Rollover Pet Focus - Gunner the Velcro Vizsla

Rollover Pet Focus: Gunner the Velcro Vizsla


This month’s pet focus is on Gunner, a 4-year-old Vizsla. 

Vizslas are a sporting breed, originally bred to accompany Hungarian hunters and help them retrieve game. They are known for their sleek, rust-colored coat, large floppy ears, and their playful and affectionate nature. Vizslas are high-energy, working dogs, and they prefer to have some sort of job or activity to do. They are very friendly and happy to spend time with people, so they do well with active adventures like hiking or jogging and collaborative work like agility. Their intelligence and gentle nature mean they also make great therapy dogs.

Vizslas are often described as “velcro dogs,” and Gunner is no exception. His parents emphasize that Gunner’s favorite spot is right next to them on the couch or by their side outdoors. Gunner loves accompanying his parents on walks in their local trails and fetching sticks out of their pond!

When he’s not playing outdoors, Gunner is happy to lounge with his parents around the house.

Gunner was born with scoliosis, but he doesn’t let it slow him down. He has managed to adapt and enjoys an active and fun-filled life. One of his hobbies is listening for the sound of the cheese drawer. His parents shared that as soon as the drawer opens, Gunner is at their feet, demanding a cheese tax.

When Gunner’s parents noticed he wasn’t enjoying his kibble, they set out to find a healthy, more appetizing alternative. They tried out Rollover’s Premium Dog Food and found that Gunner is particularly fond of the chicken formula. Chicken dog food is made with Canadian white and dark Chicken muscle meat, making this a delicious, high-protein, lower-fat option for dogs.

Rollover’s all-natural, sliceable soft foods make an excellent meal topper to help make kibble more appealing, but they can also be served as a complete meal.

We love hearing how much your pets love Rollover! If you’d like us to highlight your pet in the future, fill out this brief questionnaire to tell us about them and why they love Rollover. We appreciate your support!

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