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Our Top 4 Treat Tips For Your New Puppy


Is there anything more exciting than a new puppy? Oh, the adventures you will have together! A new puppy means shopping; toys, beds, crates, leashes, collars….and treats! You will need lots of treats as you teach your puppy basic obedience, reward them for housetraining, and teaching them some tricks. With so many options for treats, how do you know what’s best?


Most important is choosing a treat that is safe for your puppy! Every day we read about more food and treat recalls and health issues linked to contaminated treats. When selecting a treat or food, look for companies with robust quality and safety programs.

You can trust all of Rollover’s products. Rollover adheres to the meticulous Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocols for food and employee safety. The production facility is SQF (Safe Quality Food) certified, one of the most demanding audit certifications in the pet food industry. 


Puppies get LOTS of treats between learning new tricks and being rewarded for good behaviour. Many treats on the market are full of salt and chemical preservatives so instead of reaching for just any treat, choose something that is healthy, nutritious, AND delicious!

Rollover has a wide range of training treats, 100% digestible chews and dental treats that will help keep your puppy busy and easier to train. There are many treat options, including different shapes, textures, sizes, and flavours.

Rollover’s line of semi-moist dog foods are also great for training. Completely balanced and nutritionally complete, but they’re so delicious that your puppy will think they are getting a treat! You can feel good about using Rollover foods to treat your puppy, knowing they’re getting the best nutrition from whole food ingredients.

Easy to Use

Training a puppy is time-consuming, so you’ll want treats that are easy to prepare, easy-to-use, or easy to break.

Rollover’s dog foods are easy to cut into small pieces, perfect for training. You may want to grab some ready-made treats like a bag of easy-to-break Party Stix Mix (that are made directly from the dog food), Dog Gone Gourmet Grain Free Mini Training Bites, or Rollover’s pork liver Mini Bites so you have the ideal size reward ready to go!

Keeping Your Puppy Entertained!

As much as you’d like to spend every minute of your day playing with your new puppy, there are likely times that they will need to entertain themselves. Set your puppy up for success by stuffing a Kong or other food puzzle toy with some delicious chunks of Rollover dog food. This can help to keep them occupied while you work!

Nothing but the Best for Your Best Friend

Rollover foods, treats, and 100% digestible chews are made with care and pride by a team of dedicated dog lovers. Rollover products have always been natural, providing your best friend with the best nutrition! 

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