Rollover Pet Highlight - Sunspot the Greyhound

Rollover Pet Highlight: Sunspot the Greyhound

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A breed synonymous with speed, it’s no surprise that the iconic Greyhound appealed to Greyhound Lines Bus. For many years the lithe silhouette of a running hound has graced the side of buses around North America.

Known as one of the world’s fastest dogs, the Greyhound may also be one of the oldest breeds. The history of this agile hound dates back 4,000 to 7,00 years. Originating in Egypt, Greyhounds were brought to Europe by traders. 

Originally used to hunt game, like gazelles, foxes, and hares, the Greyhound was a highly valued member of the household, at one time owned solely by nobility! Later, the Greyhound became a staple in dog racing, where they’ve been clocked at speeds higher than 40 mph/60 km per hour.

Thought to be behind many other sighthounds that have been developed over the years, the Greyhound itself has remained nearly unchanged. Despite their fantastic capacity for speed, Greyhounds are a calm, gentle breed who make wonderful family pets. 

Still highly prized for their coursing (chasing) abilities, Greyhounds continue to excel at racing sports. However, these sensitive and clever dogs can excel at many different sports, as our feature dog, Sunspot, has demonstrated!

Sunspot competes in many different sports including obedience trials, barnhunt (where she has to locate a rat in a dog-proof tube, hidden amongst bales of hay), scentwork (where she finds a hidden q-tip with a few drops of a scented oil), conformation (where she competes against other Greyhounds for a judge to determine which most closely matches the standard for how a Greyhound should look) as well as racing sports like lure coursing where she chases a plastic bag that resembles a bunny running across a field. 

Not only has Sunspot demonstrated that she is extremely versatile, she has excelled in these competitions, ranking among the top dogs in North America. When not hard at work, she is a sweet, snuggly dog who enjoys lounging on the couch. 

Sunspot particularly loves babies and puppies. Despite her strong desire to chase all squirrels out of her yard, she loves to play with small dogs. She is a great traveler and is always eager to try something new. 

Whether Sunspot is learning a new sport or perfecting her skills, she loves to work for her Rollover dog food. The fact that Rollover is complete and balanced means she can eat plenty without upsetting her tummy or her diet! The soft texture and delicious taste motivate Sunspot to give her best effort.

Rollover is the perfect food for dogs with jobs, like Sunspot. Easy to break into small pieces, it’s ideal for training. Made with meat as the first ingredient and all human-grade ingredients, Sunspot’s owner can feel great about using Rollover as a reward or as a full diet. 

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