Rollover Pet Food - Natural Dog Food for Over 30 Years

Rollover: Bringing natural dog food to Canada for more than 33 years


Over the past 33 years, many pet food companies have come and gone in Canada. Most were offshoots of existing brands trying to get a foothold in the Canadian market. Few new entrants brought something genuinely unique, disrupting the market and carving out a new niche. Even fewer had the staying power to last, grow, expand, and become a mainstay in the Canadian market.

When Rollover came to Canada in 1988, they were different in both format and approach. The founders of Rollover came from New Zealand, where semi-soft food had been a part of the pet food landscape for decades. This food format and the technology to produce it was something utterly new to the Canadian market.

Rollover entered the Canadian market at a time when the only other dog food options were highly processed kibbles or canned foods. Ingredient lists were long and complex, filled with mystery ingredients like unspecified meats and meat meals. Dog food was almost an afterthought, made in large production facilities using leftover ingredients from other manufacturing processes.

The unique semi-soft format of Rollover allowed the creation of dog food using more whole-food, fresh ingredients. The team went a step further and decided to use human-grade ingredients, underscoring Rollover’s commitment to Canadian pet owners and dogs to provide the best nutrition.

Rollover’s approach was unprecedented in Canada; use human-grade ingredients; keep ingredient lists short and simple; make a minimally processed, extremely palatable food; no mystery ingredients; no outsourced mass-production. Just small batches of top-quality food made from real ingredients.

Unlike most companies, then and now, Rollover has never contracted out its food production. They have always made their products in High River, Alberta in their own dedicated facility. Keeping production in-house has allowed them to personally oversee every batch, ensuring the highest quality and safety levels.

Part of Rollover’s success has been its commitment to listening to Canadian dog owners. Their core product line has remained since Rollover’s inception, but they have added different products to suit the needs of dogs and their owners. They have expanded their dog food line to include wheat-free and grain-free options as well as new recipes. They have also expanded their product offering to include a wide range of single and simple ingredient, healthy chews and treats.

Rollover products have long been a staple in pet stores and homes across Canada. Their reputation is built on quality products, simple ingredients, overwhelming palatability and a commitment to the Canadian market.

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