Rollover Pet Food - Rollover is the fuel of Champions

Rollover is the fuel of Champions


A dog show is a thrilling experience. You can feel the energy in the air as owners and handlers rush into the ring to join the line-ups of the top dogs from across the country. Brand new handlers sit beside seasoned experts, united by their love of their dogs.

Booths line the building with all the show necessities. Did you forget your leash? No problem, you can buy a new one. Broke your favourite scissors? Again, no problem, you can replace them. And at almost every benching area, you will find Rollover food rolls. Why is a semi-soft dog food found at every show?

Because Rollover fuels Champions.

Rollover has been a mainstay in the dog show world for decades. Chosen by owners and handlers for its palatability, it has the power to entice dogs even in the most challenging environments.

The unique semi-soft format allows owners to grab a piece and store it in their pocket, ready to tempt their dog at the critical moment.

Obedience handlers use Rollover as a delicious treat to encourage their dog during warm-ups. Their dogs work in the ring, knowing their reward of Rollover is awaiting them back at their kennel.

Agility dogs warm-up over practice jumps for pieces of Rollover. Scent dogs find target scents and are rewarded with a bite of Rollover.

Regardless of the sport, handlers and owners are reaching for Rollover to tempt and reward their dogs.

Rollover is better than just a tempting treat; it is a delicious food! There are no concerns about feeding “too much” and throwing off a dog’s diet. Rollover IS a complete diet! The uniquely appetizing taste is supported by the sound nutritional base.

Rollover’s unique packaging makes it ideal for travel. The rolls store safely until they’re needed, with no need to refrigerate until opened.

The experienced dog handler never hits the road without Rollover. Dogs with upset tummies from a day of travel will still eagerly eat their Rollover. The soft, pliable texture allows owners to hide any medications or supplements; their dog is too busy enjoying their treat to notice the addition!

If you walked into the homes and kennels of Canada’s top breeders and handlers, you would find Rollover on their shelves and in their show bags; as necessary as their favourite collar, lucky lead, and their dog’s beloved toys.

For decades, experienced dog handlers and owners have trusted Rollover to provide a tempting treat that is nutritious, natural, and healthy. Try Rollover with your own canine champion and see why it has been the choice of experts for so many years.

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