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Dogs have long been known as best friends to their beloved humans. There are reports of domesticated dogs as long as 30,000 years ago. Throughout our long history together, dogs have worked alongside humans in a variety of jobs. Dogs have pulled carts for milk delivery, retrieved birds for hunters, controlled rodent populations, and kept families and homes safe. 

As our world has evolved, many traditional dog jobs have fallen away to technological advancements and societal changes. Some jobs have remained, and new ones have emerged. Milk is rarely delivered to the doorstep these days, and if it is, it’s definitely not by dog cart. Today, dogs help us by using their extraordinary noses to detect disease, mold, bed bugs, explosives, or drugs. They also help our culinary pursuits by detecting truffles!

Dogs chase geese off runways to make plane landings safer, they work alongside police and military, guide the blind or assist the disabled, and some special dogs ease the challenges of PTSD and autism. Perhaps one of the most iconic dog jobs is herding. When you think of a herding dog, you may picture a classic black and white border collie, sailing over the hills of Scotland, herding sheep through verdant fields. Although dogs are still used for herding by farmers and ranchers today, herding has also become a sport.

Although herding trials will be dominated by entries of quintessential herding breeds, some trials are open to any breed. These all-breed trials are where Noodle comes in! About as far from a border collie as you can get, Noodle is a long, lean, very short-coated, striped dog that closely resembles a small Greyhound. Noodle is a Whippet. An old English breed developed for hunting, Whippets are still used today to help in the hunt of small prey.

Noodle was brought out to try herding for fun, and it was soon apparent that he had a hidden talent! Noodle’s owner and herding instructor worked with him to develop this talent, and Noodle became the Number 1 Whippet AND the Number 1 Hound for 2019 All-Breed Herding. He performed so well that he was awarded the High in Trial, or top prize, at one trial!

Noodle also loves to run fast at races and participates in other sports like dock diving, frisbee, and rally obedience. One thing that is consistent across all of his activities is his love of Rollover. Throughout the long days at trials and events, Rollover keeps Noodle enthusiastic and motivated and gives him the energy to always give his best! Whether Noodle is learning something new or polishing his skills, his favourite reward is a piece of Rollover.

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