Rollover Pet Focus - Piper the German Short Haired Pointer

Rollover Pet Focus: Piper the German Short Haired Pointer


Many of today’s dog sports emerged from skills that were first developed to help people. Herding trials are modeled after the work that herding dogs would do to help farmers move livestock. Retriever trials are based on dogs working alongside hunters to retrieve birds. A new game, shed hunting, tests a dog’s ability to find the antlers naturally shed by cervids such as moose, elk, and deer.

Shed hunting was first developed to aid hunters who wanted to sell or display the beautiful antlers shed from these majestic animals. Many different breeds excel at shed hunting. Owners can practice the sport at home with minimal space and equipment. All they need is an antler and some tasty treats to reward their dog!

Rollover is the perfect treat for training as the unique soft roll can easily be cut into small pieces for rewards. Although Rollover is a complete and balanced dog food, it is so tasty that dogs think it’s a treat!

Rollover is Piper’s favourite treat. Piper is a four-year-old German Short Haired Pointer or GSP. GSPs were first developed in Germany and date back to at least the 17th century. They are a versatile, medium-sized breed that thrives on vigorous exercise and positive reinforcement. A delicious and healthy treat like Rollover is perfect to motivate these clever dogs!

GSPs come in 2 colours, black and liver, and can either be solid black, solid liver, liver and white, or black and white. They have distinctive patterns of patches of colour and small spots called “ticking” throughout their white areas. Like Dalmatians, they are born primarily white, with patches of colour. The ticking emerges as they grow.

GSPs are known for their power, energy, and enthusiasm. Although their gentle and friendly nature makes them great family pets, they require outlets for both their energy and intelligence. Many GSPs love the water and make enthusiastic competitors in water sports like retriever trials and dock diving.

Piper competes in many different sports, including agility, scentwork, obedience, and rally. She has recently put her scenting skills to work as she learns shed hunting. She searches fields and forests for naturally shed deer antlers. She sniffs them out with her keen nose, then zeros in to find them. Once found, she brings them back to her owner’s hand in exchange for a piece of Rollover!

Once again, Rollover proves to be the food treat of choice!

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