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What to Pack for the Perfect Hike


The weather is warming up, and we’re ready to shake off our winter hibernation and get back outside! A hike with your furry best friend can be the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. A little pre-planning will help prevent any potential pitfalls.

1. Plan your Destination ahead of time
Not every park allows dogs. Check ahead to ensure your best friend will be welcomed!

2. ID / Leash
Any time you’re headed out on an adventure with your dog, ensure they have legible and up-to-date ID. Hopefully it never happens, but if you get separated on your hike, you want to be reunited with your dog as quickly as possible!

Always keep your best friend securely on a leash. Many conservation areas and trails have leash laws to protect their flora and fauna. Although your dog may love everyone and every dog they meet, the same may not be true for the people and dogs you pass. A leash keeps your dog safe and diminishes the chance of confrontations.

3. Hydrate and stay cool
Many parts of Canada are already experiencing hot temperatures and high humidity. Ensure you pack plenty of fresh water for your dog AND for yourself. Take regular breaks to cool off and stick to shaded trails if possible. Remember that pavement can be dangerously hot. If your path is paved, shift your walk to early morning or in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.

4. Be careful around water!
Particularly on a hot day, the lure of a fresh river or stream can be irresistible to your dog. Swimming is excellent exercise and a wonderful way to cool off. Always be cautious around open water and consider a life jacket if your dog will be swimming. Be aware of currents and keep your dog close to shore. Dogs can get tired without realizing it (they’re having a lot of fun) so be sure to keep an eye on their activity level so they don’t get exhausted.

Your dog can overconsume water when playing or fetching in the river; this can cause a serious medical emergency so always monitor them closely.

5. Build up slowly
If you and your dog have been taking it easy through the cold months, slowly build up to longer hikes. Going too far too fast can put you AND your dog at risk of injuries.

6. Have a first aid kit
Hopefully, you’ll never have to use it, but having a first aid kit means you’ll have what you need to keep your pet safe after an accident or injury until you can get to your veterinary clinic.

7. Don’t forget your Rollover!
Rollover is the perfect treat to bring on a hike! All the Rollover semi-moist food rolls are a complete and balanced diet but delicious like a treat. You’ll want to be prepared to reward your pup’s good behaviour on the trail and provide them with something healthy to keep up their energy! Slice up some Rollover and pop it in your pack before you head out; your dog will thank you!

With just a bit of planning, you and your dog can have a wonderful adventure out on the trails!

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