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Rollover Pet Highlight: Rani the Thai Ridgeback


One of the most interesting things about dogs is how very different they can be! There are hundreds of different dog breeds, some of which are very unique and rare.

Meet Rani – Rani is a Thai Ridgeback, which is quite a rare breed. The name Thai Ridgeback comes from this breed’s country of origin (Thailand) and their distinctive ridge of hair along their back which grows in the opposite direction to the rest of their coat. Thai Ridgebacks were used as hunting dogs for many years. Their ridge of hair is supposed to make them look fierce to their prey. There is only one other breed with a ridge like this, the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

The Thai Ridgeback is an older breed. References to them have been found in archeological documents dating back 360 years. They are devoted to their people and are natural athletes. They are a very intelligent breed, as Rani demonstrates in her competitions!

Rani is 10 years old. She LOVES using her nose to search. Her owner decided to channel this natural ability and teach Rani to do nosework (scentwork). 

Nosework is a sport where dogs sniff out a tiny bit of a scented oil (like birch or anise) on a q-tip which is then hidden by a judge in an obstacle course they have designed. This course could include anything from on a vehicle, under a rock or in a container etc.

Because the q-tip is hidden, the owner relies entirely on their dog’s superior sense of smell to locate it. Nosework is a true partnership between dog and owner; dogs use their keen sense of smell, knowing their human partner relies on them to find the target scent. 

These dogs are eager to sniff out the q-tip as they know they’re going to be rewarded with their favourite treat. Any breed of dog can participate in this fun and challenging sport. Owners are often amazed at their dog’s natural ability.  

Rani works best when she knows her owner has Rollover dog food to reward her! Rani loves the different Rollover dog food flavours, and her keen nose tells her when her owner has some ready to reward her. Rani’s owner loves that Rollover dog food is completely natural and a balanced diet. She can feel confident using Rollover dog food to reward Rani throughout the day, knowing she’s delivering healthy nutrition, with no fillers.

Rollover fuels champions, like Rani, across Canada. 

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