeanPetSmart1851 Merivale Rd 613-225-6627
NepeanPetSmart3161 Greenbank Road613-843-9977
New HamburgHeritage Pet & Garden 88 Huron Street 519-662-3684
NewmarketDoggie Ville Inc1166 Gorham Street905-953-9136
NewmarketGlobal Pet Foods 17730 Leslie Street 905-853-9550
NewmarketGlobal Pet Foods 130 Davis Drive905-898-7910
NewmarketPet Culture 1111 Davis Drive 905-853-7387
NewmarketPetSmart18126 Yonge Street905-898-4557
Niagara FallsGlobal Pet Foods 3643 Portage Road 905-356-3555
Niagara FallsPaulmac's Pet Food 3714 Portage Road 905-354-7444
Niagara FallsWoof 'n' Mew Discount Pet Food 6625 Drummond Road 905-354-1217
Niagara FallsPetSmart7481 Oakwood Dr 905-374-3050
Niagara-on-the-LakeMinor Bros 96 Highway #55905-685-7353
North BayGlobal Pet Foods 406 Lakeshore Drive705-472-2698
North BayGlobal Pet Foods 34 Champlain Street705-472-3331
North BayLisa's Doghouse 1452 Seymour Street 705-478-8844
North BayPetSmart850 McKeown Avenue 705-495-3632
North GowerDog Ranch Inc. 6361 Fourth Line Road 613-297-9871
North YorkGlobal Pet Foods280 Sheppard Avenue E.416-222-8253
North YorkPet Valu 2625C Weston Road416-241-1627
North YorkPet Valu895 Lawrence Avenue E.416-447-1902
Oak RidgeDandy Doggy Pet Shop 126 King Road 905-773-4640
OakvilleGlobal Pet Foods 1011 Upper Middle Road E.905-339-1503
OakvillePets + Us1115 North Service Road W. 800-364-8422
OakvilleRen's Feed & Supplies Ltd4002 Trafalgar Road 905-257-4611
OakvillePetSmart2501 Hyde Park Gate 905-829-9999
OrangevilleGlobal Pet Foods 47 Broadway AVenue519-942-8187
OrangevillePetSmart65 Fourth Avenue519-942-4950
OrilliaCritter Cove Pet Centre Inc.180 Front Street S. 705-329-1069
OrilliaGlobal Pet Foods 55 Front Street N. 705-326-7474
OrleansGlobal Pet Foods 1675 Tenth Line Road613-837-0350
OrleansTrim's Pet Store 900 Watters Road 613-590-7551
OrleansPetSmart2002 Mer Bleue Road613-837-3313
OshawaGlobal Pet Foods 600 Grandview Street S. 905-245-0247
OshawaGlobal Pet Foods 789 Taunton Road E. 905-721-0199
OshawaGlobal Pet Foods 575 Thornton Road N. 905-723-5428
OshawaPaulmac's Pet Food 633 King Street E.905-433-1558
OshawaPet Valu 300 Taunton Road E.905-433-5564
OshawaPrrrfect Pet Food 555 Rossland Road E. 905-240-4334
OshawaPetSmart891 Taunton Rd E 905-404-0980
OttawaCritter Jungle 1405 Carling Avenue613-729-7354
OttawaCritter Jungle 1604 Orleans Boulevard 613-824-7354
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods228 Hunt Club Road613-736-6726
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods3191 Strandherd Drive613-825-5615
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 1176 Bank Street 613-422-6741
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 1200 Wellington Street W.613-695-8884
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 2150 Robertson Road613-726-7622
OttawaGlobal Pet Foods 1021 Cyrville Road 613-744-0230
OttawaHappy Dogs 2211 Arch Street 613-520-2112
OttawaHealthy Pets HQ 420 Bank Street 613-695-7387
OttawaLittle Critters Pet Shop2269 Riverside Drive 613-731-0161
OttawaMasters 'n Dogs Specialty Products 354 Richmond Road613-792-3711
OttawaNatural Pet Foods 339 Churchill Avenue N. 613-321-7282
OttawaPet Circus 274 Bank Street 613-234-8456
OttawaSandy Hill Eco-Grocery Co-Operative 304 Wilbrod Street 613-321-5915
OttawaThe Pampered Pet2446 Bank Street 613-521-6272
OttawaThe Pet Shoppe3771 Spratt Road 613-425-7387
OttawaThe Pet Shoppe 773A Ridgewood Avenue 613-680-5599
OttawaThe Pet Shoppe4772 Bank Street 613-822-8282
OttawaWag Pet Shop 1071 Bank Street 613-730-4647
OttawaPetSmart1600 Heron Road613-523-2819
OttawaPetSmart983 Bank Street 613-569-4402
Owen SoundGardel Pet Inc955 10th Street W. 519-376-9530
Owen SoundThe Pet Feed Mill 1299 - 16th Street E.519-371-1661
Owen SoundPetSmart2125 16th Street E.519-370-0088
ParisAlphabets1084 Rest Acres Road 519-302-5742
PefferlawThe Kibble House 257 Pefferlaw Road 705-437-9909
PembrokeBright Eyes & Bushy Tails1959A Petawawa Boulevard 613-735-8268
PenetanguisheneThe Pet Shoppe175 Main Street705-355-0738
PerthLaura Jane's Pet Food & Supplies Inc97 Dufferin Street 613-446-0644
PeterboroughGlobal Pet Foods 1154 Chemong Road705-743-2727
PeterboroughPaulmac's Pet Food863 Chemong Road 705-743-7277
PeterboroughPet Supply Warehouse 621 The Parkway 705-748-9754
PeterboroughPet Valu 139 George Street N. 705-743-2757
PeterboroughPetSmart898 Monaghan Road705-740-9852
PickeringGlobal Pet Foods1822 Whites Road905-831-4554
PickeringPet Valu1755 Pickering Parkway 905-619-3218
PickeringPetSmart1899 Brock Road 905-426-7593
PictonRobyn's Nest Pets and Things 149 Main Street 613-476-6459
Pointe ClaireNature Pet Centers6361 Trans Canada Highway516-694-3291
Port ColborneRuffins Pet Center287 West Side Road 905-834-0808
Port DoverLive Right Pet Supplies 2275 Norfolk County Hwy #24 519-428-2828
Port StanleyPorts Pets 1, 208 Main Street519-782-3392
QueensvilleQueensville Farm Supply 1631 Queensville Side Road 905-478-4180
RenfrewLittle Angels 220 Carswell Street 613-433-3129
Richmond HillEva Pets Plus #39019 Bayview Avenue905-597-2667
Richmond HillGlobal Pet Foods 1070 Major Mackenzie Drive E.905-508-8895
Richmond HillGlobal Pet Foods 126 Tower Hill Road 905-883-4729
Richmond HillPet Chateau 11491 Leslie Street905-780-2626
Richmond HillPetSmart225 High Tech Road 905-764-6116
Richmond HillPetSmart13239 Yonge Street905-773-0959
Richmond HillPetSmart1700 Elgin Mills Road E.905-787-8740
RockwoodPamper Me!178 Alma Street 519-856-9337
RussellVillage Paws 191 Castor Street 613-496-7297
SarniaPet Food Warehouse 424 Exmouth Street 519-332-3544
SarniaPet Food Warehouse 1407 London Road 519-542-9611
SarniaPetSmart1470 Quinn Drive519-542-2822
Sault Ste. MariePetSmart710 Second Line E.705-942-4332
Sault Ste. MarieBest West Pet Foods Pet Food Warehouse150 Churchill Boulevard 705-253-5000
Sault Ste. MarieForemost Agro Mart149 Trunk Road705-949-2559
Sault Ste. MarieForemost Agro Mart68 Second Line W.705-759-2559
ScarboroughAquarium Services Warehouse Outlets1295 Kennedy Road416-757-3281
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods 166 Bennett Road416-286-5673
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods2369 Brimley Road416-298-0028
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods1575 Ellesmere Road416-289-6255
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods 1900 Eglinton Avenue E. 416-759-3331
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods 122 Ellesmere Road416-443-0788
ScarboroughGlobal Pet Foods2975 Kingston Road416-266-1881
ScarboroughPet Valu 2385 Kingston Road 416-267-1764
ScarboroughPetSmart12 William Kitchen Drive416-335-7922
ScarboroughPetSmart2050 Eglinton Ave E 416-701-0007
SchomburgRuff Sport 16200 Highway 27416-886-3418
ShelburneGlobal Pet Foods 226 First Avenue E. 519-925-3471
SimcoeRuffins Pet Centre 140 Queensway Drive E. 519-426-7441
SmithvilleMinor Bros 2911 S. Grimsby Road 18 905-643-3754
SmithvilleRuffins Pet Center 249 St Catharines Street905-957-6373
St. CatharinesGlobal Pet Foods400 Scott Street905-646-0508
St. CatharinesPetSmart40 YMCA Dr 905-934-6060
St. CatharinesPet Valu 119 Lakeshore Road 905-646-0401
St. CatharinesPet Valu 210 Glendale Ave 905-685-8596
St. CatharinesPetland 318 Ontario Street 905-641-1715
St. CatharinesRuffins Pet Center170 Hartzel Road 905-687-7380
St. ClementsExotic Wings & Pet Things 3561 Lobsinger Line 519-699-5656
St. Mary'sMcPhail's Feed Services Ltd 127 Queen Street E. 519-284-4000
St. ThomasElgin Pet Ltd 1063 Talbot Street 519-631-0200
St. ThomasGlobal Pet Foods 900 Talbot Street519-207-3663
StaynerStayner Pet Center 7272 Highway 26 E.705-428-6668
StittsvilleCocomutts Inc.1110 Carp Road613-831-1828
StittsvilleGlobal Pet Foods 6081 Hazeldean Road613-836-3023
Stoney CreekGlobal Pet Foods 2273 Rymal Road E. 905-578-3500
Stoney CreekGlobal Pet Foods184 Highway #8 905-662-2415
Stoney CreekPetSmart1779 Stone Church Road E.905-578-1428
StouffvilleGlobal Pet Foods5892 Main Street 905-640-4400
StratfordFeed - All Pet Center Inc211 Ontario Street 519-273-3232
StratfordGlobal Pet Foods 684 Ontario Street519-305-5000
StratfordRuffins Pet Center 1067 Ontario Street 519-271-8739
SudburyBest West Pet Foods Pet Food Warehouse 1769 Regent Street S.705-523-2309
SudburyBest West Pet Foods Pet Food Warehouse1812 LaSalle Boulevard705-566-1870
SudburyNorthern Exotics 517 Kathleen Street705-470-3332
SudburyPetSmart1399 Marcus Drive705-566-5720
SydenhamSydenham Pet & Farm Feed4383 Mill Street613-376-6767
TecumsehLinda's Pet Depot 1695 Manning Road 519-735-1110
ThornburyMullin's Pet Market - Thornbury99 Kings Court Hwy 26 519-599-2799
ThornhillBig Al's Aquarium 180 Steeles Ave W 416-223-2161
ThornhillGlobal Pet Foods 70 Doncaster Avenue 905-771-9227
ThornhillGlobal Pet Foods 9200 Bathurst Street 905-597-3353
Thunder BayPet-Tastic 843 Red River Road 807-286-3647
Thunder BayThe Dog House 785 Memorial Avenue807-623-8813
Thunder BayThunder Pet735 Red River Road 807-683-8859
Thunder BayThunder Pet - South1605 Mountdale Avenue 807-286-3303
Thunder BayPetSmart787 Memorial Ave. 807-344-9799
TillsonburgRuffins Pet Center 589 Broadway Street 519-688-7474
TillsonburgYour Family Pet Center 107 Concession Street E. 519-688-2672
TimminsLittle Bit Western Feed and Supplies Ltd.1533 Pine Street S. 705-268-0822
TimminsPaws & Claws 425 Algonquin Boulevard E. 705-267-0222
TorontoAnnex Pet Supplies 718 Bathurst Street 416-588-1925
TorontoBam! Dog Wash and Pet Boutique Inc.571 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-546-6999
TorontoBark 'n Scratch 2404 Danforth Ave 416-424-2411
TorontoClassic Pet Supplies 4218 Lawrence Avenue E. 647-350-7100
TorontoCritters Castle 1607 Queen Street E. 416-461-6130
TorontoDoggone Right! 3198 Danforth Avenue 416-690-2793
TorontoFeed Me More Pet Foods451 Church Street 416-924-1598
TorontoFurballs Pet Stuff 1618 Gerrard Street E.647-352-6066
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 2019 Yonge Street 416-487-6267
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 125 Lower Jarvis Street 416-368-4222
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 808 York Mills Road416-449-7900
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 243 Danforth Avenue 416-463-7387
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 381 Eglinton Avenue W. 416-482-4995
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 75 Hanna Avenue 416-534-7368
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 2100 Bloor Street W 416-604-9272
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 1753 Queen Street E. 416-686-9468
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 1947 Avenue Road 416-783-8836
TorontoGlobal Pet Foods 171 - 173 Dupont Street 416-964-0450
TorontoHelmutt's Pet Supply Inc863 Queen Street W. 416-504-1265
TorontoJane Pet Food 309 Jane Street 416-766-8800
TorontoKennel Café 295 Roncesvalles Avenue 416-531-3177
TorontoKennel Café 2362 Lakeshore Boulevard W. 647-350-3733
TorontoLucky Tails Pet Boutique3 Grosvenor Street 416-934-0404
TorontoMenagerie Pet Shop 549 Parliament Street 416-921-4966
TorontoPawland754 Mount Pleasant Road 416-205-9393
TorontoPet Cuisine & Accessories127 Front Street E. 416-507-9968
TorontoPet Mama1500 Bathurst Street 416-901-6262
TorontoPet Pointe272 Manitoba Street 416-721-7093
TorontoPet Uno Inc. 675 College Street 647-727-0758
TorontoPetey's Grooming & Treats 161 Withrow Avenue647-748-7383
TorontoPetopia Ltd. 107 Crockford Boulevard416-429-7387
TorontoPetSmart 75 Gunns Road416-763-6064
TorontoPrettie Yiji Pet Boutique87 Avenue Road416-944-8569
TorontoProgressive K9 388 Carlaw Avenue647-346-7297
TorontoSimply Dogs 1664 St. Clair Avenue W.416-651-8699
TorontoSmall Wonders Pet Emporium Inc148 Danforth Avenue 416-462-3773
TorontoTails1035 Coxwell Avenue 647-436-2529
TorontoThe Canine Social Company1872 Danforth Avenue 416-425-2275
TorontoThe Dog Bowl 984 Dundas Street W. 416-645-2695
TorontoThe Dog Market 2116 Queen Street E.416-699-1313
TorontoTimmie Doggie Outfitters - East 1178 Queen Street E.416-203-6789
TorontoTimmie Doggie Outfitters - West 867 Queen Street W.416-203-6789
TorontoUmbrella Pets 9 Niagara Street 416-593-4777
TrentonGlobal Pet Foods 470 2nd Dug Hill Road 613-392-9191
UnionvilleGlobal Pet Foods 4721 Highway 7 E.905-475-5777
UnionvilleOui Forever Pet 1-2 Corby Road 905-305-7387
UxbridgeGlobal Pet Foods 2B Welwood Drive905-862-3262
Val CaronTimberlock2820 Vern Drive 705-897-4072
VarnaWoof n Stuff On Golden Paws 2 Main Street 519-233-3647
VaughanCentre d'animaux Safari1 Bass Pro Mills 905-532-9010
VaughanPetSmart7575 Weston Road 905-850-8970
WainfleetMinor Bros 31904 Park Street 905-899-3431
Wasaga BeachGlobal Pet Foods 3 Market Lane 705-429-2224
WaterdownGlobal Pet Foods255 Dundas Street W.905-689-3377
WaterdownRen's Pets Depot94 Dundas Street E.905-689-9611
WaterfordMinor Bros804 Old Highway #24519-443-7770
WaterlooGlobal Pet Foods 425 University Avenue E.519-579-9494
WaterlooGlobal Pet Foods 440-450 Columbia Street W.519-725-4343
WaterlooPet Valu 94 Bridgeport Road E.519-886-6234
WaterlooRen's Pets Depot 400 The Boardwalk 519-578-9911
WaterlooPetSmart663-E Erb St. West 519-725-7047
WellandPet Food Outlet 824 Ontario Road 905-735-7387
WhitbyAugie Doggie 817 Dundas Street W. 905-493-3641
WhitbyDuke's Healthy Pet Food & More B108-20 Broadleaf Avenue905-425-3364
WhitbyGlobal Pet Foods 910 Dundas Street W.905-493-6474
WhitbyPaw Spa108 Brock Street S. 905-556-9791
WhitbyPet Valu1801 Dundas Street E.905-433-5533
WhitbyPetSmart340 Taunton Road E. 905-655-8386
WhitbyPetSmart1650 Victoria Street E.905-723-4823
WhitbyRen's Pets Depot980 Taunton Road E. 905-579-4611
WillowdalePaulmac's Pet Food 5853 Yonge Street 416-225-4481
WindsorPet Wise Pet Supplies 6000 Tecumseh Road E.519-944-8830
WindsorPet Wise Pet Supplies1365 Techmseh Road E. 519-973-7387
WindsorPetSmart4001 Legacy Park Drive519-250-9229
WindsorPetSmart3164 Dougall Ave. 519-967-8600
WoodbridgeGlobal Pet Foods 7887 Weston Road 905-851-4297
WoodbridgeRen's Pets Depot3900 Highway 7 905-265-9911
WoodstockGlobal Pet Foods385 Sprinkbank Avenue 519-539-0111
CharlottetownBlue Ribbon Pet Supply39 Eden Street 9023703373
CharlottetownGlobal Pet Foods405 University Avenue9023681326
CharlottetownPaulmac's Pet Food449 University Avenue9025691296
CharlottetownPetSmart51 Babineau Avenue9028928729
StratfordUnleashed Potential K922 Myrtle Street9023673647
SummersideSunnybrook Farms Pet Supply601 Read Drive9027247387
SummersideGlobal Pet Foods454 Granville Street 9027241326
SummersidePaulmac's Pet Food 475 Granville Street N. 9024323322
BeaconsfieldBoutique Woof! Meow! 440 Boulevard Beaconsfield 5147831020
BeloeilCentre De Nutrition Animale 256 rue Duvernay 4504646944
BouchervillePitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)450 boul. de Mortagne 4509063494
BrossardCentre D'Animaux Safari6633A boul. Taschereau 4504627373
BrossardCentre D'Animaux Safari9750 boul. Leduc 4506768267
BrossardPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)8200 boul. Taschereau4508122562
BuckinghamTonte Royale 486 Avenue de Buckingham 8192819707
ChicoutimiLe Marche Animal1145 rue Therese-Casgrain 4186909463
DrummondvilleNutrition Animale Rene-Levesque750 boul. Rene-Levesque8198508605
GatineauBeaute Sante sur Pattes85 rue Eddy8196610043
GatineauCanin Fashion Canada365C boul. St-Joseph8192059663
GatineauCompagnons Quatre Pattes1079 rue Saint-Louis 8192432722
GatineauPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)460 boul. Greber 8192052900
GatineauPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)1160 boul. St-Joseph8192050200
GatineauPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)203 Chemin d'Aylmer8195574868
GatineauLe Loft Canin de L'outaouais710 rue de Vernon 8192051055
GatineauLe Magasin General 548 Chemin Aylmer 8196842289
GranbyAnimalerie Safari Granby Inc 590 rue Principale4507772527
HudsonBoutique Penny Petz 441 rue Main 4502021073
LaSalleCentre D'Animaux Safari 7077 boul. Newman5143642298
LavalCentre Canin Ferreira1253 Avenue Godin 4388822491
LavalCentre Canin Traks1166 rue Principale 4509693140
LavalCentre D'Animaux Safari2575 boul. Daniel Johnson 4506874405
LavalFlair Concept Animal Inc.1865 boul. Fortin 4509010264
Lavala Maison du Chien 63C boul. Samson Ouest 4506891651
LavalNutri -Ville1857 boul. Rene-Laennec4506695561
LefebvreLe Gite Des Toutous 280 Rte Ployart8193942430
LevisAnimolook Salon 234 rue Saint-Joseph 4188384434
L'Ile-PerrotPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)75 Grand Boulevard 5144534000
MascoucheNature Animale 2719 Chemin Ste-Marie4504177070
Mont St HilaireAnimaux Bouffe 320 boul. Wilfrid Laurier4508139180
MontrealAnimalerie Gare Gamelle Inc 5829 rue St Hubert 5144195037
MontrealCentre D'Animaux Safari7275 rue Sherbrooke E. 5143542221
MontrealClub K9 Pet Food and Accessories 6004 rue Sherbrooke 5144894004
MontrealDoghaus 5671 rue Sherbrooke O.5144833555
MontrealPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)5326 Chemin Queen Mary5144820100
MontrealPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)10410 Lajeunesse5145078131
MontrealPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)4528 St. Laurent Boulevard5142850500
MontrealLa Maison du Chien 5592, rue Sherbrooke O.4504821651
MontrealNourriture Pattes et Griffes 3683 rue Hochelaga 5144191414
Mount RoyalCentre D'Animaux Safari 2305 Chemin Rockland 5147317772
PierrefondsAnimalerie Lulu5000 rue Nanterre Street5146264334
PierrefondsPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)14905 boul. Pierrefonds5146960111
Pointe ClairePitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)245F St. Jean Boulevard5146942152
Pointe ClairePattes d'Amour 104 Avenue Walton 5147100934
Quebec CityPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)65 rue Nordique4189144266
RepentignyCroque en Bol Inc.220, rue Notre-Dame E.4509320744
RigaudAnimo-Nourri 112 rue Saint Jean Baptiste E.4504514828
RosemereCentre D'Animaux Safari Express 199 boul. Labelle4504303998
Sainte-JulieAnimaux Bouffe780 Montee Ste. Julie 4509226180
ScottDistribution Nutri-Os 270 Route du President Kennedy 4183875395
SherbrookeAu Service du Cultivateur988 rue Wellington S.8198222237
St-EustachePitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)136 - 25 Avenue 4509742777
St. FoyCentre d'animaux Safari 2700 boul. Laurier 4186571113
St-HyacintheInovago17420 rue Centrale4507781142
Ste-RosePitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)683 boul. Cure-Labelle4509632153
St-SaveurPolux - St-Sauveur 2244 Chemin Jean Adam4502274714
TerrebonnePitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)1341 Grande Allee4504711967
Trois RivieresAnimalerie Domaine Animal437 boul. Thibeau8193717707
Va-D'orO Poil de la Bete 595 - 3E Avenue 8198606444
Vaudreuil - DorionAnimalerie Tou Tou 401 Harwood Boulevard4504558909
Vaudreuil-DorionPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)585, Ave Saint-Charles 4504244545
Vaudreuil-DorionPitou Minou et Compagnons (Global)3100 Harwood Boulevard4504550262
VictoriavilleBoutique La Niche 315 boul. Labbe Nord 8197583828
WendakeAuberge des 4 Pattes 555 Chef Thomas Martin 4188436578
AssiniboiaPeavey Mart640 - 1st Avenue W.306-642-3334
EstevanPeavey Mart 400 King Street3066348090
EstevanPet Valu 400 King Street3066343300
Fort Qu'AppelleDobi's Pet Store120 Broadway Street W.3063326603
HumboldtPeavey Mart 10225 - 8th Avenue 3066822982
KindersleyPeavey Mart 101 Railway Avenue E. 3064633802
Moose JawPeavey Mart23 Thatcher Drive E. 3066939696
Moose JawPet Valu493 Thatcher Drive E.3066910495
North BattlefordJust 4 Pets2062 - 100th Street3064450304
North BattlefordPeavey Mart11442 Railway Avenue E.3064456171
North BattlefordPet Valu 312 Territorial Road3064460150
Prince AlbertPeavey Mart 3925 - 2nd Avenue W. 3067632211
Prince AlbertPet Valu 801 - 15th Street E.3067630584
Prince AlbertPetland 800 - 15th Street E. 3069531993
ReginaMasterfeeds Inc 745 Park Street 3067212727
ReginaPeavey Mart 3939 East Quance Gate 3067899811
ReginaPet Valu4662 Gordon Road3065850584
ReginaPetland3010 Quance Street 3067893622
ReginaPawsitively Purrfect Dog Grooming4637 Rae Street 3069495255
ReginaPet Valu4420 Rochdale Boulevard3065849440
ReginaPetSmart2810 E. Quance Street3063475400
ReginaPetSmart4835 Gordon Road 3067790170
ReginaRegina Pet Depot 340 McCarthy Boulevard3065437387
ReginaVIP Pet Care639 Adams Street 3067210010
SaskatoonCowtown3366 Fairlight Drive 3066521822
SaskatoonCritters220 Betts Avenue 3063436333
SaskatoonCritters Animal 406 Ludlow Street 3063846333
SaskatoonCritters Animal 411F Herold Court 3064776333
SaskatoonCritters Animal 110 Ruth Street E.3066646333
SaskatoonCritters Animal 202 Primrose Drive 3069346333
SaskatoonEarly's Farm & Garden 2615 Lorne Avenue 3069311982
SaskatoonEarly's Farm & Garden 502 - 51st Street E. 3069311995
SaskatoonPeavey Mart 820C - 51st Street E. 3062420981
SaskatoonPet Valu7 Assiniboine Drive3069555099
SaskatoonPet-i-Coat Junction110 Wedge Road3063847387
SaskatoonPetland 3047 Clarence Avenue S. 3069343920
SaskatoonPetland300 Confederation Drive 3069786990
SaskatoonPetSmart1719 Preston Avenue N.3066517130
Swift CurrentCowtown 330 Central Avenue N. 3067781010
Swift CurrentPeavey Mart 1150 Central Avenue N.3067739558
Swift CurrentPet Valu 1150 Central Avenue N. 3067787739
WarmanPet Valu810 Centennial Boulevard3069343466
WeyburnPeavey Mart111 Government Road3068422143
WeyburnPet Valu106 Railway Avenue3068421666
WhitewoodWhitewood Outdoor & Pet Supplies706 Lalonde Street 3067352560
YorktonPeavey Mart 290 Hamilton Road3067838641
YorktonPet Valu275 Broadway Street E.3067824046
CityCompanyAddressPhonePostal Code
WhitehorseDuffy's Pet & Tanzila Harness 407 Alexandra Street 8676686350 Y1A 2L8
WhitehorseFeed Store 9006 Quartz Road 8676334076Y1A 2Z5

You may also find certain Rollover products at the following retail chains. Again, please be aware that not all stores carry all items.

  • Atlantic Superstore
  • Bigway Foods
  • Co-Op Stores

  • Dominion

  • Fortino’s

  • Home Hardware

  • Loblaw’s

  • Longo’s

  • Overwaitea

  • Safeway

  • Save-On-Foods

  • Sobey’s

  • Super A Foods

  • Superstore

  • Valu-Mart

  • Walmart

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