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Our Plain Porkhide chews are 100% digestible porkhide while our Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists are the same great porkhide, wrapped in pure chicken breast. The porkhide in both of these items is made from the inner layer of pork skin. Porkhide is a much healthier alternative to traditional beef rawhides and these low fat, high protein chews are a great way to help clean the teeth and gums of your dog. Since porkhide softens when chewed, these treats are an excellent option for all medium sized dogs, from puppies to seniors.

Feed as a chew treat and please always supervise your dog with any treat.

Rollover Plain and Pressed Porkhide contain approximately 5.3 calories/g and the Chicken Wrapped Twists contact approximately 3.2 calories/g.


Pork skin or

Pork skin and chicken breast


Chicken consists of meat only (no by-products). These meats are very high in protein, low in fat and are an excellent source of niacin (cancer-protective B vitamin) and selenium (required for immune and thyroid function). As well, they are a good source of Vitamin B6 which is helpful for supporting energy metabolism.

Porkhide is low in fat, high in protein and 100% digestible.


Plain Porkhide

Crude Protein 60% min
Crude Fat 1% min
Crude Fibre 2% max
Moisture 10% max


Chicken Wrapped Porkhide Twists

Pork Skin Chicken Breast
Crude Protein 60% min 80% min
Crude Fat 1% min 3% min
Crude Fibre 2% max 2% max
Moisture 10% max 12% max


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