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Rollover is Safe (and healthy, nutritionally balanced, natural, delicious…)


We know your dog loves Rollover! This unique rolled food is delicious, delighting even the pickiest of eaters. In fact, Rollover is so tasty that many owners use the food as a treat or to hide medications. 

You know that Rollover is complete and balanced, giving your dog everything they need to thrive. The ingredient lists are short and simple; these foods are made with fresh meat and Canadian grains, sourced from human-grade facilities, and minimally processed.

Your dog loves the taste. You love the nutrition. But how can you know Rollover is safe?

Did you know that Canada has no requirements for safety protocols in the pet food industry? Each company is responsible for developing their own safety procedures. There are some pet food companies in Canada with no safety protocols, no testing, and no monitoring. These companies may have the best intentions, but there is no way of knowing if their products are safe.

Rollover and Safety

The Rollover team has developed a robust quality assurance program to ensure they provide food not only of the highest quality, but also meets with stringent safety requirements. They also follow strict principles and procedures to ensure their team is safe.

You can feel confident about the safety of Rollover products


Rollover has voluntarily implemented Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) protocols for food and employee safety. Known as some of the most extensive and vigilant safety procedures, HACCP is part of each step of Rollover’s production and manufacturing.

HACCP has been used for decades to identify, evaluate, and control safety hazards in human foods. More recently, HACCP has been applied to make dramatic improvements in pet food safety. HACCP has been called the best approach to pet food safety. 

HACCP is essentially a process control system to create protocols that ensure safe manufacturing and safe products. HACCP also controls physical, microbiological, and chemical contamination risks. This program aids in developing ongoing monitoring requirements and establishing best practices for record-keeping. Rollover is proud to have been adhering to the HACCP protocols for over 15 years.


Rollover also elected to pursue SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification. One of the most demanding audit certifications in the pet food industry, SQF is considered one of the most trusted sources for global food safety and quality certification. Maintaining SQF certification requires a regular annual audit.

SQF encompasses the entire production process, from developing recipes to sourcing ingredients to finished product analyses and accurate labelling. SQF also reviews the manufacturing facility, right through from building materials to record-keeping, lighting, pest control, and storage. SQF even addresses details like the area surrounding the facility, including paths and roadways. Rollover has consistently passed this audit with an “Excellent” rating.

Rollover is owned and run by pet lovers like yourself. The entire team is on a mission to produce safe, top-quality, nutritious, and delicious pet food. Rollover elected to pursue the voluntary SQF certification and develop HACCP procedures to build a culture of food safety and product excellence. Rollover is wholly committed to producing the highest quality products and keeping their team and the environment safe while doing so.

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