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Rollover Pet Focus: Stuart the Bedlington Terrier

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The Canadian Kennel Club recognizes seven groups within which all recognized breeds are organized. For example, all the breeds historically used to herd are in Group 7, the Herding Group, while all the adorable small companion dogs are together in Group 5, the Toy Group. Each group includes a wide variety of individual breeds. In Group 4, the Terrier Group, we have everything from the large and imposing Airedale down to a unique, uncommon breed that looks more like a lamb than a terrier; the oldest pedigree breed, the Bedlington Terrier.

Don’t let the soft and gentle appearance of the Bedlington terrier fool you – they are a true terrier! Known for their skills in keeping barns rodent-free, Bedlingtons have been used to hunt a wide variety of game as well. Their adorable haircut historically originated to be functional. The fringe over their eyes was designed to keep their eyes safe if a rat tried to bite them. The snazzy ear tassels would ensure a rat would get a mouthful of hair, not skin, if they tried to latch onto an ear. 

Bedlington Terriers were developed to be a jack-of-all-trades. The breed has an affinity for water and a tenacious spirit. They have the Whippet breed in their ancestry, giving them their classic sighthound outline, resulting in a fast and agile dog. Their distinctive blue-grey coat doesn’t shed; they do require regular grooming, but upkeep is manageable. These spirited and intelligent dogs can thrive in the city or the country, though they do require daily exercise. 

Stuart is an excellent example of this breed. He is shown in conformation, a competition where judges determine how closely a dog matches the written, ideal standard of the breed. Deemed to be the best puppy in an entire show at three different shows, Stuart finished his first year of showing as the #1 Bedlington Terrier in Canada. When not in the ring, Stuart loves to swim and is obsessed with his ball. 

Stuart’s owner (and best friend) brings Rollover to every show to reward Stuart for strutting his stuff in the conformation ring. Stuart loves the taste of Rollover, and his owner loves that she can easily break the soft roll into bite-sized pieces. On long show days, Rollover keeps Stuart focused and enthusiastic. Because Rollover is a complete and balanced dog food, Stuart’s owner doesn’t have to worry about using it all day.

Handlers across Canada reach for Rollover for its tempting taste, wholesome ingredients, and balanced nutrition. Nothing but the best for the top dogs!

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