Rollover Pet Highlight - Random the Dalmatian - Rollover Pet Food

Rollover Pet Highlight: Random the Dalmatian

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Dogs compete in many different sports and events across Canada. If you walk through these shows, one thing you’ll see in common across different sports and different breeds, is that most have a roll of Rollover. So tasty that dogs think it’s a treat, but complete and balanced nutrition made from top-quality ingredients, Rollover is fueling champions inside and outside the ring!

Across Canada, there are dogs (and their owners!) preparing for the next time they step in the show ring. Some of these dogs are getting ready for conformation, a show where dogs are evaluated against a written standard of the ideal dog of their breed, competing against each other for the top blue ribbon. Some dogs are getting ready for the obedience ring, perfecting their heel position, getting their sits just right, and practicing their stays. Some are working on agility, sailing over jumps, running through tunnels, and weaving through poles.

These dogs come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and coats. Large dogs with long flowing hair and small dogs with no hair at all. Curly-coated dogs, dogs with stripes, and one very special dog with spots; Random the Dalmatian. 

One of the world’s most recognizable dogs with striking spots is the Dalmatian, an ancient breed. They became popular in England as carriage dogs, running alongside the horses. They are famed for their energy and endurance. Dalmatians have been featured in books, movies, and TV shows for decades.

Dalmatians are extremely clever, eager to learn, and make great partners for dog sports. In addition to Rally Obedience, Random competes in many different sports and events, including:

  • Dock diving (diving into the water in a pool), 
  • Nosework (searching for hidden q-tips with scented oil in rooms or containers), 
  • Weight pull (pulling a cart loaded with weights), 
  • Lure coursing (chasing a plastic bag attached to a line for a race), and 
  • Agility (running around a course of jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles). 


Random (with her loving owner) practices her obedience skills every day. Random LOVES food, so before each session her owner brings out her favourite flavour of Rollover dog food. They work on mastering tricky skills like heeling while walking backwards and precision with simpler tasks. When preparing for an upcoming trial, they work on longer sequences like heeling with stops for different obedience skills, similar to working through the Rally course. 

The night before a trial, Random and her owner pack all the essentials: a pair of running shoes so her owner can keep up with her; a bottle of water; her favourite bed; and, most importantly, a fresh roll of Rollover dog food.

The days at trials can be long! Random is often in the ring 8 times in one day. Rollover keeps her focused and motivated because she loves the taste. Random thinks it’s a treat because it’s so tasty, but it’s actually a complete and balanced food, giving her everything she needs to perform her best all day long.

Before she steps in the ring, Random warms up, going through some heeling patterns and simple moves to limber up and get focused. She gets little bits of Rollover to mark and reward her behaviour. Then she and her owner head into the ring and work together as a team through the course. On their way back to the car, Random’s owner uses the remaining Rollover she left outside the ring to reward Random for her hard work!

At the end of the day, as her owner gathers up her winning ribbons, Random rests in her kennel, ready for the ride home, belly full of well-earned Rollover. Random is happy because Rollover is delicious. Her owner is happy because she knows Rollover is made from fresh, whole ingredients. 

Rollover fuels Champions!

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