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Rollover Pet Focus: Decoy the Jack Russell Terrier


Jack Russel Terriers (known as JRT for short) are described as alert, lively, and inquisitive. Their boundless energy and effortless confidence make them the perfect sport dog! JRTs love to learn something new; they excel at many different sports and events.

Initially, the Jack Russell Terrier was developed for use in foxhunts. They stand just 10 to 12 inches high but seem to believe themselves to be much larger! They are fearless when taking on new obstacles or challenges. Their adorable visage belies a tireless, true working terrier.

JRTs can be vocal; they used to bark and bay to alert their handlers to prey. Today, they will bark from excitement in the house or on the agility field. Bred to be a working dog, today’s JRT is still happiest when given a job. 

JRT can be great pets as long as they’re provided with sufficient exercise and mental outlets. They thrive in homes with active families or people wanting to train and compete in sports. Decoy, one special little JRT, has channeled all his terrier tenacity into becoming an agility phenomenon.

At age 11, when many dogs would be starting to slow down, Decoy is still going strong! He recently earned his Agility Trial Championship, the pinnacle of any dog’s agility career. Decoy is a multi-talented dog who has also had significant success in Flyball, just achieving his Irondog award for ten years of racing and his Flyball Masters Excellent – one of the top awards possible!

Decoy is incredibly food motivated. When he is learning and practicing his agility skills, he is happiest working for Rollover dog food.  He loves the taste, and his handler loves how easy it is to break Rollover into tiny pieces. Because Rollover is complete and balanced, Decoy’s best friend (and agility handler) never has to worry about giving him too much. 

When not playing sports, Decoy loves to chase a ball in the backyard. He has always had a quirk where he only goes down the stairs on his front feet! His terrier antics keep his family amused and entertained. He is a beloved member of the household, which is why they choose Rollover. Nothing but the best for Decoy!

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