Rollover Pet Food - Rollover is Natural - What does that mean

Rollover is Natural – What does that mean?


Nutrition is the foundation of health. Unlike our varied diet, our beloved dogs get most of their nutrition from one or two sources. Therefore, their diet is even more critical to their overall health. 

There has been an evolution in our understanding of nutrition. We now know that the best way to get nutrients is from fresh, whole, natural foods.

Many dedicated, engaged owners are taking an active role in their dog’s nutrition choices and are scrutinizing pet food labels. Trying to decipher long ingredient lists full of vague descriptions can feel overwhelming. How can you know what is best for your dog?

In the world of pet food, Rollover is unique!

– Minimally processed

– Short, simple ingredient lists

– Fresh, whole-food, human-grade ingredients

– Made in Canada by Rollover’s dedicated team (never outsourced)

Most dog foods are highly processed. Ingredients for kibble are flash cooked at high heat and with short cooking times. Canned food is cooked at high temperatures for long periods of time to ensure stability. 

The unique semi-soft format of Rollover allows for substantially less processing than other dog food formats. All the ingredients are human-grade, and they go in as fresh, whole foods. The food is minimally processed, providing your dog with real food that is still shelf-stable and convenient. The result is a food so palatable that in addition to being a healthy diet for adult maintenance, it can also be used as a training treat; a diet for senior or ill pets who don’t want to eat; and a way to administer medications.

Rollover has always been natural. Not to be trendy, but because the founders believe that fresh, natural, human-grade ingredients are the best way to provide optimum nutrition to our beloved dogs. 

What’s different about Rollover?

Rollover ingredients are never rendered. There are no mystery ingredients like bone meal or meat meal, just wholesome, healthy, whole-food. This dedication to simple, healthy ingredients is why Rollover is so delicious that your dog will act like they’re getting a treat!

Every Rollover dog food or treat product is made at their dedicated kitchen in High River, Alberta. Production is never outsourced which ensures each small batch is made with the same care, attention, quality, and safety.

Rollover has been making fresh, natural dog food in Canada since 1988 and the same passion for nutrition, quality, and safety remains strong to this day.  

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